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Having trouble with mods


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Hi, I'm having trouble getting some mods to work. Here are the mods and their problems:


--Regarding SL STD's--

I installed Sexlab STD's, and it shows up in the MCM. Some of the functions are working, such as

(idk if anyone is familiar with this mod)

the lady that sells cures and condoms. However, no matter how hard I try, I can't get my character to contract an STD. I even set the likelihood of infection to 100% in the MCM.


--Regarding bestiality mods--

I'm trying to get bestiality mods to work, and I've tried a few (SL Beastess, Hentai Creatures, More Nasty Critters, etc.). Also, activating the bestiality functions in, for example, Mass Matchmaker and Random Sex, but nothing happens. I have creature animations checked in SL in the MCM and I have downloaded the necessary animations. The Defeat function seems to be working, but whenever it engages a scene (I tried this with giants mainly), both characters stand still until what I am assuming is the end of the animation. Is there a setup that works?


[edit] In addition to all the above, I have set the likelihood of creature encounters to 100% everywhere I could find.

[edit] Some mods (namely More Nasty Critters) don't show up in the MCM

[edit] Some of the genitals show up (horse, dog, sabre cat, werewolf), but some don't (giant)

[edit] Some sex animations work now (giant, bear, and only on male char, not female) and some giants' genitals show up. Horse, sabrecat, and canine animations do not work.


--Regarding Deviously Helpless--

All of the files load great, including the text dialogue (although there is no sound in DH dialogue, but is no big issue) and the devices, which fit my CBBE model perfectly. However, the main problem is with the armbinder. Whenever I equip it, it appears on my character and disallows the use of my hands, but I saw that my arms were in their default position (out of the armbinder) but missing the hands.

[pic may be coming soon]

--Regarding Dangerous Nights--
Tested with female PC, but nothing happened; however, when I tested with a male PC, it worked (sort of).
With male PC, I was indeed woken up by a person/animal, and the text at the top of the screen acknowledged it. However, when an "event" occured, no animation started. Instead, all that happened was that the person/animal simply spawned without actually doing anything. Is this how the mod is supposed to work, with only a message being displayed?


--Regarding Animated Prostitution--

Sometimes when the animation starts, the NPC undresses beforehand, then redresses when the animation starts. Also, if I happen to change the schlong via SOS, they redress (if male NPC).


--Misc stuff--

+Sometimes when I try to talk to friendly NPC's, it won't open the dialogue menu, and they'll say something like "You can't hide from me" and at the top of the screen it will display the words Animation failed to start [-]

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Are you trying to run all these mods at the same time? Even though they can be compatible (i.e. they won't cause your computer to CTD if run together), often times they will still get in each others way. SexLab Defeat and SexLab Enchantress don't like each other for example. They will run together but neither will actually function (although to be fair, SexLab Enchantress won't function in general).


When experimenting with mods, its best to use a few as possible. One of the problems with More Nasty Critters is that it currently requires several esp files which severally limit its functionality. Hopeful at some point the author will be able to merge a few of them. Best to start with something simple, like just the SexLab Framework and SexLab Defeat for example.


Also, be sure you have FNIS installed. Obviously you already know that you need it - you could not have downloaded and installed that many SexLab mods and not know that - but you'd be surprised how many people, knowing they need it, still fail to actually download and install FNIS. Also after installing, you still need to run the program in the tools folder for "users" EVERYTIME you add a new SexLab animation mod. Yes, EVERYTIME. 90% of animation failures in SexLab are a direct result in not running the program.

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SexLab Defeat and SexLab Enchantress don't like each other for example. They will run together but neither will actually function (although to be fair, SexLab Enchantress won't function in general).


I don't know how you came up with this information but it's simply not true. I use defeat myself in the same test games I used while building Enchantress. Also their scripts activate at entirely different situations.

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