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Fishing animated pole and player?


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Did anyone read the description page? :( Sad as Hell.


I'm definitely going to play this mod, too. Looks/sounds fun.

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Guest Ragna_Rok

well, i didnt before... youre true. if the story isnt made up i mean... then again, its so fucked up, and all the tips... pretty sure it is. sad :(

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Gonna look into the editing in 3dmax if so i can do the fishing pole idk about the animation of body might be able to make a pose or have some one else make it the real issue is the catching paramaters Easiest use of keywords would do for list to pull from being the keyword FISH the fish might need a extra animation since there only critter class activaters or somthing along those lines.


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At the moment I'm working trying to figure out how to make fish flee from player,finishing up staged feast plates for RND,the Alans armours stats change mod and aom changes,and OBIS Custom race bandits such as the bunny people race daghat's monlie's and other non human races, this animated fishing pole if i find it easy enough to do i plan to make bugs only catchable with nets or jar's like zelda and make the chickens pick up above the head by a non animated critter made from the chicken mesh and hope i can pick up scripting  on the dev path to these mods so i can make other mods i have ideas for like falling stalag mites or what ever there called webs that slow the player and bee's that sting on contact with player swarms on attacking the bee hive, Animated snow on rocks that has a animated texture or stages of the rocks that tie to the weather system of months so winter or frostfall i think is name rocks can have snow summer use the rock without, then breakable small items brooms, tables, barrels, ect

but all that is later down the line

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that is in my eyes, a very good fishing pole animation for a game : 


to create a animation for skyrim, you need just nifscope 1.1.x and blender3d + .nif file stuff

(but when you have 3dmax for 3500 bucks... i'am sure as a pro - you know how to use that... ^^)


but i think blender3d is better for a "mod" animation - because you can easy transfer Rig Data and BoneW

And take a look at MR. Bones - maybe you can find a rdy made fishing pole animation.

Unity3D and DAZ3D(is very good for static Pose) are good free tools to make short animations too

(works all over .bvh files to blender and back to .nif)


atm i have no time to create a fishing pole mod for skyrim - but in my head is "fly fishing" in skyrim ^^

a long time ago i have made a 3d fly fishing pole with role and line for SL

but atm i work on a other 3d mod for skyrim...


wish you FUN with your mod !


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Guest kimbale

I still have the issue of how to export it and keep it animated and still at too differnt times?I cannot seem to find anything on animating non animated items ?


Did you animate the pole itself? If it's an animated .nif it'll animate at all times in the same way.


What would be needed here is an "idle" for throwing, one for holding the rod and one for pulling in. These then need to be triggered by script (FNIS idle calls).

I'd help, but i'm too busy with college right now...

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Yes yes yes i need to know the steps to do it though do i put a pause in and keynote it idle or 0:1 or oo1 or idle or what i still have not found any thing on animated items and how to make them


create only Idle animation for that...  try it out with a 2H Staff or just a 2H Sword, maybe you can just change a 2H Idle animation

for your need's - a Weapon must not have his own Animation - is automatic IK over the Hand Joint. And useing a "Ring Point" for out of combat, for the Idle animation ) Just take a look on 2H Idle animation in NIF Scope to learn from that.


the fast way is, search with CK in Skyrim.bsa for a 2H Weapon and mod this nif model - in exchange with you fishing pole 

now you have a working Fishing Pol Weapon....


And to make a custom Idle animation work and switch between idle animation in Skyrim... use FINIS and the Spell's option for

that thing. 


here is a 2H Idle - maybe with a little change this can work for a Fishing Pole as well :




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I still don't know how to add things like key notes in proper order and place and name for idels

or how to export a item with animations. i seem to be having issues with adding the keynote text also in 3dmax 2010 by issues i mean i do not know where or how to add them so skyrim will see them and how to export with out 3ds crashing :(

but so far quick work a run through of only about 30 min or so over a hour trying to find how and where to export still do not know


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 06:13 PM

Mod Detective

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I am following this mod since it first time came out. Just recently updated to newer version and I am loving it. This is REALLY good mod. I love the net throwing feature and Pole fishing. Epic. Endorsed.
On the other note. My condolences I know how you feel. My pregnant girfriend died in car crash over 10 years back. Everything seemed so dark after. But life goes on and here I am. Maried and awaiting a child. What I want to say is don't give up life is not over! Your message has helped a lot of people and if not lot rest assure that I am taking my breaks now as I haven't done it before. Good day and good luck!
One more think. I am very good friend with Bergzore He is really good in animations. If you come up with a way how to activate animation using script he can try to make an actual fishing animation. Let me know if you would be interested.


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Guest xthejester

I really am anxious to see if you get this working. I was highly disappointed with the popular Skyrim fishing mod. Just setting the pole on the ground was not at all immersive for me.

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