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another set of armor made to go with the kitsumimiproject expansion

Versions : Hgec Body and 2 colors BnB






The Nekomimi Project Installed first


Then KitsumimiProject expansion installed second



Found in the Minikaka Playroom second shelf


Make sure this Esp is UNDER KitsumimiProject expansion

and you need to use one of the kitsu Bodies for proper texture






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    The nekomimi Project AND KitsumimiProject Expansion


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Congradulations on spontaneously rekindling my interest in Fallout New Vegas. I didn't think it was possible.




I mean *cough*. I'm a furry, as you can see. Felicia is my lifelong heart-throb. She is who dragged me into the furry fandom. She lit my spark of furdom when I was but a pup, and has been my most favorite furry ever since, I even have a profile that is her on f-list.


Congradulations for dragging me away from skyrim for a while, now I have to mod New Vegas again. DX I hope this mod is compatible with most of the sex animations and like, sexout stuff.

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was already planned =p


SQUEE! ^_^ I've been wish-washing over trying to play as a khajiit versus a human, for various reasons, but having a Felicia form beats them both hands down.


You might want to do a bodyslide conversion while you're at it however, as people tend to mod their bust size in Skyrim!


I can't wait for you to release the Skyrim version. ^_^ Thaaaank youuuuu.

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On 7/18/2014 at 4:19 AM, Minoumimi said:

sure it will work but for now i only made 1 body version of that requires to use my kitsumimiproject bodies

but i might convert it to fit some default fallout bodies with proper textures soon

OK, color me impressed - that is an incredible mod - going to do a playthrough just as Felicia using unarmed weapons, basically just the variants of brass/spiked knuckles.


I'd definitely vote for seeing this adopted to fit other body types as I'd love to have a follower wearing the other body suit, ideally a Shojo/Angel to be a little sister.


Another request - could this be adopted as a different armor part so that the nude perk series could work with it?

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fuck how do i put this...



1. do i need to download the kitsumimi project expansion, or do i only need the nekomimi project expansion? if so for if i do need the kitsumimi...


2. so is the kitsumimi project expansion skyrim mod, or also compatible to new vegas?


3. do i need to download all mods that the kitsumimi kitsune priestess mod?(which is where the kitumimi project expansion link leads me and is why i ask if it is a skyrim mod or compatible to new vegas)


4. do i need skyrim for this mod to work or do i just need 7zip to extract files?


5. what mod manager do i use or do i have to put it into the actual fallout files manually or does it not matter?


6. how is your day?


7. do i need any of the required mods at all to download this one?



sorry if i sounded rude asking the questions i tried typing them down as a whole sentence but reading it i confused myself and i didnt want to confuse anyone with what im trying to ask so i just made a list of questions to make it easier to understand and because i have questions i dont think anyone else asked but they may have and i just missed the comments but yeah ill shut up now before i start rambling

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1.) All info you need on what needs to be installed first 2nd and 3rd is posted in the first post. 2nd Link is broken though and goes to the wrong file/page.


2.) Skyrim mods are for skyrim only just like fallout mods are for fallout only.


3.) Link is wrong or broken.


4.) No. Skyrim mods are for skyrim only fallout mods are for fallout only.


5.) FOMM (fallout mod manager).


7.) If a mod has requirements then you must download them as well or your game will crash on startup from missing masters.


8.) You will have to search for their kitsumimi project expansion mod and if you can't find it then the only mod you'll be able to use will be their nekomimi project mod.


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