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  1. Just a quick question. Are condoms available in 1.9e? I remember Oniki saying it will be available in the next update, 2.0, but I see people talking about ti already.
  2. I've never had an option to ask if the other sim is horny, how do you get that option? I noticed this as well last night in a play session. Sims was pregnant and wouldn't undress for anything initiated by the mod until the pregnancy had ended. This has happened only once. Other times it has worked fine. I also was able to reproduce the bug I had earlier when a couple sims would get into position to woohoo and it would end without ever doing anything. I found that if you cancel an on-going interaction on a sim and then have them do something with the kinky mod, the sim will end up in a state that doesn't allow the animations to run on that sims anymore. I was able to do this about 2 out of the 5 times I tried it. The interactions where it occurred were sim leaving a party and stopped them and the other was a sim leaving work and stopping them. No error logs with this to show. It doesn't occur every time, but about 20% of the time for me. Basically, if I let the game do everything on it's own, I don't have that problem, but when I try it manipulate things myself, it has occurred. Just had mine pregnant as well. she would undress but then in less than a couple seconds after doing the action she redressed and if she did any woohoo she had on some kind of fake clothes. Go to setting, then set EnableDebug -> True, then when you click kinky tab, it will have a debug tab on the sim. I have the same issue posted at page 44, still, i'm not able to fix it. I've tried to start a new game, 5 hr+ into the kinkly action build-up without de-bug mod, still, my sims only jerking off all-around, but no sex. Then, I remove other scripted mod like woohoo-er, still, doesn't work. And then I tried messing around with setting, no luck. So, I suppose 1.9e doesn't work with my game, if there would be a way to see why the sims is rejection, maybe I could do more about this testing. If you figure out how to make it work, please remember to tell me too. Thank you its basic, the author said so herself.... set to horny set to slut, but as long as the relationship and attraction values within kinkymod (it does not care about what it says outside in the relationship menus) are not high enough it will always reject.akward. one way i got around this is to go disable autonomy within the mod, this way they cant do anything but what you tell them to. this setting is in the settings option in the kinky mod menu the author's intention was to make people work for it, for a more immersed experience. Thank you for replying, it works. But how to you advance into next phase normally? I really got stuck on un-dressing and jerking off part. Like I said, you have to pick a few option from the "Romantic" tab. Just flirt with the sim you want to fork until it said irresistible, if they are happening to be horny also, they will ask around for woohoo/blowjob (Might not ask you, but you can now ask them). After that it will completely use kinky moolet, they will starts asking sim other than masturbating. At lest this worked for me.
  3. Idk if this will help anyone, but I use to have a problem where couldn't start any interaction with any sim, they would always responds "Reject.Awkward" even when I set them as horny and a slut. What I did was choose a few a few option from the Romantic tap. So just flirt with the sim a few time, go for irresistible then wait a bit. If that sim in horny, they ask you for woohoo instead of masturbating by herself/himself. After that you can start asking them if they're horny. Might not work for your game.
  4. Exactly what I'm experiencing. The interaction won't work with my new household. I know it worked before, but yea...
  5. So I try to make a whore house. My gangsta always walking around naked trying to get the other sims horny. But when they get horny, they just touch themselves without saying a word to my sim. When I try to take invite them, they just yell at me. Is this a bug or something?
  6. How come when my sim try to Wooho his wife using Kinky's mod she always rejects it. I try building the mood by romance option all the way up to extremely irresistible but his wife always say no. BUT when a random dude on the street ask her to wooho, she get down in front of everyone >=[. Is there an option that make sims only accept woohoo only if you have a high relationship them? Maybe it wasn't meant to be between us.
  7. ^ I think this has already been stated somewhere. But I get this error if I enable the rape option, even though I put it on 5%. Other than that everything else work fine.
  8. Sorry, newb question. I download this, but how do I check it out in CAS? Same goes with the breast.
  9. Does anyone have Upper Lip Slider by YS3 Studio? I remember downloading it here back then, but it doesn't seem to work anymore http://ysstudio.org/slider_page/yuu_Upperlip_ThinLower_Complete.html I found the blog, but fer FC2 download page doesn't work for me. http://ys3studio.tumblr.com/post/37608937984/gender-and-age-of-the-complete-upper-lip
  10. Thanks for the upload! Sucks how this series doesn't get the attention it deserves, your works are among some of my favorite on this site.
  11. I want to say TS3 because it has everything mentioned above, but I can't choose more than one choices.
  12. ^ I have to agree with dryuya. I think it's just me, but the site seem to hate you noobshi.
  13. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Hook. Looking forward to this.
  14. Good to see you're back into making videos, there's not a lot Skyrim movies these days.
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