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  1. i got that one here : http://fallout4.2game.info/detail.php?id=31729
  2. im getting same problem with skyrim , its works fine with 0 or 100 weight, but from 1 to 99 its goes a mess, i guess im doing something wrong also.
  3. i cant download the file, nothing there at onedrive option 1 , and option 2 dnt allow download.
  4. at least ill still and will continue with oldrim for while, its crashes, yea count with that, but at least still all my loved mods there, and with time i belive SSE will drops price anyway, so worth w8 a little.
  5. UUNP This was a very quick conversion I've barely tested so more extreme shapes may cause clipping. I hope Gutris doesn't mind but I altered the esp to enable weight sliders. thanks guys
  6. gorgeous, please someone do a uunp version of that
  7. Can someone do something about miku hair (its locked at anime/miku race) to be usable by any race? i simple dnt know how to that. Thanks.
  8. can someone do a recipe or something like that to make at cooking or alch station, please, i dnt know how do that and belive or not will not remember the names at all, if already done at update 4.0 (just got that one now), please just ignore , ty guys
  9. I did use that preset, all i did was reduce the breast size. i will just use this on the normal cbbe later on. edit: ohh i see why, i have a mod installed to make your character a teenager. so it reduces the size a lot. i uninstalled it and it looks normal now. my bad. i forgot to remove it. you can rezise yourself using console command: setscale ( not permanent (idk how write that in english lol) ) and modscale (permanent): like setmodscale -0.01 (you will got little) by example or setmoscale 0.01 (you will get high), im using setmodscale command so its not auto resize to regular s
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