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Purple texture help!


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Purple means missing/misplaced texture file/files.


Look under data/meshes/actor/character and see if the follower is there then load up the eyebrow nif in nifskope if there is one and in their folder and click the eyebrow and then find BSShaderTextureSet below the highlighted line in the left list and click the arrow to the left of it to get the drop down then double click the blank area to the right of the purple flower looking thing and check the texture path for the eyebrows with the texture path in your skyrim folder both should match if not change it in the nif and then save as to overwrite the nif. If the texture file is not there try searching for the texture file using the search bar and see if it is misplaced. 

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... Nifs are what are found in your skyrim mesh folder nifs hold the model. Body/armor/ weapon. Loading those up will show you what they look like. Textures are mapped to different parts of a mesh to make the outfit look the way that it does in game.


I wish everyone answered posts this informatively.  Got me started on solving my issues and taught me something about modding.



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