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  1. hello, just need some help I've been playing the sims 4 for a few days now got it modded but I could use some help, I found a mod I think its wicked whims but in the process of modding I lost track of what I downloaded all I remember is somewhere along the lines I found a mod that allows men with vaginas and chicks with dicks just by switching if the specific gender you were playing as peed standing up or sitting down, does anyone know where to find that mod, also is there a mod involving peeing standing up and peeing sitting down in general, every time my male sim has to use the restroom he t
  2. lol that would be interesting also what if i were to manually install the mods how many mods can i do before i reach a specific limit or beings it is manually installed into the actual game files there is no limit like it would be on the nexus mod manager
  3. ok? like i said im still new to modding and at the moment im just downloading files so that are required to make the mod work but what are zedit, zmerge, ba2, xedit, esps, and esl's?
  4. okay cool and one last question hopefully just found this mod called occult piper overhaul it looks pretty dope but i have a deathclaw infused Cait mod and all the mods that support it how do i merge the mods so i can keep both occult piper and deathclaw cait?
  5. oh cool also sorry for asking so many questions i'm a bit new at modding but the looks menu mod lets say i want to have two race mods for example the vulpine race and the crimes against nature pony race can i use both or do i have to choose one or the other cause i was wanting to have a bit of diversity to my game but don't want to break my game
  6. so the misfits ink face tattoo mod wont work for the looks menu
  7. cool thanks also does one more question i do apologies but tattoo mods can i download multiple put them in my mod manager and have multiple tattoo mods or is it one tattoo mod at a time?
  8. hey little help here remember how fallout 3 and fallout nv had the race menu is there a race menu mod for fallout 4 and if so could you send the link my way please thanks if not its fine just curious if it exists or not and if so how would i operate it and can i add race mods to the preset roster of races
  9. fuck how do i put this... 1. do i need to download the kitsumimi project expansion, or do i only need the nekomimi project expansion? if so for if i do need the kitsumimi... 2. so is the kitsumimi project expansion skyrim mod, or also compatible to new vegas? 3. do i need to download all mods that the kitsumimi kitsune priestess mod?(which is where the kitumimi project expansion link leads me and is why i ask if it is a skyrim mod or compatible to new vegas) 4. do i need skyrim for this mod to work or do i just need 7zip to extract files?
  10. Gotcha now how does one do private messaging I would like to continue this conversation but i dont want to fill the comment section of this forum with us just making conversation
  11. Yeah.....wait what's LE and DR like limited edition and special edition?
  12. Ok how does one find said sites to make mods? And not to mention put mods in let's say nexus to because I own an Xbox one to consol or to bethesda.net? See this is why I want to make request cause people know more then I do >~<
  13. People of the modding community, I come to you today from the lands of Xbox one in disgust, there are so many halo mods but, none of them are a sangheili race mods, what's up with that? Seriously people there's even an off topic mod has the yautja race it even had a female gender to it, my point is why can't there be a sangheili race mod like the yautja mod modders if you see this let's talk about this delima and fix the problem, I can't mod but we can't talk ideas sound good?
  14. XD i was not expecting the would you like fries with that holy shit but yeah pretty much although....maybe it'll be better in far harbor....but I dunno...i was also thinking it doesn't need a fusioncore....but...well I was thinking it would have like some sort of eerie industrial like chimney thing in the back thatwould emit smoke....but I don't know what you could use in replace the fusion core...maybe a fusion core with a wood shin? Dunno....thinking about it this mod idea might make someone's computer catch on fire literally Also with the custom armor pieces one of which would
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