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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer


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Not Final Fantasy anymore.  Hasn't been since 10.  They're turning the series into pop culture "Hey, that game has awesome features, let's steal them instead of innovating" bullshit.  9 was the last really good one.  I refuse to admit that 8 even existed, though.  The "enemies level up with you" bullshit killed it for me.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of FF series, and KH series.
But seeing hack and slash in FF, it's just feel so different like kpnut says,

they do it well in KH, but come on, this is FF...

and in this trailer... 4 boys in a car driving around... almost looks like a boyband music video....

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I'm curious about Hironobu Sakaguchi reaction to this game...
and in my opinion, FF started to going downhill after he leave squaresoft.

Oh btw, FF XIII is on the steam at 9 October.


Oh man, I never got enough of FF 7 and 8, although I really like FF7 side quest better.

Like golden chocobo, chocobo racing, gold saucer mini games, and that phoenix egg war strategy. There are so many things you can do in FF7.

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