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  1. Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask so I'll post here and if not then I'll head over to technical support Basically I've just completed Mothership Zeta and from what I can tell it's broken my male player sexout animations What happened was I finished the DLC and left the ship ready to complete the quest for the Launch Terminal but first I went to Megaton to see Moira and get my lust level down. However, after completing the dialogue tree she just kind of.....stood in front of me. Usually the UI elements disappear, then a second later the lust bars appear in the top right of the screen and then the animations begin. But none of that happened. I tried with other NPCs, none of them worked either. So I figured maybe it was a mod issue. I loaded up a previous save but everything still worked fine so it couldn't have been that. I tried rearranging a few things, making some new merged patches, configuring some different settings in MCM, nothing working. Next, I figured maybe I had to finish the Launch Terminal quest to get it to work. So I did and still nothing. Every NPC would still just sort of stand there. At this point I wondered if maybe all the animations were broken somehow. So I consoled to the 188, recruited Veronica, went through the breeder dialogue tree and took her to Goodsprings. When I initiated dialogue with the Bighorner the option came up for Veronica and sure enough she worked, sounds and everything. The only thing I can conclude is that something in Zeta must've stopped or is stopping my male pc animations from starting. I did see during the playthrough a couple of notices in the top-left of the screen that said something about black list which was weird because that wasn't something I'd seen before. But again, I went through the entire list of animations in MCM and everything was turned on. So now I'm downright baffled. I can post my mod list with load order and version numbers if need be. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone know where I could find a download of the KitsumimiProject expansion? Neither kawaiimods nor nekomods seems to be working anymore and I haven't been able to find anywhere else that seems to be hosting it.
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