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  1. Shame that it's an enemy. I'd love to have a harpy hero.
  2. I want every monster in Darkest Dungeon to become a mostergirl eventually.

    There's quite a lot of skeletons in the Ruins.    

    Is the latest one the skeleton spearman?   That one is a bit more rare I suppose.   

  3. Is this an Enemy or a Hero? Seems like a waste for something that you'll only see for like a minute if it's an enemy.
  4. Darn. Guess I can just download some endgame leather or ore to make 200% protection bikini armor or something. Thanks for all the work done so far.
  5. Is there going to be a Kurin specific power armor? It kinda sucks to have all this cute clothing, then you go and put your can of soup on and can't see them anymore.
  6. I know if it existed, it'd probably be posted, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Is it possible that a topless Tifa exists somewhere on the internet, maybe hidden away on some Korean or Chinese modding site? There's one with no panties, which is nice, so maybe a topless one exists?
  7. Jokes on her, I'm being guarded by a houndmaster.
  8. I'm gonna feel bad about killing spiders now. Can I hug them instead?
  9. I like the Hellion. She looks like she's gonna snu snu you whether you like it or not.
  10. I'm impressed and surprised at the amount of good and lewd mods that is still being released for DD. I'm excited for what DD2 is going to bring.
  11. A lot of skins have different combat animations.
  12. If you're talking about the one I posted, I'm 95% sure they don't actually exist.
  13. The big mega pack on page 11 has a few edits, but it's really only breast size. Wish the mod got more, but I think the original creators was really stingy about people making edits.
  14. I've been using the skins on my main account and I'm fine. Hell, I've been saying awful things in chat that should get me banned and I'm still here.
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