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SHY shutting down?

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http://shy.jsphr.net/upload/upload.php?view=image&page=1 (headlines)

Am I translating that right? SHY is gonna shut down by the end of january 2012?

Theres already a bunch of goodbye pictures there and if it's true then i'm prob not the only one who is gonna miss it. :-/


Makes me wonder if there will be a new upload site for it since it's already hard enough to get hold of all the japanese mods.

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Yep they are closing the server.


Rougly translated





Because the notification manager moves, we end server management. Schedule to end is as follows.



2011/12/01にて、 アップロード機能を終了します。閲覧、ダウンロードはそのままできます。

2011/12/01 - Uploading closed but downloading will still work.



2012/01/31にて、 サーバーを停止します。

2012/01/31 - Sever shutdown for good.

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Good! Hopefully all of those people move and post there stuff to here!


Shy's a good picture gallery, but it's horrible for files. I'd be much better if those mods and modders came to LL, which (imho) is a much better place for mods.

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What's SHY?


I think its a site where you can get untranslated japanese mods (of all kinds) and pictures from the modded game, although it seemed to be mostly pictures.


The site probably isn't really that important if you dont understand Japanese. They had some interesting pics though, but pictures are just pictures. If thats the site where Lovers gets all their mods to translate from though, then DAMN lol!

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If they want to come here' date=' does LL have filehosting capabilities to mirror those available on SHY? I'm just saying....filehosting costs money. Sometimes a LOT of money...





Actually I only pay 3 something a month for unlimited bandwidth on godaddy. Only 10 gigs of server space though, might be more, they keep upgrading my plan on me lol.

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nah... 3 dollars and something cents.

Just looked at the plans, and I'm grandfathered in at a lower rate, it seems. 4.99 a month for my plan, but it's 9.99 a month for unlimited space and bandwidth, so in theory, LL could move to becoming a competitor with the nexus for pretty cheap. In theory anyway.

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Will Oblivion Killed off Morrowind Mods' date=' Now Skyrim is Killing off Oblivion Modding Development!




Many modders haven't touched Skyrim because there haven't been patches or any modding tools released. Oblivion will still be modded for a while. I'm pretty sure back in '06 people were stating "a fully modded Morrowind is better than a vanilla Oblivion!"

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