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Getting frustrated with ad behavior


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I hope discussion of ads hasn't been summarily banned from the site, because I understand they have their place.  I'm just starting to get frustrated with them interfering with regular site function.


More than half the time I come here, when I try to log in I get a pop-up ad that causes the password field to not accept a single mouse click to get the cursor to stay long enough to type it in.  I have to click in the box and while holding the mouse button, move the arrow out of the box for the cursor to stay put.


Today, when I clicked to see my notifications, the "Interactive Porn Game" banner overlapped the middle of my notifications.  It has done so with other functions such as the little box that pops up when you want to follow a file or thread, too.


Finally, today I didn't feel like going through my bookmarks and googled "sexlab" instead.  I clicked on the first entry and got a red page from Microsoft Security essentials telling me there was potentially malicious material on this site.


Now, I know Microsoft Security, as well as many other site monitors, throw up a lot of false positives, but I don't have my settings that high.  I cut and pasted the web address and didn't get the red page.  Malwarebytes also blocks some pop-ups here while allowing others; stating the blocked ones have links to sites with potentially malicious code.


I'm no expert, but this indicates to me some of the sponsors of this site aren't safe, as regards to malicious code.



OS is Windows 7 (up to date)

Browsers used with similar results: IE11; Opera Portable 12; Chrome

Security Software: Windows Firewall; Microsoft Security Essentials; Malwarebytes with realtime protection


As I said, I don't keep my settings too high and I don't use pop-up blocker on forums because I know that's how some site admins get the money to keep their sites going, but I think maybe it's time to re-examine the quality of the sponsor' websites.

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If you are getting a red page warning when going to a page pm the link of the page to Ashal so that he can check that page for bad links some sites that are linked in the threads come from other sites and those sites are the ones that are the ones that are tagged bad and will cause the red page error when going to it. If he finds a bad link he will probably wipe out the whole page to make sure it was removed. Otherwise if pages like that are not reported the site might get placed on the bad list even though there is nothing wrong withh the site.


I have never used Microsoft Security Essentials I have always used avast but I do use Malwarebytes.

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If it really bothers you or causes problems, Ashal has stated numerous times to install an addblocker for your browser.  We don't encourage it, as the site needs the adds to help pay to keep it up, but we don't demand you experience issues via an annoying add either.




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The banner showing over notification has never happened to me, but sounds like a browser issue to me. It displays normally with the notification list showing up on top in both Chrome and Firefox for me. Make sure you're using the latest version of your browsers and double check to confirm what browsers are doing it.


As for red pages, there was a string of false positives the other week relating to one of the ad publishers, they weren't delivering anything malicious here, but something ended up on their network that was, which poisons the whole well in Google's eyes and makes the warning popup for any site displaying anything from that domain, even if it's not the reported content itself.


I removed the ad temporarily to stop the warning from coming up while they cleaned and got it cleared from google, they cleaned it up and the warning went away so I enabled it again, check the site later that day again, and it's popped back up. After repeating that process 3 times I said fuck it, and rejected their ad from further circulation on the site.


If you get a red page warning, I need to know the links so I can clean it. Checking Google's webmaster tools generally tells me of any pages that have detected potential malware links, currently however it is showing no reported or detected malware pages.


In any case, I'm not going to begrudge anybody for using an adblocker, ads, especially porn ads, can be annoying. My hands are pretty much tied however, seeing as the ads are pretty much solely responsible for keeping the site up and running, as running the site is continually increasing in cost for me to keep up more and more every month, I'm not going to condone using an adblocker either; but I understand.

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I don't know if you're aware, but while the topic's up I should mention it.  The other day I visited LL on my phone and I wasn't logged in, so I got ads.  One of the popups was a screen similar to the FBI Moneypak virus screens.  Not saying there's a virus, but the popup had that information on it.

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I'll try to keep track of which page I'm visiting when I get anything odd.  I'm getting a vague idea of a non-pattern.  Since it only happens - sometimes - and it may happen on one page of a thread and not another, I'll do my best to try and track it.  Like I said, I don't like using adblocker on forums, and it certainly won't help track anything down if I start now.


I updated my Opera and Chrome and discovered it's only IE that has the banner blocking the features, now.  I probably should have mentioned my resolution (1280x1024) as well.  I'm on a square monitor, so things are pushed together more than they would be on a widescreen, but at least it's only IE.

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