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  1. I am having issues trying to add keywords using test edit. The mod I am trying to add them to is the book of uunp. But for some reason I am not getting the list of complete armors. Can anyone help me out or has had this issue as well?
  2. That is odd because her arm bands are invisible as well. And on a previous version she was able to rock a full shrouded set.
  3. Is there any plan to implement an accept or decline response when being propositioned by an npc?
  4. Having issues with Zenia Strorm. I can only get her to wear black robes no other types of armors are working they say equiped but she is still nude.
  5. I have a suggestion for a perk. After a certain number of beast pregnancies gives a chance for wild animals to take advantage of the player.
  6. Does this mod allow npc and pc to be knocked up by animals upon defeat? And give birth to baby animals.
  7. Well the issue it the default is 1 corruption and 1 corruption decrease over time. You can turn up the corruption and decrease the removal of the corruption or just turn it off.
  8. How do you start the new holes quest? I am having issues finding it on the quest list.
  9. Does the strip club portion of this mod mess with the mod Hoe it up?
  10. Well I go through all my clothing outfits. I have none of this outfit on at all. But boom when my sims strips and hops in a bath she puts on some pink leggings and before that it was a red top. the pink leggings were from rave slut set.
  11. Anyone else have the issue where when your sim takes a bath they strip down but they have one piece of clothing on from this set? If so how did you fix it?
  12. He attacks the real dragonborn the player jumps between them. But as I said the real dragonborn is not activated so he isnt there.
  13. I recruited Bruiser and defeated the dragon for whiterun. A story peice pops up where Bruiser busts out his weapon tries to kill the dragonborn even though the dragonborn wasn't active at the time.
  14. Is anyone else having issues with RSE shananigins? My shananigins is dissapearing from the misc quest slot.
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