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How do I add The D to Skyrim?


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Tenacious D that is! 

For as long as I can remember I wanted to add two travelling NPC bards, that visit the taverns of Skyrim for open mic night. I imagine there could be quests associated with each hold they visit, so depending on when you meet up with them, there could be different options available. Most of their voicing could be as easy as getting HQ recordings from almost anywhere. However, I have never made a mod before. SO i'm actually wondering how I would even go about such a task. It might just be easier to request someone to help make it with me. 


What I'm thinking for them is just a general world task of going to taverns, then possible world events,quests etc. Every quest completion or world event, unlocks a new song they play at taverns.  here are the inspirations 


1.The missing link: is it possible that Sasquatch is real?: go on a quest to search for an overly large Troll named sasquatch


2.The greatest song in the world : you see the D along the road, when suddenly a powerful Daedra appears, requesting them to play the greatest song in the world.


3. The quest to slay the hydra : well  maybe not a hydra, but I'm sure we can attempt to kill something in a cave!


4. Rise of the phoenix : after finding the pic of destiny, a quest begins to return it to it's rightful master, a giant phalic creature made of flames! This changes the D into Grey Beards, and joins them at the monestary, where they rock out all their jams


pics on how they could fit in this world of ours.

thanks for looking at the post!






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After seeing this thread and reading everything it made me think of one of their other great songs namely

 Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently which I actually have on my desktop in .exe form that plays in flash and contains the whole video from the above link and isn't cutoff like in the link.

I know right? I keep thinking....."this needs to happen"  we could even make a quest, where we Aid a daedriatic slave escape some hellish dungeon, and by escape, I mean have a huge orgy while they play this song!

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Two votes here! This would totally be awesome!

Anyone know a mod Author I can contact that would be interested? I'm thinking if it is going to happen, I would rather seek out someone with experiance, that might be up to the task to work with. OMG......did I just accept a quest in real life? 

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There is no need to make any request threads there are 2 request threads that are stickied to the first area of the adult and non adult areas and they are pretty hard to miss. All new request threads do is make more work for that moderators/admin who have to go to a new request thread then lock it for deletion and throw out these 2 links. Making new request threads also bury the good threads and make it harder for people to find what they are looking for. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19121-where-can-i-find-skyrim-adult-requests/adult request thread http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19129-where-can-i-find-non-adult-skyrim-requests/ non adult requust thread.

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You could request this one to be moved toone of the main forum threads, Either Skyrim Non adult mods or the adult mods. Though I'd do it in the Non Adult mods considering the adult mods section is really for sexual content. Lots of people post requests for mods or things to be made that way.


**Or do it the way myuhinny suggested.  :lol: Even though it's not really a 'where can I find this' and more of a, 'can we make this a thing'

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