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Need pointers for making mods


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Hi guys, after having downloading mods from here for forever, I've decided to give back (lol). Anyway, I'm currently trying to create a quest mod using the SexLab framework, could someone give me some pointers on how to start? I literally have zero idea on how to begin, so I guess I'm posting here to ask for help haha. 

1) Do I use the creation kit to start modding or a third party software? (Couldn't find anything on sexlab wiki, sorry....  ) (Currently I'm using (or at least attempting to use) the creation kit)
2) Is it possible add (in the beginning of the quest) and then remove (at the end of the quest) a custom fraction into the SexLab forbidden fraction list? (It has something to do with the quest I have in mind)
3) Any tips for the aspiring modder? XD

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Outside of watching the zillion video tutorials out there (my favs are DarkFox123 on YouTube), the best way to learn is to take a mod that provides sources for scripts and make it do something it doesn't do yet.


That will force you to dissect the code of the mod, understand how things work and make small changes to something that mostly works from the start.


And if the modder in question abandons the mod, you will be in good shape to pick up where they left off :)


Just don't publish the changes without asking for permission - that's poor form.


The main element you need in order to mod Skyrim is patience. CK editor is frustrating, infuriating, sometimes just plain incomprehensible.

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Open the CK.

Look at some tutorials.

make some changes to your game to suit your taste. Change some other persons mod add a feature. Change a feature test and play.

Rinse and repeat.

Make some more changes and enjoy yourself. During this process of reading, watching tutorials and make some minor changes .. you will reach a point where you are ready to create a custom work. Might be super simple ..  No problem .. do it.

Then make more and more features and such. Soon you are making complete mods with complex systems ..


During this time there are many newer members that are working on projects themselves as well. Sometimes there are individuals or groups working on a major project. You can offer some help, they might even ask for help.. ( as in my case. I get asked for help quite often.. lol  Eventually I might get off my lazy green ass and actually start modding..) Your experience will expand.


Another option is also helping others learn and fix their tech issues. That expands your understanding of the modding process and even the game engine as well.


In the end it is your path. You make the decisions of where and what you want to learn next. When you are ready post some question on "How XXX" and get responses. You have already did the two best things you could do. One made the decision to mod and two joined this community.. :D  The rest is just doing it.

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