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What is this mod?

This is a very simple mod. Get someone or something in your cross-hairs... press X... have sex. Works with everything supported by Sexout.


What happens?

Sex occurs between the player (yourself) and the NPC or creature in the cross-hairs and requires support through Sexout. There is no support to make two NPC's have sex with each other. There is also no support for selecting the sex act that will happen. It is random.


Why use it?

It isn't dependent on SCR or anything else except Sexout and Sexout's required files. . If there are animation issues with a Sexout Supported Character this mod can be used to test to see if any animation occurs. Also sometimes you might just have an ... itch .. that you need to scratch... :P . I am sure you get my meaning ;)


Any issues?

There is only one key that is used for sex. Hence the name Sexkey. This key is "X". Any mod that uses the same key can and will likely conflict with this mod. Project Nevada is one example. The stealth key is "X". Hopefully you can change the mapping of that mods key as you can in Project Nevada.


How to I use it?

Get some NPC or creature in your crosshairs.

Press "X" for a little less than a second.

Sexkey takes over from there.


What are the requirements?

A bit of perversion :D

Sexout and all it's requirements installed properly.

Sexout Sexkey.

That's it.


What's going to happen in the future?

I don't know. The mod itself has been tested for a very long time. It was last updated from the original creator Elerneron January 11th 2012. That is a lot of testing. It is solid and reliable in form. Any changes would only extend this reliability provided I can gain the skills to make these changes. :) There is no intention of adding any ability to select the type of sex you get. For that you can try Sexout Bangatron! It is a work in process and requires SCR. With that mod you can have more control over the selection of the sex that occurs.


Possible additions is an MCM menu and the ability to map a key to one of your choosing, but until I start fiddling inside the GECK I am not sure what can happen or when it will happen. Until that time you will just have to enjoy your instant sex with a press of a finger... :lol:



As I am not the person that created this mod there is little that I can do with support. Fortunately it is a very simple mod that works pretty reliably. I would appreciate any support questions to be directly related to this mod. Thank You.



Elerneron for the original creation of this mod.


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Deadbot a member here made some changes to Sexkey and thought some might find it useful.



HI. I'd just made a quick tweak to sexoutsexkey.esp for myself and thought since it was your mod I'd offer it to you as an update or something you can feel free to ignore or whatever.


All I did was add a Global called "SexoutSexKeyVal" with a default value of 45. I then changed the script to reference that global instead of just using the number 45.


This allows the user to change the value in Edit rather than the GECK if X conflicts with other mods, like Project Nevada and what not.


It also lets them change it in game if they are running lutana NVSE by using the SetGlobalValue command.  They just jump in console and:



SGV SexoutSexKeyVal XXX (whatever DirectX Key they want to assign to it)



and off they go.


Anyway, I thought it was handy so I thought I'd share it with you.

deadbot - SexoutSexkey 1.7zDeadbot - SexoutSexkey 2.7z


Hasn't been tested by me but it is available for someone to look it over and use. I won't be supporting this however hopefully deadbot will chime in if there are any issues or questions on this thread.


If it ends up being some thing that people greatly enjoy and use I will replace the regular (old version) in the main downloads. Feel free to chime in either way.


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No problem. Test it out I think you will like it. It is very simple and all the times I tested it even in TWW it worked without fail. It is a bit basic but that is the charm of the mod.

it shares a weird bug with rapegame that probably is caused by the games engine for example my current character is female and when i use the rape game or this mod sometimes my character will perform animations ment for girl on girl with a male npc simple mod but flawless and works perfectly :)

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No it is not. It is a very simple script that occurs.




Not sure how well it still works but the above used to be able to select the animations as well as choose three ways. It is likely a bit outdated but perhaps if you are willing to do some work you might be able to fix it up..Ask for help etc.

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Made a small fix, just for fun


-Added ability to initiate three way animations (With gender checks, creatures for the three way stuff is disabled) 

-MCM stuff for hotkeys customization

-Changed Sexout API

-Added more checks for actors (it is a child, or Actor is not equal to living npc/creature, like just a random item or a dead body in the game world )


Three way animation initiating by pushing hotkey on the first npc and after pushing the same hotkey on another npc


Default keys 

X for Two way

C for Three way




Possible bugs

Selecting actors from the different cells sections (Simple example: The first actor in a random house and another in the wastelands)

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