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I figure there's no such thing as too much info, so I decided to go in to detail on How to Use MO


1st thing's 1st...




Simply unpack Mod Organizer wherever you want and run it. On first startup Mod Organizer will ask you which game to manage unless you placed it inside a game directory.


The Mod Organizer works with almost any tool I've tried so far. What this means is that they can be made to work on the "virtual" data tree.
Among the tested applications are: obmm, fomm, TES Construction Set, GECK, TES4LODGen, TES4Edit, FO3Edit,
BOSS, Fake Fullscreen (Oblivion and Fallout), Skyrim 4GB.
Wrye Bash and Fallout Variants of it are a bit more difficult. They only work if you're using a 32-bit python or the standalone version.

MO is compatible to Script Extenders insofar as they work alongside each other. However, if you're using "Script Extender" as the load mechanism
(see above) you cannot install *se plugins in MO because *SE loads its plugin before MO even gets activated to create the virtual data-directory.





Here's Mod Organizer:





Full version




Mod Organizer v1_2_18-1334-1-2-18.7z


Hotfix for those who need it (1.2.18)






Full version




Mod Organizer v1_3_8-1334-1-3-8.7z


Use this to update from version 1.3.5 - 1.3.10 to 1.3.11




Mod Organizer v1_3_11 update-1334-1-3-11.7z


Full version




Mod Organizer v1_3_11-1334-1-3-11.7z



Note: If you use version 2.1.2 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, you must use version 1.3.8+ of MO.


Here's Mod Organizer 2:

Specifically for Fallout 4





Full version






Note: This is in Alpha (Alpha 3). Bug I've found: MO2 may crash every time you install a mod, yet the mods will work in-game. May not happen to you, but happened to me and a friend of mine.


MO2 can also be downloaded from its home on github.



Alpha 4 is now available, but as I don't tend to upload installers here, you'll just need to click the github link above. If requested, I can upload it here.



Note: Some versions have been deleted because they had issues. Others were deleted because I did not have enough allotted attachment space to upload every single version. If you want an old version, just PM me and I'll get it to you.


Sorry for the inconvenience. I know it looked nice having every version listed, but I simply got cut off from uploading after a certain number of versions.


Hopefully, it's possible to get an extension on available attachment space. If not, old versions will disappear when a new one becomes available.




You can install it anywhere. Installing to the C: (anywhere) may put unnecessary stress on a SSD (Solid State Drive), wearing it out quickly, if you use a lot of mods. Not much to worry about on a HDD, but leave MO and Skyrim out of your Program Files (x86) DIR. Windows can cause issues if they are there.




I love this thing, and I have everything running from it: Creation Kit, SKSE, FNIS, WryeBash, BOSS (now called LOOT), TES5Edit, even Steam!  (that one was just for fun. don't do it :P). Hell, you can probably run NMM with it!


btw, you will have to run SKSE and FNIS using MO. If you don't know how that's done, here ya go:


Open MO, and click the tab on the top right, which for you should say <Edit...> msg-111270-0-52417100-1376833628_thumb.j

Once you've properly installed FNIS, enter a 'Title', click 'Binary' and click the [ ... ] icon on the right msg-111270-0-65719100-1376833641_thumb.j

Add the information shown. Remember, anything you add to MO has to "Start in MO". My SKSE doesn't appear to be located in MO, but simply manually installing it and choosing to run it "through MO", it works perfectly when I run it using MO msg-111270-0-89434000-1376834367_thumb.j


As for the warning you got about data on the top level msg-111270-0-92798000-1376837411_thumb.j when you get the warning, you need to use the window to search the files inside (data, textures, etc) and locate any .esp's, .esm's, and .bsa's in there (usually just a .esp and/or .bsa), and drag it to the 'top' folder, and drop it there. Same with Meshes and Textures, but almost all mods will already have that right.


This takes it out of the file it was in, and puts it in the very 1st folder that opens when you use MO, thus getting MO to recognize it. It's much easier than I'm making it sound, and once you've done it, you'll always be able to install mods using MO. When you do this, you'll get a message saying "Looks Good!". Obviously, you're ready to rock after that.msg-111270-0-08947300-1376837418_thumb.j


Don't forget to run FNIS (using MO) after you install everything, or nothing will work. Always start your game by running SKSE (MO). Install and run LOOT to make life easier. Remember, after you run LOOT (MO :D) you may need to manually arrange some things, but it's rare.


Note: If you're having problems using BOSS with MO, switch to LOOT. That is BOSS' new name.




Missing ESPs


Another very handy feature of MO is the ability to hover over a save file in the 'Saves' tab to see what mods other saves are missing, should you wish to load an older game, perhaps with a different character you previously used. If you have all the mods you used for that playthrough installed to MO still, you can right-click a save, and choose 'Fix mods...' from the 2-option mini-menu that pops up.


post-111270-0-30587000-1411089560_thumb.jpg  post-111270-0-54781000-1411089570_thumb.jpg


This will activate the ESPs that were used during that saved playthrough, and save you a lot of time locating the mods you used on the save.



Load order not correct when using a new version


Remember to click Priority on the top right tab of the left pane if your load order seems incorrect.



Change log



Version 1.2.17

NexusClientCLI.log file is now deleted on successful installation 
bugfix: the data folder itself was treated as being rerouted. This caused problems with skyproc patchers 
bugfix: some fomod installers still didn't "see" other installed files 
bugfix: scripted fomod installers couldn't query ini file settings (and potentially other problems) 
bugfix: executables with extensions other than .com, .cmd or .bat were started with cmd.exe 
bugfix: translations for some plugins weren't loaded 
bugfix: priority couldn't be changed directly in plugin list 
bugfix: first attempt at discovering java binary always failed (with failed to determine binary type 193)

Version 1.2.16

- download servers that haven't been available for over a month are now purged from the known servers list 
- bugfix: encoding detection for fomod xmls could incorrectly interpret files as utf16 encoded 
- bugfix: hashing algorithm for bsa files was wrong 
- bugfix: nxmhandler reported non-issues as errors 
- bugfix: nxmhandler tried to apply chrome fix on every start 
- bugfix: "not endorsed" icon displayed for non-nexus mods 
- bugfix: when drag&dropping within the overwrite dialog the file might still get moved to a mod (and probably not the intended one) 
- bugfix: dropping files from overwrite on the modlist was refused when not sorting by priority (only in 1.2.15) 
- bugfix: unmanaged mods couldn't be reordered (only in 1.2.15) 
- bugfix: Any file or directory in the game-directory and with a name starting with "data" was considered to be inside the data directory 
- bugfix: some initializion code was unnecessarily run on restoring the window from hidden 
- bugfix: translations for plugins were not used (only in 1.2.15) 
- bugfix: translation files for configurator plugin weren't named correctly

Version 1.2.15

- this release contains translations again 
- "nexus" info-tab is again able to display images 
- it should now be possible to "download with manager" even if browser and MO are run by different user accounts 
- versions that don't start in a number are now treated literally 
- configurator will now place settings in the right ini file according to its own code (before, the settings remained in the same file where Configurator found them) 
- each mod now stores information about the file(s) installed there (modid+fileid from nexus) for future use 
- all executables can now be repositioned including auto-detected ones 
- NCC installer can now discover files in other mods (thanks Reunion!) and knows the script extender version 
- when an application started through a shortcut corresponds with one configured in MO, the right steam app id will be used 
- when reinstalling a mod, the name of the existing mod is used by default (instead of the name deduced from the installation file) 
- mods can now be re-prioritized using drag&drop when grouping is active. 
- improved encoding-guessing in fomod installers 
- endorsing is no longer offered for non-nexus mods 
- bugfix: call to function unavailable on Windows XP 
- bugfix: when a new version of MO introduced new columns in the mod list, those columns could have 0 size in existing installations 
- bugfix: version parsing broken in some corner cases 
- bugfix: ini tweaks were not applied in priority order 
- bugfix: the "fix" button in the diagnostics plugin could crash MO 
- bugfix: the NCC installer didn't store the installation file with the mod, leaving "reinstall mod" unavailable 
- bugfix: the executables dialog always automatically selected the top-most exe 
- bugfix: when merging mods with the ncc installer, some settings (i.e. the category) were reset 
- bugfix: when determining if a file is a executable (.exe) the extension-comparison was case-sensitive (so a .EXE was not considered an executable)

Version 1.2.14

- windows exceptions from outside the hook.dll are now reported only once 
- will now report the user-agent on server errors to help clear up problems with nexus filters 
- workaround: GetModuleFileName hook will no longer clear the whole buffer because a couple of applications signal incorrect buffer size 
- bugfix: reported module for non-hook.dll windows exceptions was wrong

Version 1.2.13

- fixed a bug that caused hooked functions to report incorrect result codes.

Version 1.2.12

- fixed problems with downloads from CDN if the mod name contains non-ascii characters 
- non-mo mods now have a constructed name that cannot conflict with a regular mod 
- when MO fails to overwrite its ini file it tries another method using qt functions 
- bsa extractor now has a safety check against extraction of the plugins in the data directory 
- plugins can now query the list of masters for a plugin 
- profiles are now created with an (empty) archives.txt 
- descriptions for plugin settings are now displayed 
- added an additional diagnosis check that warns if there are any missing masters 
- added settings to disable individual diagnosis settings 
- updated minimum nmm compatible version number to 0.52.2 
- will now support up to 4 levels of version numbers (major.minor.subminor.subsubminor) 
- fixed a stability problem with some oblivion tools 
- bugfix: if the modid-input is canceled, the id was saved as -1 and wasn't re-requested from the user 
- bugfix: attempt to remove the file deletion list seems to have caused error messages for some users

Version 1.2.11

- includes bugfix preventing fomods from installing all files 
- bugfix: 1.2.10 introduced incompatibility with chrome embedded framework (used in loot 0.7) 
- bugfix: sorting results weren't applied in pre-skyrim games

Version 1.2.10

- plugin priority can now be changed directly using F2 
- deleting a savegame from MO now also removes the corresponding skse/obse file 
- deleted savegames now go to the recycle bin 
- savegame tab now supports multi-select 
- when changing the mod/download/cache directory, the new directory is created if necessary 
- MO now keeps the UI locked as long as indirectly started processes are running 
- bugfix: MO couldn't log in to nexus 
- bugfix: in rare situations the potential-modorder-suggestion algorithm could crash MO 
- bugfix: text files weren't discovered in the mod info dialog 
- bugfix: in rare situations the overwrite dialog could end up displaying the top level path (listing system drives) 
- bugfix: changes to active ini tweaks wasn't saved 
- bugfix: list of files to hide from the vfs wasn't removed if the corresponding feature was disabled 
- bugfix: some strings couldn't be localized

Version 1.2.09

- bugfix: update.bsa is again treated like a regular bsa because hiding it from the archive-list made it impossible (in managed bsa mode) to overwrite files from update.bsa 
- bugfix: disabled-state for mo management wasn't saved 
- bugfix: when starting an application, settings were saved twice

Version 1.2.08

1.2.7 update broke some "third-party" tools for skyrim (i.e. fnis)

Version 1.2.07

- bsas from foreign mods are now loaded as expected by hook.dll as well 
- state of log-window-split is now saved 
- auto completion in installer name boxes is now case-sensitive so that users can change casing of the mod names 
- bugfix: self updater did enforce the skyrim url for MO updates but not the game_id. This broke updating in non-skyrim installations 
- bugfix: modinfo dialog didn't correctly read mod meta information on opening 
- bugfix: MO didn't report on endorsement (for MO)

Version 1.2.06

- test-plugins accidentally distributed in the 1.2.5 release are automatically removed again 
- some fixes to the tutorial (mostly wording but also some actual problems) 
- bugfix: could disable mods that aren't supposed to be disable-able 
- bugfix: mod list wasn't saved on some changes 
- bugfix: when trying to start directly to application, MO didn't start up correctly 
- bugfix: hook.dll didn't load mod bsas into its directory structure and thus didn't allow bsas to overwrite loose files 
- bugfix: in some constellations the tutorial files couldn't be found despite being in the right location

Version 1.2.05

- mod list context menu split into two menus (one for whole list, one for selected mods) 
- added option to combine category filters using "or" 
- added context menu option for deselecting category filters 
- slightly changed ui on the category filters 
- simple installer can now be configured to run without any user interaction 
- extended interface for python plugins 
- NCC will now report an error if a script tries to extract a non-existent file instead of creating an empty output file 
- ncc installer plugin now uses a more reliable method to force the installer window to the foreground 
- missing version on TESV.exe will no longer be reported as an error 
- number of problems detected by MO is now displayed as a badge on the icon 
- bsa extraction is now handled in a plugin 
- added a way for plugins to react to mod installation 
- re-enabled the automatic fix for asset order problems 
- added a new mod type that represents files handled externally (i.e. DLCs) as mods in MO 
- display of "foreign" mods can be limited to only official content 
- hashes of file names in bsa files are no longer checked all the time 
- author and description is now read from esp files and displayed in the plugins tab 
- rewrote the code that fixes modlists after a rename, should be a bit more robust 
- plugin-list now displays loot messages 
- loot client now only updates the masterlist once per MO session 
- new event to notify plugins of changed mod priority 
- overwrite now shows up in the "checked" category instead of "unchecked" 
- added pseudo-categories to filter for mo-managed vs. unmanaged mods 
- deleted mods are now moved to the recycle bin instead of being deleted permanently 
- added a signal when a plugin is moved 
- bugfix: the warning dialog upon changing the mod directory didn't have an effect, the process couldn't be canceled 
- bugfix: conflicts tab in the mod info dialog offered the hide option for files in bsas 
- bugfix: MO crashed when trying to download via the integrated browser 
- bugfix: In some cases when a download wasn't started successfully the download urls weren't stored in the meta file so no resume was possible 
- bugfix: MO tried to resume downloads when it didn't have and download urls 
- bugfix: downloads couldn't be paused if the download was already broken on the network layer 
- bugfix: download managear did not recognize a file as downloaded if the download completed before signals were hooked up 
- bugfix: in-place file replacement was re-broken 
- bugfix: loot client didn't read list of active mods 
- bugfix: shortcuts created from MO used the wrong working directory 
- bugfix: deactivation of bsas didn't stick 
- bugfix: file hiding mechanism wasn't active 
- bugfix: executables linked on the toolbar couldn't be removed if the executable was removed first 
- bugfix: the endorsement-filter couldn't be combined with other filters 
- bugfix: python interface to repository bridge was broken

Version 1.2.01

- very effective optimization to findfirstfile-calls 
- algorithm for detection of mod order problems is now more sophisticated 
- exposed more functionality to python plugins 
- main window now has a small view displaying log messages 
- download tooltip now also includes the file description 
- mod list will now be highlighted when grouping is active 
- will now display an error message when the ini file can't be updated (in addition to what windows says) 
- bbcode translator will now translate some named colors 
- updated to qt 4.8.6 dlls 
- several configuration files are now only saved to disk if the content actually changed. This should also get rid of a problem where plugins.txt was re-written immediately after starting the game (causing a conflict with the game) 
- bugfix: state changes in mod list wasn't always reported to plugins 
- bugfix: loot client will now create necessary directory 
- bugfix: NCC sometimes used wrong source path for extraction 
- bugfix: NCC workaround for large files failed due to permission problem 
- bugfix: removed noisy debug message

Version 1.2.0

- no longer create directories in original data directory 
- bain installer will now be less picky about the archives supported 
- updated NCC to be compatible with more recent NMM code base 
- hack in NCC to allow it to install arbitrary sized files even in 32-bit builds 
- updated the python27.dll to one that links to msvcr100.dll to get rid of the dependency of msvcr90.dll 
- ini files created by a call to WritePrivateProfile... are now also rerouted to overwrite 
- unpacking bsas during installation no longer overwrites loose files (since the loose files would have taken precedence) 
- some fixes towards qt5 compatibility 
- force-enabled game esms no longer break keyboard-navigation in plugin list 
- improved NCC compatibility 
- crude support for multi-volume archives 
- updated imageformats plugins 
- nxmhandler now puts the exe to the top of the list when registering an MO instance, even if it is already in the list 
- added buttons to backup and restore the modlist and pluginlist 
- replaced boss integration with loot 
- configurator now gives better warning messages when encountering an invalid ini file 
- added an option to show meta info on downloads instead of filenames 
- MO will now cancel if user tries to run MO vfs-injected 
- when saving the MO ini file it is now written to a tmp file first and then overwritten 
- updated to link against boost python 1.55 
- added support for mod page plugins 
- re-introduced the integrated browser 
- the download list now contains the file description 
- nexus interface now stores cookies persistently to reduce number of required log-ins 
- bugfix: WritePrivateProfileString hook attempted to access lpKeyName even when it is null 
- bugfix: dll search order wasn't set to allow plugins to load the correct qt dlls 
- bugfix: when resuming a download failed with the server sending a textual error message, MO tried to display everything downloaded before 
- bugfix: resuming a download didn't trigger a nexus-login when necessary 
- bugfix: integrated fomod installer only used the first block of data inside a description 
- bugfix: the add/remove categories function could fail when a filter/grouping on categories was active 
- bugfix: GetCurrentDirectory returned wrong string length 
- bugfix: registered bsas in data aren't ordered correctly

Version 1.1.2

- tabs in the mod info dialog can now be moved around 
- a few hooks will now somewhat handle file names starting with ? 
- mod meta information is now (also) saved by a timer to reduce the likelyhood of a data loss in case of a crash 
- updated minimum compatible nmm version to 0.47.0 
- ini file changes that would have to overwrite ini tweaks are now stored in a separate file and actually get used. 
- a warning message advices users to clean out that separate file 
- slightly improved default main window layout 
- made the indicator for drag&drop more visible 
- certain messages will no longer (re-)activate the MO window 
- executable names for starting from the command line are now case-insensitive 
- slightly overworked display of icon delegates 
- updated installer 
- MO will now automatically be run as administrator if necessary 
- bugfix: on-demand loading of data tree broke filtering on conflicting files 
- bugfix: newly created ini tweaks were added to the list with incorrect properties 
- bugfix: newestVersion, version and installationFile where set invalid when installing with external ncc installer 
- bugfix: "Plugins" and "Archives" weren't translatable 
- bugfix: boss db is now always re-initialised because otherwise there might have been differing results between runs 
- bugfix: locked load order was ignored by integrated boss 
- bugfix: archive list wasn't written back on all changes that affected it 
- bugfix: CreateFile-hook didn't reroute files created with OPEN_ALWAYS to overwrite directory 
- bugfix: NtQueryDirectoryFile-hook didn't return the correct status code when searching for a file that doesn't exist 
- bugfix: configurator plugin didn't import qcolor class

Version 1.1.1

- main window is now actually disabled while integrated boss is running 
- bugfix: integrated boss sorting couldn't recognize plugins specified via regular expression 
- bugfix: upon moving files between mods, an attempt was made to access origins for both, even if one (or both) mods weren't active 
- bugfix: plugin-list should now deal with nested "layoutAboutToBeChanged" calls gracefully. May be the reason of a crash. 
- bugfix: elevation dialog didn't offer a "yes" option 
- bugfix: python plugins crashed the application when trying to create a nexus bridge 
- bugfix: python plugins couldn't register for request fails correctly 
- bugfix: dds preview or transparent textures looked odd 
- bugfix: lazy loaded data tree deleted the placeholder prematurely 
- bugfix: crash, trying to start app from command line 
- bugfix: locked-dialog was itself disabled

Version 1.1.0

- nxmhandler will now ask before registering itself 
- downloads from nexus are now displayed before file information is retrieved 
- logging from the ui is now a bit more informative 
- download list now scrolls to bottom automatically 
- download manager now removed orphaned meta files 
- directory tree for mod installations now supports overwriting leafs 
- Mod Organizer can now display most image types (including dds) and txt files from the data 
tree, presenting a comparison of variants in case of overwritten files 
- implemented hook for NtQueryDirectoryFile 
- saves list is now automatically updated on FS changes 
- optimization: data tree widget is no longer filled completely at once but one directory at a time 
- added an about dialog 
- updated json library 
- when a download server returns a text file, it's assumed to be an error and the text displayed as an error 
- save games can now be deleted from inside MO 
- boss integration 
- plugin list can now also display multiple flags for a file (like the mod list) 
- changed some compiler&linker settings to produce smaller binaries 
- bugfix: download manager didn't stop automatically resuming failed downloads under certain circumstances 
- bugfix: uninstalled downloads were treated as not-finished when refreshing the download list 
- bugfix: updating the filesystem watcher on the saves directory didn't work correctly 
- bugfix: there was still a nmm.nexusmods.com link 
- bugfix: the text "alpha" in version strings wasn't interpreted correctly

Version 1.0.9

- implemented a nsis-based installer 
- updated qt libraries for packaging to 4.8.5 
- added python to the package 
- a warning will now be displayed if the user has too many plugins active 
- a warning will now be displayed if mods with scripts have an installation order that doesn't match the corresponding esp load order 
- configurator now handles multi-line values and // comments (well, it ignores the latter) 
- exception message unrelated to MO now states the module the exception originated from 
- modlist will now updated immediately after a change through the modinfo dialog 
- esptk now determines if a esp is a dummy (without records) 
- nexus id and installtime columns are now hidden by default 
- plugins can now query more details about virtualised files 
- added style options "plastique" and "cleanlooks" 
- "overwrite" is no longer listed with a creation time 
- nmm importer now has select all/deselect all buttons 
- nmm importer no longer tries to unpack missing files from archives (doesn't work anyway) 
- initial support for importing from nmm 0.5 alpha 
- plugins can now be localized too 
- set some texts as un-translatable where it made no sense 
- bugfix: canceling creation of an ini tweak prompted an error message 
- bugfix: installFile for mods was not a relative path if the downloads directory was non-default 
- bugfix: crash after removing the last profile in the list (ordered alphabetically)

Version 1.0.6

- nmm importer now also transfers category, endorsement state and latest version information 
- nmm importer should now always determine the correct nexus id 
- nmm importer will now correctly restore overwritten files for imported mods 
- plugin (esp/esm) list is now exposed to plugins (read-only functionality right now) 
- integrated fomod installer now supports file dependencies 
- tooltip on download list now contains the file name 
- directories in data-view are now sorted 
- the choice to run fnis from the checker can now be stored 
- bugfix: when refreshing the directory tree conflict information wasn't immediately refreshed (including on start) 
- bugfix: dataChanged events wasn't emitted when user changed the modlist 
- bugfix: file patterns in checkfnis plugin weren't completely correct 
- bugfix: integrated fomod installer crashed if the installer had no options

Version 1.0.5

- new toggle to display hidden downloads 
- hidden downloads can be un-hidden 
- the installation manager now more thoroughly cleans up the temporary directory after installation 
- added SkyrimLauncher.exe to the list of auto-detected executables 
- MO now warns if a nxm-link for a wrong game was attempted instead of downloading the wrong file 
- added new plugin to test if fnis needs to be run 
- broken ESPs are no longer reported as popup windows but only in the log file 
- bugfix: in nxmhandler adding a new line with different game but same executable didn't work (the change was silently dropped) 
- bugfix: shutting down MO while downloads where active in some occasions didn't work 
- bugfix: when canceling the only active download the taskbar icon didn't return to normal

Version 1.0.4

- window now shouldn't lose focus on win 8 2 seconds after mod information gets invalidated 
- hook.dll now doesn't inject to certain applications (currently steam, chrome and firefox) 
- versioning system improved. Will now report "downgrades" for mods and support a different versioning system (requires manual switch) 
- mod-updates can now be ignored until a new version is uploaded 
- diagnosis plugin now warns when nitpick is installed 
- download progress is now visible in task bar 
- esp-tooltip now lists all masters, highlighting the missing ones 
- python plugin will now report a problem if the path contains a semicolon 
- bugfix: mod meta-file is now reliably created if it was missing 
- bugfix: parser for nxm-links didn't handle numbers in the game name 
- bugfix: a few memory leaks (shouldn't account for much) 
- bugfix: result of GetModuleHandle wasn't zero-terminated in some cases 
- bugfix: statusbar may have stayed enabled if an error occured on handling the refreshed-event 
- bugfix: When updating MO, if login is required, the process didn't continue automatically after login

Version 1.0.3

- plugin tooltip now only lists the masters that aren't enabled (if any) 
- bugfix: esp parsing could crash for broken/unrecognized esps 
- bugfix: esp parser didn't handle oblivion esps correctly

Version 1.0.2

- esp reader now handles invalid files more gracefully 
- files moved will now also be treated as "deleted" in the old location so a newly created file with that same name is not created in overwrite 
- introduced a mechanism by which MO can recognize if it crashed before when attempting to load a plugin. That plugin can be blacklisted so it doesn't get loaded again 
- plugins can now programaticaly change their settings 
- plugins can now store data persistently without exposing that data as settings 
- requesting an unset-setting from a plugin is no longer treated as a bug 
- clarified warning message for when files are in overwrite directory 
- the proxyPython plugin will now discover if python initialization crashed MO on a previous session and give the user a chance to fix it or disable the plugin 
- MO will no longer start an application while the directory structure is being refreshed because MO may need to access profile files afterwards 
- bugfix: the overwrite info-dialog was not destroyed and could thus keep a lock on files thus preventing those files from being moved/deleted 
- bugfix: GetModuleFileName modified the buffer past the zero termination. While this doesn't violate the API documentation it is different from the regular windows implementation 
- bugfix: proxy plugins couldn't access the parent widget 
- bugfix: when moving a file from overwrite to a mod the in-memory file structure wasn't updated 
- bugfix: name input dialog for profiles allowed names that weren't valid directory names 
- bugfix: profile dialog wasn't able to delete profiles if the name started or ended in whitespaces 
- bugfix: The name-cells for plugin settings could be changed (without effect) 
- bugfix: integrated fomod installer installed "checked" choices from all pages, not only the visible ones

Version 1.0.12

- downgrading a mod (using replace) will now change the version 
- bain installer will now accept archives with omod conversion data 
- plugin list now highlights plugins with attached ini files 
- bugfix: opening nexus through the globe icon used the incorrect nmm.nexusmods.com url 
- bugfix: "visit on nexus" from the modinfo dialog also lead to the wrong url- bugfix: archive.dll could cause a crash, attempting to close an archive that failed to open 
- bugfix: upon changing categories the mappings of deleted categories wasn't cleaned up which could cause an error message 
- bugfix: the number of esps/esms that can be loaded is actually 255 not 256 since the save game counts too 
- bugfix: ncc installer now brings the installer window to front (again? more reliably? not sure if it really worked before)

Version 1.0.11

- MO now applies a minimum to the nmm-compatibility field. 
- bugfix: "visit on nexus" directed the browser to the servers meant for nmm 
- bugfix: url for "check all for updates" and "enorse/unendorse" were not constructed correctly

Version 1.0.10

- nexus interface now supports 301 redirects 
- now using the new nexus url format 
- update of a couple of translations 
- versions without a subminor version are now displayed without it (1.1 instead of 1.1.0) 
- version compares now interpret both numbers as rational numbers if at least one of the two has been identified as such. This should increase compatibility of update detection 
- download manager now saves the file times from nexus, for potential later use in version checks 
- bugfix: "visit on nexus" used an outdated url scheme and thus caused unnecessary redirection 
- bugfix: changing nexus id directly via mod list did not cause the change to be saved 
- bugfix: drag&drop on archive list didn't always work properly

- download manager now saves the file times on nexus, for potential later use in version check 
- nexus interface now supports 301 redirects 
- now using the new nexus url format 
- versions without a subminor version are now displayed without it (1.1 instead of 1.1.0) 
- version compares now prefer the decimal comparison over the traditional to improve compatibility 
- nexus interface will now use the nmm url 
- nmm importer no longer cancels on a missing non-essential flag 
- bugfix: drag&drop on archive list didn't always work properly 
- bugfix: "visit on nexus" used an outdated url scheme and thus caused unnecessary redirection 
- bugfix: changing nexus id directly via mod list did not cause the change to be saved 
- bugfix: extracting bsas did not work with non-ascii characters in the mod name

Version 1.0.1

- bugfix: testing for missing masters at the wrong time seems to have caused crashes 
- bugfix: mod list is now written to a temporary file first. Only on success is the original file overwritten 
- bugfix: moving a mod priority to just above the overwrite could cause a crash or error message 
- bugfix: versions with a release candidate number weren't sorted correctly (woops) 
- installation time on overwrite no longer updates constantly

Version 1.0.0rc1

- mods installed from outside the download directory can now also be reinstalled (only those installed from now on and only if the installation archive remains in that location) 
- added a context menu to the toolbar buttons so tool icons can be removed directly 
- initweaks modinfo tab is now always available and allows new ini tweaks to be created 
- fake esms are now treated as masters (as they should) 
- MO will now display a warning if not all masters of an esp are enabled. The tooltip gives a list of required masters 
- bugfix: when installing mods through the nmm importer if no other mods were previously installed 
the correct installation directory was never set 
- bugfix: the nmm importer didn't "sanitize" mod names and potentially tried to create invalid directories 
- bugfix: 0.99.x packages didn't contain qt plugins to handle certain image formats 
- several compatibility fixes (technical, see repository if interested)

Version 0.99.6

- bugfix: automatically removes a file from old NCC release that was interfering with the current version 
- bugfix: fomod installer didn't find fomod files in nested folder 
- bugfix: python proxy will now not even try to initialize python if python_dir contains no python. 
This is necessary because the python interpreter crashes the application if the path is invalid

Version 0.99.5

- python proxy is now loaded in a 2-step process, allowing it to report errors properly without python installed 
- bugfix: division-by-zero error in the newly introduced server-speed calculation 
- bugfix: temp files extracted during fomod installation were not cleaned up. This still doesn't remove directories 
- bugfix: fomod installer didn't find the installer xmls because they are in a subdirectory since release 0.99.4 
- bugfix: "overwrite" is no longer a localizable string, at least for now, because some pieces of code rely on the name

Version 0.99.4

- added a new filter for not-yet-endorsed mods 
- set categories menu no longer closes when the mouse cursor leaves the menu 
- MO will no longer change the endorsement flag if the nexus-message doesn't contain that info 
- the column selection for the mod list can now only be accessed by mouse, hotkeys open the context menu of the mod 
- now displaying a progress dialog during login. For not yet known reasons MO hangs during that time 
- mod list can now be sorted by install time 
- the sorting of download archives wasn't actually by file time but by some internal index 
- the download manager now tracks download speed by server. Right now this is only used 
to display an average speed on the settings menu 
- bugfix: extracting now stops after an error is encountered 
- bugfix: due to virtualisation there was a situation where in MO a file could be created when the call was supposed to fail because of permissions (i.e. elys meminfo) 
- bugfix: GetPrivateProfileString does NOT properly report files as missing. This means that the ini-query optimization could optimize away requests that should have work (cause Creation Kit to fail) 
- bugfix: fomod installer couldn't display images because they were unpacked to the wrong temporary location 
- bugfix: When disabling local saves and choosing to delete the saves nothing happened 
- bugfix: the python plugin couldn't find the pyqt libraries 
- bugfix: some of the plugins could crash if they failed to create a mod

Version 0.99.3

- position of splitter in main window is now saved and restored 
- confirmation dialog before enabling/disabling all plugins 
- column sizing is now changeable by the user yet still automatically resizes fit content on first start 
- download size is now displayed 
- multiple esps/mods can now be enabled/disabled at once using space 
- bugfix: broken inverse virtual name resolution in case of non-default mod directory 
- bugfix: GetPrivateProfileString-hook potentially accessed buffer that is allowed to be NULL 
- bugfix: attempt to extract an archive crashed MO in 0.99.2 
- bugfix: archive list wasn't saved correctly in 0.99.2 
- bugfix: plugins.txt was incorrectly interpreted as utf-8 
- bugfix: download manager will now properly pause all downloads on exiting the application 
- bugfix: resumed downloads now get their automatic-retry-count reset

Version 0.99.2

- python proxy now has diagnosis functionality to warn user if correct proxy version is not available 
- python proxy now has a configurable python path (this is less useful than expected since the plugin as a whole - including its settings - can't be loaded without python) 
- added the ability to connect to the internet through a proxy 
- integrated fomod installer now supports the or-operator for page conditions 
- integrated fomod installer now caches condition results to speed up tests 
- basic diagnosis plugin now catches an issue where the users fontconfig.txt refers missing files 
- plugins can now resolve relative file names on the virtual directory (no enumeration yet) 
- now avoids a few unnecessary copy operations during generation of the directory structure 
- integrated improved settings.json for the configurator contributed by "delta534" 
- optimization to findfirstfile for cases where a single file is searched 
- display of bsas changed. hopefully it is more understandable now 
- cache for the test whether a mod is in conflict. Should speed ab scrolling in mod list 
- mod list has now an additional column for the installation time 
- nmm importer no longer cancels in cases where a data file references an undeclared mod. 
- plugins that failed to load are now reported as problems 
- some wording fixes in the tutorial 
- turned boss dummy into a c++ project (unmanaged exports with c# is a pain) 
- updated NCC to current NMM codebase 
- windows exceptions from outside MO are no longer reported as errors 
- NCC will no longer be started if dotNet is not the right version 
- bugfix: oblivion-style (also sometimes used for fallout) bsas sometimes couldn't be extracted 
- bugfix: optimization for missing inis fixed 
- bugfix: fixmods didn't search for esps in overwrite 
- bugfix: configurator didn't work for fallout new vegas 
- bugfix: configurator attempted parameter formatting on ini files instead of using the raw data 
- bugfix: memory leak when changing profiles 
- bugfix: removing a single mod lead to the wrong mod being deleted 
- bugfix: under certain conditions plugins were not initialized 
- bugfix: nxmhandler in headless calls didn't save changes

Version 0.99.1

- removed the integrated nexus browser 
- the mod description and motd are now rendered in QTextBrowser. This (and the above) eliminates the dependency on qtwebkit 
- removed the direct file download for mod files 
- preferred download servers can be configured (number of users is still factored into the server selection) 
- locking/unlocking esps can now be done for the whole selection 
- handling of nxm links is now done by an external application. This allows the registration of different applications depending on the game 
- applications that require elevation can now be started by invoking an elevated secondary ModOrganizer instance 
- added new state for downloads "uninstalled" for mods that were at one point installed and then removed 
- user-configured server preference is now used 
- updated tutorial to account for removal of integrated browser 
- various updates for qt 5 compatibility but sticked with qt4 for now because of performance issues 
- using performance optimised api for mod directory traversal on win vista and up 
- bugfix: it was possible to disable all columns of the mod list 
- bugfix: hook.dll no longer creates a dump and uninstalls it if an exception is reported that doesn't originate from it 
- NCC used read-only transactions again because otherwise dealing with solid archives becomes unusably slow. 
- reduced CPU usage during downloads 
- added the complete filename as an option for the modname 
- integrated fomod installer now displays the screenshot in a scalable view 
- added GetFileVerisonInfoW hook for Windows 8 compatibility 
- mod list no longer loses selection whenever categories context menu gets hidden 
- bugfix: integrated fomod installer didn't name output files correctly if the name differs from the source name 
- bugfix: a successful login to nexus was (sometimes?) not correctly detected as a success 
- bugfix: GetPrivateProfile... optimization could cause null-pointer indirection 
- bugfix: GetCurrentWorkingDirectory caused buffer overflow in case of pre-flighting (buffer size 0) 
- bugfix: NCC was compiled with different Framewerk versions 
- bugfix: MO crashed if the locked index file is borked. This shouldn't happen anymore so I'm not sure how that file breaks to begin with

Version 0.99.0

- added "previous" and "next" buttons to mod info dialog 
- Added a handler for vectored exceptions in hook.dll 
- added hook for ansi version of SHFileOperation, this function may not be routed to the unicode version in every windows variant 
- added hook for GetModuleFileName 
- added hooks for getFileVersion* functions 
- added NCC to base distribution 
- added option to never endorse a mod 
- added shell... functions to have windows handle problematic situations 
- added visual clue when filters are active 
- added configurator plugin 
- added batch installer 
- added mod grouping 
- added support for installer plugins 
- automatic donwload retry 
- cleanup in installation manager 
- coloring in mod info dialog now visible in other color schemes 
- creating mods from overwrite 
- deleting files from download manager now moves them to recycle bin instead of deleting permanently 
- detection of online state 
- diagnosis plugin now reports file in overwrite as a problem 
- download tab now also displays files supported through plugins 
- esps are now automatically activated when installing a mod 
- extended plugin interface to allow installation of mods from files 
- extended plugin interface to allow plugins access to download manager 
- external fomod installer dialog are now brought to front 
- fix to "duplicate translation" errors 
- fixed a bug where detection of archive invalidation didn't work correctly 
- fixed a problem with the nexus-login code breaking support for certain passwords 
- if no version is known for a mod, the file date is used 
- improved "query info" functionality 
- improved the way messagedialog text is shortened 
- ini editor (old) can now be configured to open files in external editor 
- integrated fomod installer also uses version and modid from the info.xml 
- minor bugfixes 
- mods can now be renamed during installation 
- moving files from overwrite to mods 
- multi-selection in category window 
- NCC now makes name, version and modid from the info.xml file available to the installer 
- ncc plugin now does the check for dotNet 
- new ini editor plugin 
- offering multiple options for mod names during installation 
- offline mode 
- plugin list is now saved automatically 
- problem reports moved to separate dialog 
- profile loading is now slightly more forgiving 
- skyrim-specific optimization to accelerate startup 
- some cleanup to download manager code 
- some cleanup to hookdll 
- support for grouping filters for mod list 
- support for installers implemented in python 
- support for renaming profiles 
- support for storing multiple download urls 
- vanilla bsas are now enabled even if they are not listed in the ini file 
- bugfix: mod names not checked for validity on rename 
- bugfix: NCC ran out of memory when unpacking large mods 
- bugfix: syncing overwrite didn't clean up emptied directory 

- bugfix: wrong multibyte to widechar conversion in hookdll breaks internationalization


Should you wish to use the same icon I use for my MO, here it is:   ;)

Deleted the MO icon, because it is now part of MO. :)



MO can do anything. MO knows all. MO is everywhere...




Q: Which load mechanism should I use?
A: Please use the default unless you have a problem with it. If you have a Script Extender installed and don't want to use the MO UI,
you can use the "Script Extender" load mechanism but be aware that Script Extender Plugins installed through MO will not work, you have to manually
install them to the data directory. Also, whenever the game is updated, SE will stop working and with it MO.
Use "Proxy DLL" only as a last resort. Also, keep in mind that when using "proxy DLL" you have to start MO at least once after every game update!

Q: I installed a mod and it's not working!
A: Please first verify the mod is really not working by actually playing the game, other tools may not pick up on MO installed mods correctly (though they usually should). If you did and the mod is really not working, please verify that the directory structure is correct. Many mods
are not packaged for easy installation so you may have to shift files around (either during installation or after).

Q: What is the performance impact of using Mod Organizer?
A: There are no additional disk accesses and CPU impact is barely measurable. Unless there is a bug I'm not aware of MO itself does not have a notable influence on performance. Before you report performance issues when using MO, please ensure it's not the installed mods causing it!
The only time the performance impact of MO may be noticeable is during startup (up to the point where the intro videos show).

Q: Can Mod Organizer manage mods that reside outside the data directory (i.e. FXAA/ENB, BOSS, ...)?
A: No, those aren't supported and there is no immediate plan to do so. MO is only intended to manage mods that consist of modifications to the game itself, not other tools. Some exceptions are SkyProc tools (ASIS, Automatic Variants, ...) and the tools bundled with FNIS, those have been tested to work correctly.

Q: How do I find out if MO is working?
A: Install a mod with a visible impact! Also, check that modorganizer.log get created.

Q: I'm using the proxy-dll loading mechanism and now MO/Skyrim doesn't work anymore.
A: I don't know how this happens but it's easy to fix. Follow these steps closely:
- First, deactivate proxy-dll loading in MO then close it.
- See what size the steam_api.dll in your skyrim-folder has. If it's around 116 kb, delete steam_api_orig.dll
- If steam_api.dll is ~11kb, you delete steam_api.dll instead. Then you rename steam_api_orig.dll to steam_api.dll
- In both cases you end up with a steam_api.dll that is around 116 kb and no other file called steam_api
- Now start MO again and re-activate "proxy-dll"

Q: I want to uninstall MO, what do I do?
A: First, inside MO, go to settings and select "Mod Organizer" for the load mechanism. Close MO and then just stop using it.
You can delete the ModOrganizer directory if you're sure you need nothing from it anymore (like mod archives, savegames). Beyond that, no un-installation is necessary. MO does not write to the registry or into any directory besides its own.

Q: Some mods are shown as having an available update but there is none (or vice versa)
A: The most likely reason is that the mod author didn't version his mod (or the files of a mod) in a consistent, parsable, way. I can not and will not attempt to work around that. If a mod is versioned in a non-sensical way, please tell its author. If he doesn't care, I certainly won't.
If however you think a mod IS versioned correctly and MO is treating it incorrectly, do let me know, but always include the mod name and please be aware that in many cases fixing version interpretation for one mod may break it for another.

Q: SkyUI (or some other mod) installer says SKSE is not installed although it is!
A: Due to the way MO works the installer can't see SKSE. If the installer allows you to continue despite the error (SkyUI does), do that and the mod will work. If the installer doesn't you have to use a different installation mechanism (i.e. a manual installer).

Q: Does MO support OMODs?
A: No

Q: Will you add support for OMODs?
A: No. But the installer capabilities of MO will be extensible through plug-ins so another programmer might add OMOD support.

Q: MO ignores mouse clicks?
A: Are you using a wacom tablet/mouse? There is a known bug in the UI library MO is using that causes most or even all mouse clicks to be ignored. For now please use a regular mouse.

Q: The ModOrganizer.log file never gets truncated?
A: This happens if an application started from MO doesn't get closed. This could be a launcher that sticks around after the game ended. Another good candidate is Steam. If you use a Steam version of your game (includes all versions of Skyrim), please make sure Steam is running before you start the game.
Also it is safe to manually delete the log file.

Q: I want to report a bug!
A: Very good, but please provide as much information as possible. Keep in mind that I use MO constantly and unless your bug is very new, I did not encounter it yet, so you'll have to help me reproduce your situation.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please go to http://issue.tannin.eu/tbg/modorganizer
Otherwise please contact me by private message via nexus or send a mail to sherb at gmx.net


• pndrev for the german translation
• David (DaWul) for the spanish translation
• Alyndiar for the french translation
• Scythe1912 for the chinese translation
• miraclefreak for the czech translation
• blacksol for assembling a lot of information in the wiki
• deathneko11 and Bridger for providing video tutorials for Mod Organizer
• everyone who provided me with feedback and bug reports
• The development team behind Nexus Mod Manager
• Robin Scott for the Nexus Network
• Bethesda for their wonderful games


Mod Organizer is released under a mixture of GPL (ui component, existing plugins, NCC) and LGPL (hook library and plugin interface)
Source code is available at: http://sourceforge.net/p/modorganizer

Uses Qt licensed under the LGPL
Uses 7-zip by Igor Wiktorowitsch Pawlow licensed under the LGPL (unrar restrictions apply)
Uses Icons from the Tango Desktop Project and the RRZE Icon Set






And no, I most certainly didn't make this mod! It is called Mod Organizer by Tannin. All credits are given at the bottom of the spoiler.


Mod Organizer Logo and icon were created by HeavyDude. Thank you!







What's better than a FAQ? Another FAQ! The LoversLab Mod Organizer FAQ Team has complied a FAQ specific to the questions I've been getting on this thread. As such, I will be updating it when certain questions that aren't already answered in the original are being asked repeatedly. Thank you for the support, Team!








How to . . .
-Get FNIS to work:
For crying out loud, install it as a mod, and find the executable in the 'Data' tab of MO's menu by right-clicking and choosing 'Add to Executables'.
- Get Bodyslide to work:
Install it as usual. Note that if you look in it, you'll see no recognizable (by MO) data in it. Fuck it. Install it anyway. When you do, MO will give you the standard warning that there is "no game data on top level". Fuck that too. When it's installed, navigate the 'explorer' to the Bodyslide.exe, and add it as an executable. When you run it, it will overwrite the .nif files you chose to alter, so have a copy of your mod-to-be-altered beforehand.
Load Bodyslide, and make your desired alterations to your body or clothing. If you altered a body, the body mod you are using will have it's files overwritten, and the new info will go to that folder, in place of the original, overwriting it.
If you altered a shirt, for example:
  • The new files will replace the files inside the mod the shirt was in.
  • If the shirt you altered was one from the game itself, the files will go to Overwrite, if no installed mods have files with the same name as the files you are saving. (*unlikely situation indeed)
  • If you have 2 mods that alter the same files, which happens in addons and fixes, the mod MO loaded last (the addons/fixes) will contain the new files.
  • It will not overwrite game files when using MO. MO would never let that happen. Anything that would normally go to Skyrim\Data will go to Overwrite instead, with a file path created for you.


*Note: The Unofficial Patches alter clothing and armor, so if you use the Patches (and you should), those may be the mod locations for the newly altered files. You should learn file names, and where they will go before you commit to changes, and, if you're smart, you already know MO installs an extraction of your mod, so the original remains untouched. You can choose 'Reinstall mod' to load the unchanged mod, if you need to remake your Bodyslide project.


This is why it's good to keep all Oblivion, Skyrim, or Fallout mods in their own folder, and not move their locations. If you move a mod from it's original location (where it was when you first installed it), MO will give an error, as MO does not search your computer for the mod. It only searches the same folder it installed from last time.


The file names will remain unchanged, so there will be no indication that the changes were made, aside from the file date. You will see that when looking at the actual file, and looking at the second tab labeled [ Date modified ].


You will have no Textures (.dds) showing in your render unless you add the mod's textures to the folder you are getting your meshes (.nif) from when making changes in Bodyslide; ie, in the same folder the body or clothing you're changing stores it's files.

- Get CK to compile:
I shall borrow a quote from Administration:
...use SublimeText, install the Papyrus package, alter the Papyrus.sublime-build file to your needs by including ModOrganizer folders the same way you do in bat file. My Papyrus.sublime-build for example is:
    "cmd": [
        "C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Papyrus Compiler\\PapyrusCompiler.exe",
        "-i=C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\Scripts\\Source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\Scripts\\Source\\Dawnguard;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\SexLab Framework\\scripts\\Source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\SexLab - Aroused\\scripts\\source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\FNIS Behavior\\scripts\\source;C:\\Games\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\ModOrganizer\\mods\\NetImmerse Override\\Scripts\\Source;$file_path",
    "file_regex": "(^.*\\.psc)\\(([0-9]*),([0-9]*)\\)",
    "selector": "source.papyrus"
The "cmd" block is the exact same as editing the default bat file, just in JSON format instead. I just add more source folders as I need them to the -i argument.



Word on the street is, there may or may not be a 'Wrapper' in the making that allows you to compile scripts without any more ridiculous errors from Papyrus. I shall provide more on this later...
...and here it is:
Use MO Skyrim Tool Launcher to run things like CK, Nifskope and other programs that once didn't work with MO.
Thanks go out to CGi and the APPS Dev Team. (Wasn't easy keeping it a secret ;))
- Get HDT to work:
Just take all files out of the included 'data' folder, make a 'new folder', and name it "HDT". Put all of the files from the 'data' folder and put them in the new HDT folder. Zip that folder, and install to MO. It's the classic "repacking for MO" technique that you need to know if you've downloaded a file from Nexus, but want to use MO to run it.
- Get SkyRe to work:
I have repackaged SkyRe for MO and uploaded to 4shared here: MO SkyRe
- Get ENB to work:
ENB core files need to be in the main Skyrim folder, so MO can't do anything about that.  If it has textures or .esps, like some ENB presets have, however, those can be loaded through MO.  You just load it up like a mod, uncheck all enb core files, set the data folder in a way that the .esp and textures are in the correct filepath and, once it's installed, enable it normally like any other mod.
- Get SkyProc mods to work:
Install the mod. In the data tab, search for skyproc patchers/mymod/mymod.jar (example skyproc patchers/asis/asis.jar)
Add it as executable
- Use Caliente's Texture Blender:
Install the mod. In the data tab, search for CalienteTools/TexBlend/TexBlend.exe (Refer to Bodyslide FAQ for false 'no game data on top' error; also, many other Caliente Texture Blender mods use different paths and folders, take a look at the mod itself).
Add it as executable
- Use MultiXwm:
Install the tool as a mod (why not). You will get a warning because it has no textures, meshes, or anything else MO would recognize. Install it regardless. Navigate to the MultiXwm.exe in 'mods', and add it as an executable. When you run it, it will tell you it cannot find the output path. That's because you need to add it yourself.
Go to ModOrganizer\mods\MultiXwm\, and create a new folder, and name it 'output'. Then run MXwm. Be sure to click the file so it's selected/highlighted before you press Start. It should give you no error, and should have a msg saying it 'Finshed'. You will now see your sound file in the output folder, in \mods\MultiXwm\output\
- Get Dual Sheath Redux to Work:
  • ritualclarity
  • bob11
  • Lother
  • eifrag
  • gvman3670
Want a copy so you don't have to keep coming to this page? Here: MO FAQ.rar
Do you have Microsoft Word? Here: ModOrganizer_FAQ_MS_WORD_2014.docx
How about a pic to save? 
(Dual Sheath Redux not in the FAQ download)



Coming soon:


Mod Organizer Strategy Guide





MO has an official support thread found on the S.T.E.P. forums. Here is the Official MO Support Thread.



MO was released on the Nexus, so you can always ask questions on Tannin42's Nexus page as well. That is where MO is first released, then I upload to LL.




And, of course, you can ask questions right here on this thread.


Here are a few tutorial videos from deathneko11:



Here is MO's sourceforge page.


MO on Skyrim G.E.M.S..


MO's original download page on Nexus.


MO's Issue Tracker.

Note: Use this Issue Tracker link to go to the Bug Genie, where bugs are reported. My thread here on LL is to solve things that are not bugs, and have solutions that do not require altering MO's files.


Note 2: The tracker has been moved to here.



MO is all over the web. If you simply Google Mod Organizer, you'll get pages of results. B)

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Yeah, I've been using this for a couple of months now, it's pretty neat since the main feature of it is not actually touching your actual Skyrim directory at all makes managing mods completely safe without dirty installs unlike NMM.


STEP also has a guide for Mod Organizer: http://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Mod_Organizer


Although I have not actually used it. 

Absolutely right. And it works no matter how many profiles you have, without fail (I've tested). The only thing I've seen not in/uninstall properly was CotS, and I became an expert on that mod recently. Believe it installs/uninstalls right for me now.


NMM can do a lot, considering that most mods are packaged that way, but a fomod is just so unnecessary. I like disassembling those and putting them in MO, as a mod of whatever name I choose.


So, before a ton of people start asking, [Disclaimer] NO, the mod named "SD2" isn't actually SD2. That mod hasn't come out yet. Yes, I know it "says" SD2, but you can name mods whatever the f*** you want in MO, and I've chosen to name SexLab SD 'SD2', so NO, it's not the awesome sequel to the magnificent Sanguine's DebaucheryTM.

I can't wait until that s*** comes out though! :lol: 

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I have been using it on and off for about a year now with Oblivion and Skyrim.  Some things work well and others can sometimes be a headache.  You have to understand that it installs everything in folders (basically extracts the zip file into a data folder with the mod name then points to this location) and creates virtual paths to files that it passes through to the game. The game doesn't really know this is happening - which is good and bad.  


So if one mod expects to patch another mod they may not work correctly since they do not reside in the same folder.  They reside in two separate isolated folders.  An example of this would be something like the multiple mods that drop FNIS files for Skyrim.  To get FNIS to work I eventually had to copy the INI files into the base game DATA folder to where it would normally reside.  If I didn't, updating the FNIS configurations would do nothing since the files do not exist where it thinks they should.  The user update for FNIS would always show zero definition files.


Also on patches you have to manually merge the contents in the parent folders or create a patched/combined folder for that specific mod.  Then have MO load that as the mod.


It can take a little work, but once you have it set up and working it does its job well.  The game folder remains almost untouched and you can add/remove mods at will.  You can create groups of mods and enable/disable them for different situations.  Like one group for just a base game and a second one that includes all of your Lovers enhancements.  You could click between them easily using the mods sets in MO.  Done right it will virtually eliminate having to ever reinstall the base game again.

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A better example would be SexLab's upgrade patches. Gotta throw those in manually. Very minor set-back. I can easily live with that. It's not like I'll ever (EVER) uninstall SexLab, and my way insures SexLab's update's are always in it's installation. Doesn't even need a clean save, or a waiting period, or anything. Just a quick drag-n-drop, and an overwrite. If all else fails, just "Clean up" SexLab. You'll be alright. :sleepy:


Edit: Updates can be installed using MO. No need to install manually.

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Don't forget this people; You can import mods strait from NMM to MO. Also, you can visit the Nexus using a browser MO provides you. That will allow you to download mods directly into MO from Nexus.


I wish to add this feature to MO, but with LoversLab as it's host. Why should Nexus be the only one that gets a link in MO?


I've never tried to do something like that before, but it shouldn't be that hard to do. . . (right? :-/)


Wishful thinking, but maybe I can do it. We'll see.      Help?

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The browser MO provides you is it's own blessing, as it gives you direct access to version updates. post-111270-0-27052600-1376985903_thumb.jpg

Right-clicking on the red version number will give you a list of options. The third one from the bottom is "Visit on Nexus". post-111270-0-26152300-1376986620_thumb.jpg

Clicking that will take you to the Download Page of the mod you're dealing with, complete with the newest updates and most recent available download link. Just remember that all the same rules apply when downloading a mod strait into MO: You must choose a server from an area of the world (London, Seattle, Salt Lake 2, etc), and simply begin the download. When your DL is complete click the 'Downloads' tab post-111270-0-39501300-1376986589_thumb.jpg double-click the mod from the column on the right, and be sure to say "NO" if it asks if you'd like to unpack the .bsa (if it has 1 or 2).


Edit: Only do this (say "NO" to unpacking the .bsa's) if you have no need to alter these files in any way after you put them into MO. Some may wish to improve the quality of textures within the bsa's files, or some may find it necessary to change load orders based on the bsa's contents. Normally, saying 'no' will be the best way to ensure that the bsa is doing it's job.




MO is Almighty. MO knows what you're thinking. MO has saved your thoughts.

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Are you a modder, who has just made a mod that has yet to be categorized? Do you simply have a mod from LL that isn't already categorized in MO? post-111270-0-83750500-1376989972_thumb.jpg You can categorize mods on your own! You can even type in version numbers for those mods that don't already have them.





If you have a mod that uses textures from the exact same path as another mod, you will see both a - and a +. The + means the mod is overwriting another mods files, but this is quite often exactly what you want, assuming of course you have your mods in the correct load order.


In this example post-111270-0-27372900-1376990064_thumb.jpg the body I made (Hot) is both overwriting [+], and being overwritten [-], which some might consider a bad thing.

It is not. This is the exact set-up I want, in this particular situation.


My body uses walking/running animations, but Victoria's High Heel Walk animations are being overwritten by my body's animations. My body's femalehead.DDS files are overwriting my body's femalehead data. Bella's make-up is awesome, so that's what is overwriting my original femalehead.DDS data [3].


You will find this information by right-clicking the +/- and clicking "Information" at the bottom. You'll see a bunch of tabs. Click on "Conflicts", and you'll see the mod conflict source/information.


Information will be updated and tested regularly, so I will always have more important information on MO.



I will keep logo.png posted on the oldest and newest problems you may find when using MO, and any programs you wish to run "via MO" will be covered as well.



Thank you for reading, and stay tuned! :) 

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There is also the 'Redundant' "Lightening bolt" icon. This tells you that there is no reason to have this mod active, as another mod is already adding these exact same features. post-111270-0-52829700-1376995250_thumb.jpg Deactivate and uninstall any mod that appears this way, because you are using a mod that already gives you this data.


When you save your game, you also save the mod set-up you were using when you saved. This means that you can locate your save, right-click, and choose "fix mod", thus reactivating the mods you were using when you made that save! post-111270-0-92622200-1376995744_thumb.jpg Is there anything Mod Organizer can't do?


I'll be back with more on the latest MO controls and settings. Don't forget to 'save' your current load order.

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Well, that was pretty nice actually, I think I got it.  Now I need to go around Skyrim and check that everything's ok, but at least everything SEEMS ok, even my manual edits and the Bodyslider (although I had to install these along CB++ manually, cause MO didn't like them, but whatever, tools are generally ok to install like that, they don't affect the game anyway).


Pretty impressed ^o^ Glad I can get rid of NMM finally.

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This is where you go to import mods from NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) post-111270-0-63405600-1376997066_thumb.jpg As I do not use NMM, I will not be providing screenshots of the whole process. I have no NMM. :sleepy:


In your 'settings' tab, you'll be able to change the version of NMM you want to use, should you prefer an earlier version, for whatever reason.post-111270-0-72336100-1376997417_thumb.jpg You can also right-click a mod, and click "Open in explorer" to find and alter a mods path.post-111270-0-20911500-1376999035_thumb.jpgpost-111270-0-96539100-1376999047_thumb.jpg


When it comes to FNIS, just follow Fore's instructions (readme) on a regular install, and type that path in your 'Binary', as previously posted. It will likely be (if you use a default installation path when you 1st downloaded and installed Skyrim) in this path:


C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\data\tools\GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. Start in C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer


Save it like that. You now have FNIS running "in MO". This is how you run all programs in MO. SKSE must "Start in" MO.


You may click on the [Profile] tab, and choose [Manage...]post-111270-0-47231600-1376999056_thumb.jpg to transfer saves from one profile to the other.



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If you follow all of my instructions, you will have no trouble. I can't guarantee anything otherwise.thumbsup.gif

Well, if I run into trouble, I'll check back, as it is, everything's working xP


I'd like to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but that particular statement has gotten me into regrettable, and avoidable situations (ruined some saves, sucked ass), so I won't be recommending anything but what you see here.

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If you follow all of my instructions, you will have no trouble. I can't guarantee anything otherwise.thumbsup.gif

Well, if I run into trouble, I'll check back, as it is, everything's working xP


I'd like to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but that particular statement has gotten me into regrettable, and avoidable situations (ruined some saves, sucked ass), so I won't be recommending anything but what you see here.


Well, the saves report no missing esps, I checked most of the conflicts to make sure the right mods are overwritten, I had also checked beforehand that there were no sexlab animations installed in any way before moving to MO, so FNIS reporting the correct number of animations I expect is a good indication it went well :P

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You can change the language displayed by going here post-111270-0-03242100-1377005939_thumb.jpg

You can also have MO automatically log you in to your Nexus account post-111270-0-72044600-1377005946_thumb.jpg


MO can activate both Steam, and Nexus. It can also browse it's mod paths. MO can basically do anything, run anything.



I'll post far more info soon.

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I have been using it on and off for about a year now with Oblivion and Skyrim.  Some things work well and others can sometimes be a headache.  You have to understand that it installs everything in folders (basically extracts the zip file into a data folder with the mod name then points to this location) and creates virtual paths to files that it passes through to the game. The game doesn't really know this is happening - which is good and bad.  


So if one mod expects to patch another mod they may not work correctly since they do not reside in the same folder.  They reside in two separate isolated folders.  An example of this would be something like the multiple mods that drop FNIS files for Skyrim.  To get FNIS to work I eventually had to copy the INI files into the base game DATA folder to where it would normally reside.  If I didn't, updating the FNIS configurations would do nothing since the files do not exist where it thinks they should.  The user update for FNIS would always show zero definition files.


Also on patches you have to manually merge the contents in the parent folders or create a patched/combined folder for that specific mod.  Then have MO load that as the mod.


It can take a little work, but once you have it set up and working it does its job well.  The game folder remains almost untouched and you can add/remove mods at will.  You can create groups of mods and enable/disable them for different situations.  Like one group for just a base game and a second one that includes all of your Lovers enhancements.  You could click between them easily using the mods sets in MO.  Done right it will virtually eliminate having to ever reinstall the base game again.

I don't think I've had a problem like that with Mod Organizer before, what the program does is takes the mod files from the separate folders and links them to this one big folder to emulate a normal skyrim data folder, so all the patchers and things with dependencies should still function normally. Any patch files produced is placed in the overwrite location as shown here:


From there you can produce a separate folder for the patch or just leave it. 

You can also edit your FNIS ini files through the data tab. 


Are you using v0_99_1 or v0_12_9 of Mod Organizer? 

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I need to edit and compile a script from an existing mod.  Running notepad++ through MO and trying to compile from within doesn't work, as the script is in mod organizer's directory.  As I don't want to bundle the game with extras, is there a way to compile through MO?

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I need to edit and compile a script from an existing mod.  Running notepad++ through MO and trying to compile from within doesn't work, as the script is in mod organizer's directory.  As I don't want to bundle the game with extras, is there a way to compile through MO?

Now that's a good question. :) Have you tried opening a command prompt after clicking "open in explorer" and choosing the mods files? You could always add a .bat file. Might not be the answers you're looking for, but in all the forums I've read about Mod Organizer, I've never seen that question asked, and I've never tried that myself. I've always just done things like that directly to the mods files, outside of MO. You would get the best answer from the mod's creator, Tannin42. He's been answering questions on Nexus' MO thread.

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As I've previously mentioned, you can import NMM mods. post-111270-0-07027200-1377168098_thumb.jpg In that same window, you can also edit your skyrim.ini and your skyrimprefs.ini. post-111270-0-84623100-1377168113_thumb.jpg


I like to install all my mods "manually", in MO. That means, I do not use fomods. I repackage them for MO, but you DO have the option to run fomod installers on MO, just like NMM. To do this, you'll need the [Optional] NCC file download on MO's [Files] tab of the Nexus download page. post-111270-0-42211700-1377168557_thumb.jpg


You can add a shortcut to your Toolbar, Desktop, or Start Menu. post-111270-0-09698500-1377169584_thumb.jpgpost-111270-0-78326500-1377169595_thumb.jpg This comes in handy if you don't have any reason to actually open MO, and just want to run FNIS, SKSE, or any other programs, without opening MO and choosing it from the [Program Bar].

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I need to edit and compile a script from an existing mod.  Running notepad++ through MO and trying to compile from within doesn't work, as the script is in mod organizer's directory.  As I don't want to bundle the game with extras, is there a way to compile through MO?

Just install mods you need to compile directly in the Skyrim folder like normal. As long as Mod Organizer doesn't have it's own version of the mod, it won't overwrite it when launching with MO.


I install all my mods through MO, but I do all the work on SexLab directly out of the data folder, haven't had any problems.

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