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Problems with windows 7.


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Not sure what happened but somehow my pc has become extremely slow. I had this pc for over 3 to 4 years is this an indication i need to reinstall windows 7 ??


i have a laptop for 15 years now with windows xp and i have it running clean now for 10 years without reinstalling.


i read previously in another post about people saying windows 7 needs to be installed every 2 years, so maybe that would explain why it is acting up now.


Real problem is i have everything installed correctly and don't want to fuck it up now, but if windows 7 runs like this cannot play anyway.


My hard drives are fine even the temperatures stay well below what it can take..

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what he said. mcafee is the worst about that, or was about 5 years ago when i last had an antivirus program running. malwarebytes.org is a good scanner but disable their real-time scanning or it will use 50% of your resources for nothing. a first step would be to scan your comp with malwarebytes (if it is really bad you may have to use combofix.) most anti viruses are utterly useless and don't stop sh*t except your processor lol. if it is not malware, which i think it is, it could be many things. see if any of that helps and if not i could try to walk you through some things to figure out what is going on. good luck.

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Hi. OS problems can be a pain in the ass to fix but the way to start is by first asking yourself a few simple questions.


1. When did I FIRST notice that something wasn't right?

2. Did I install any piece of hardware AND / OR software in my machine around that same time?

3. Am I passing the POST (if this is a desktop, you should hear a SINGLE beep a few seconds after you power on. This is the confirmation of a good POST)

4. Have I been to any questionable web sites? (just remember - Games and Porn are the bait)

5. Have I cleaned the inside of my PC recently (or ever)? Heres's some math for you:


       Dirt+Dust+Computer = Overheating = CPU throttles down = greatly reduced performance.


Pay particular attention to the fins on the CPU heatsink. These have a tendency to get packed with dirt and you'll have to use a brush to loosen it before you can vacuum it up.

CAUTION: do NOT attempt this without wearing a wriststrap. All vacuums create a huge amount of static electricity, more than enough to zap your PC to oblivion.


Of course, do a virus / malware scan and a defrag, as well as checking whats running in the background. If your OS is damaged however, none of this will help you but you do have another option besides a complete reinstall of Win 7, provided you have the ORIGINAL win7 installation DVD. If you have this, you can do a repair/install of Win7. This will reinstall your system files but leave your data intact. Just boot off the Install DVD and choose "Upgrade" (Windows will actually do a Win7 to Win7 upgrade). 


Notice I said "ORIGINAL installation DVD". Launching system recovery from a restore partition or a manufacturer's restoration disk set will NOT keep your data intact. A system restore partition will restore your PC to original out of the box condition and that's all. 


I hope this doesn't turn into a nightmare for you and the answer is just a simple thing. Good luck and apologies for the long reply.


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Not sure what happened but somehow my pc has become extremely slow. I had this pc for over 3 to 4 years is this an indication i need to reinstall windows 7 ??



Better clean it up, inside (the hard drive -- no reinstallation necessary but a copy of CClean, Avira Free and defragging) and out (open the panel and blast the insides with canned air to remove the dust, and if you want to go one step further, disassemble the entire case and clean every component).

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I've been running W7 for almost 4 years on this machine and it's been FLAWLESS all along. So I don't buy that reinstall every couple years thing. No restore points, no reinstalls, no wipes. Just being sensible and performing normal maintenance.

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Clean install is no big deal these days its fast and easy only if you have fear of doing it i understand, but clean install is for many reason always good after 1 or two years.


When you don't install much and not going around the net your ok but if you mess alot with installing many programs and removed them or brows the net alot clean install is better after while then any maintenance.


Don't believe the nay sayers ;)



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i have a laptop win7 few years and no internet connections.    the only real probleme i had is the profile thing that i had to fix in the beguining. (install reinstall deinstall and everything goes good).

  the only thing that is problematic  and create some lagging is the fact that it needs some internet connections to make updates and clear some pages file (so once a year i connect it to make a full update)

i have also cclean for the registery cleaning    and  i defrag the harddrive once a year. also i  make sure that the systeme harddrive is not full less than 40% occupied.and i have removed norton after 30 days (as it has a heavy backgroung) for microsoft essential.


i would follow nutluck  suggestion and check before reinstalling

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OK, I am probably prejudiced, but I do NOT like Win 7, not any version I had used.   Just the fact that it must be reinstalled frequently tells a lot about it.   In my humble opinion Windows XP was and still is the best OS Microsoft ever made.  I finally changed Win7 over to Win8 and then 8.1.   Its way better than Win7 (mostly), but still not as good as XP was. 


All opinions expressed are my own, and if you don't like them--pfffft.  I don't care. 



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reinstalled frequently


Doesn't have to, just perform disk checking and defragging. Mine is a 64-bit Ultimate installation that's been on for, what, more than a year and a half.


If you're going to play games on 8.1, it's frankly a mixed bag.


BTW, yeah, XP32 does well for most games, including MMOs from Korea... except for the 2gb memory barrier.

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All opinions expressed are my own, and if you don't like them--pfffft.  I don't care. 



Well that's good, because you're completely wrong. :P


Win8 is horrible, and Win7 is better than XP in every measurable way. Also, the best OS MS has ever made is a tossup between NT4 and Win2k. ;)


I've only had to reinstall Win7 once, due to my own idiocy. RAID failure followed by backups that had been failing but I hadn't enabled notification. It's been rock solid for me and I use it all day, every day, in my role as a work-at-home developer & sysadmin.


Otherwise.. spot on! :P

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