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FNV Animation Problem-Please Help!


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So, i'm having a problem here and i installed everything how it was supposed to. (Or at least i assume)

I recently reformatted my hard drive and re-installed everything, as far as my load order i can't see anything that would fight with the animations.


The problem seems to be common but i haven't found a fix, basically when sex is initiated the player character stays completely still while the participant/s animate as intended.


Here is my load order.

Note: MCM is the very last mod not shown


The only actual sex mod i'm using is the ED-E Custom Race Replacer with sexout options (Which may seem lackluster compared to other members, but i really like the mod for my needs)


Help is very much appreciated!



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I know is old post, but A problem I sometimes missed (Or foget about) is to do with updating "NVSE", which when done will overwrite "NVSE extended", or I believe it does.


I am sure you installed "NVSE", but did you also install NVSE Extended, and if you Update "NVSE" you will need to install "NVSE Extended" again, as i believe the new "NVSE" will over write your last installation of "NVSE Extended"


   This would certainly cause the problem you discribe, as the functions in "NVSE Extended" are very much needed for SexOutNG

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