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[REQ]Black Widow -or- Sex to Die For


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I've been hunting around for a mod that let's a character kill with sex, and I've found a few but not exactly what I was looking for, so I would like to make a request: a Black Widow mod, where the character can initiate a kill-cam immediately following sex/rape.

Is such a thing possible with scripts? I don't know, I know just enough to install mods and get myself into trouble. Perhaps such a mod would require all new animations.

I just believe that being able to slit the throat of the person who is raping/being raped by/having sex with your character is something missing from the sexualized world we all play in.

if anyone's interested or has the time, it would be deeply appreciated.




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I think something like this would be cool if you were say a vampire I always thought that it is kind of weird that they only want sex because in most cases they are luring/hypnotizing/inthralling/seducing you or whatever and when you both hit the end of the love making they sink their teeth in. So maybe there could be feeding animations added to the end of many of them.

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End sex

Automatically summon two bound blades

Scissor action with the blades

Head rolls on the ground


Why, that shouldn't be a problem, as long as no other mod messes with killcam animations.

However, we'd need an easily distinguishable option. Nobody wants to kill their spouse, yarl, housecarl, or some citizen, doing this to bandits would be a waste, but assassinations would be uber.

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In truth, I used the term kill-cam without really thinking about what it meant. 


A prime example of what I imaging the mod should do - and this is specifically a black widow scenario - is (I don't know, maybe a message box or dialogue option where you decide before hand you're going to kill this particular lover) after running a cowgirl animation (in this case), immediately after the final stage, but before the actors stand - so she's still on top of him - she pulls a dagger or blade across his throat and cuts him from ear to ear.

She stands, he stays dead.


As for bandits, I think this would work incredibly well with some of the mods out there that allow you to offer up your character's body instead of your hard-earned gold or your life. 


My most prized save an incredibly demented and twisted necromancer, who enjoys her sex but detests people. I can see her eagerly agreeing to- and even soliciting sex with/from strangers knowing she's going to get what she wants and then watch him/her bleed out. And then she'll reanimate the corpse for a while, and keep it as a memento for a time, until she gets bored with it.

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If you're open to doing this via spell and not blade-on-throat, the Leveling mod does have this option.  There is a spell you can cast, or have automatically activate on the end of sex that insta-kills your partner.

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I'd totally forgotten about this request.

(You can't see it of course, but I'm having a chuckle at the thought that someone necro'd one of my necro request threads.) Deadly Drain has had a place in my load order since its first release. Thank you for taking the time to point it out though, it is appreciated!



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