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REQ/Q BodySwap (mesh and textures) using MCM?


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After downloading a number of mods within the net and here on LL, I found myself having a number of armors/outfits from Blade & Soul (credits to NCSoft and XiNAVRO as well as the other porters for their excellent work).


Strangely, As most CBBE models looked great and fairly natural with HDT and High Heels support, I found a couple of armors on the set which happened to be only ported over to UNP without HDT or High Heels support and it looked broken as my CBBE character sunk its ankles into the foot part.


I know this problem is common and is present when using outfits designed for specific bodies on a different body replacer.


Conclusion: You have to switch body replacers if you want things to look right.


I and a lot of mod users have accepted this fact as reality. However, looking back at my ESC menu while playing, I realize there's this nifty section at the SkyUI which showed how the high heels on the CBBE mods I have loaded were adjusting accordingly to height.


Then it came to me and thus I was prompted to post my request to the talented modders here to hear...


Would it be possible to create a sort of plugin which allows users to install multiple replacers and their textures (in separate folders specific per body) which could utilize the same auto-adjustment when wearing outfits?


For example, with the plugin installed, one could install CBBE meshes and textures inside a folder named accordingly, then also install the UNPB set under its own respective folder.


In the game, the plugin recognizes them as such via some sort of key let's say CBBE, UNP, UNPB, SeveNbase, respectively. You just have to put the body and textures in pre-given folders and they will be classified ingame as such.


Outfits would have to link to such folders and the plugin's master or esm/esp similar to the way high heel supporting outfits link to the HDT High Heels System. And when one wears an outfit specific only for let's say UNP, the plugin will automatically swap the player's body and textures for that set to match.


Now I'm not a programmer or scripter and I have no experience in doing so as a Skyrim player/mod user. I am merely throwing my idea out here.



A few things I can note about such a system would be that:


1. Since the plugin pretty much just swaps body meshes/textures upon equip of armor/outfit, when your character goes naked the game goes back to using the body on your default Skyrim location.

2. This won't affect NPCs as per reason number 1.

3. If you misplace meshes between folders inside the plugin, you get misplaced bodies. Human error. Totally understandable.

4. Modders can continue to make body-specific outfits and only add an esp to connect to the plugin (at least in theory).

5. This idea is for the system to change your character's body to match an existing outfit for a different body. If you want the outfit to match your main body type, you still have to edit the meshes via other means like BodySlide.




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Thanks for the reply! It certainly does what I thought of. Also, it theoretically is possible to automatically change bodies as long as the outfit you use has an optional esp that links it to a slot on the body swap slots. I just wanted to tell you that the very mod you linked does that albeit differently by "profiling" your current outfit to a set slot (regardless of the body in it.) similar to how you can set custom high heel heights with the HDT High Heels system for footwear that doesn't support it. Remove the shoes, the height resets. Put them on again, get the setting you saved.


This is going to be a big help. Thanks a lot.  :D

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