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Cap Collection Challenge


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Oh my god! Looks like we have something in common. :lol:

I haven't been throwing my bottle caps out; and I recently

came to the realization that I have been collecting them.

 I had some bullshit notion that I was going to make a sistrum

(an archaic Roman percussion instrument) out of them; but

it's really because of playing those damn Fallout games. I've

got a subliminal notion that they're valuable now.


 I think I only have about a hundred or so; but every one has

a happy memory attached to it :)

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Now I really do have to make a musical instrument out of mine, just
so I don't look like a fool. It will become part of the future 'Instruments of the

Wasteland ' collection, which would include ancient electric guitars with the

frets worn completely away, toilet plunger strikers for beating against sheets

of corrugated tin, and tuned soda bottle marimbas.


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