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So I downloaded a PC optimizer called Advanced SystemCare the other day. I have been using it for about a week now. While I don't see many noticable changes, I have to say the stress on my laptop is greatly reduced. It used give off so much heat when it was stressed playing games like Skyrim or Fallout. I'd like to purchase and activate the pro version if I can. But a little user input is always due in sitations like this. So I have to ask:


Do you use Advanced SystemCare or another PC optimizer that's worth praising?

If you do use ASC, have purchased Pro and been using it, are you happy with it? Do you think it's worth the purhase?

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I had Razer Game Booster but I uninstalled it for one reason or another. I think it was a free version and the useful features weren't available. Might be worth looking at if you're interested in that sort of program.

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If it helps for you, great.


I never use ever any of these programs i do everything myself and have never any problems.


These programs can do more harm then you realise plus some of these programs run in background which i don't want(i don't use virus programs eather(last time was 2002).


Crap cleaner is CRAP it can damage your windows.


If you know what your doing you don't need those programs at all but if it helps you because of maybe lazyness :D ...or lack of PC knowledge use it.


Freeware is most of the time useless and thats obvious they give you feeling the program helps you but bottom line is they only are realy usefull when you open your wallet and pay full price hehe.


It seems for many alot of trouble but clean install every 6 months works better then all those programs.


But you have to concider this...


...learn how to behave on the internet and how to handle your PC you SAVE ALOT OF MONEY ;)


Good luck.



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I'm with ED here.


If you keep your OS/browser/etc up to date, "browse safe", and don't steal every pirated thing you can find, chances of infection are extremely low. You don't get viruses, trojans, or other malware from simply browsing the web. You get them from insecure plugins you let run rampant (flash, java), having an unsecured network, and mostly from stealing crap rather than paying for it.

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I've successfully and safely used Crap Cleaner for over 5 years. It's one of the tools I always install. I've used it on perhaps 4-5 machines during that time with no problems whatsoever. I currently use it on my current machine because I install and uninstall lots of design (adobe) and development (microsoft) tools.


PCWorld calls CCleaner a "little wonder": http://www.pcworld.com/article/195859/reg_cleaners_worthwhile.html


But I also regularly create ad-hoc System Restore points before installing software to test out, that way I can completely back them out without have to use CCleaner. Outside of that I regularly run CCleaner to keep my system clean.


Edit: I'm a full-time developer and regularly "thrash" (install/uninstall) software BUT i don't install pirated software (ever) and I am generally pretty careful on the net (I've only gotten one virus in my lifetime that I am aware of). Its good to be paranoid on the net and doubt every popup that you didn't instigate.

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I've used piriform stuff ( CCleaner, Speccy, Recuva and Defraggler ) in years and i never had any problems with them.

I had one that literally killed my windows ( YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU TUNE UP UTILITIES .|. ) and only fooled me once :D

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Also no probs with Piriform stuff here.


But I wouldn't go any further than that. Utilities that promise comfy one-click-optimization usually are fake, because such a tool just cannot know what you are using your system for in the first place. Hardcore-gamer? Casual gamer? Mostly office applications? Media station?


CCleaner is very careful when it cleans up the registry, but I agree on Evasiadutch saying that manual care is the best way of system maintenance.


One easy way to boost performance - if that is what you are aiming for - is to upgrade to a decent SSD instead of the old HDD. I perfectly get along with 120 GB SSD in two partitions. One for the OS and the most important programs like the web browser, the other for games that need short latency and quick access times. The 1 TB HDD has storage data like mods, personal data etc. Apart from that, there are progs on that drive that I don't need to be super-fast like 3ds Max, Office and the like.


Of course enough RAM is always a good recommendation. Though you don't need these exaggerated amounts some have in their rigs like 32 GB. I have 8 Gigs in my main rig and the OS doesn't swap.

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I'll tell you what I tell our Customers. "The most important Anti-Virus/System Health component of any computer system is You!"


If you own a car, you may not need to be a mechanic (though it will help), but you ought to learn to be a competent driver!

It's the same with your computer, you may not be a software engineer, but at least learn what not to trust with it!

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I use CCleaner and the CCEnhancer plug-in that goes along with it. I however do not recommend 'buying' any PC Health Management software, they all claim to be 'one-click clean all, or boost your system performance by 100%' it's all scam to make money off of you, plus it's a possibility that this stuff will potentially cause more harm to your computer then allow you to achieve gains.


CCleaner is safe from what I can tell, and is recommended by various well-known pc/os support groups.The only thing that I recommend against using in regards to CCleaner, would be the Registry Cleaning module, unless you know what you're doing, leave it well alone. If you have to use it that aspect of it for whatever reason, make sure to back-up your registry.


Other than that, I use the extended disk cleaner that I un-locked with a batch file (I think) for my Windows 7 laptop, and registry edit (pre-made) for my Windows 8 laptop. Call me old fashioned, but I also use the default disk defragmenter along with chkdsk scan once a month, and I manually clear my 'Temp' files.

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heck, i dnt even use antivirus, i just take caution what i download and where surf , take a read about the amount of malicious files per day and just think the amount of time till your antivirus got a upgrade.

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I have been testing Turbo Boost (game mode) of ASC combined with Game Booster, which is a free optional download, with Saints Row and Mass Effect 3. I really notice the difference in performance. The GB says the spike is 42% but I don't think it's that much. It gets a little framy when screen gets a little particle-heavy but overall it's fine. I think I'll hold on to them at least until I get a firm grip of things.



It seems for many alot of trouble but clean install every 6 months works better then all those programs.

I haven't made a single clean install on my current laptop since I got it. And I got this program just recently. No major issues with my rig so far, Is it just dumb luck or am I really, really lucky? :D Or has my laptop become self-sentient and actively protecting itself from harm so I can keep 'pleasuring' it?  Kinda disturbing if you think about it...

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