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MBP based npc replacer 0.81b by ES74

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Full file:



ES74's Unique Race&NPCs 0.8b NPC Replace List all 575npc





MillonaUmbranox/Corvus Umbranox/Anvil Guard(21)/Anvil Jailor(2)/Countess's Bodyguard *1=Knight.esp AI Conflict(Please BashedPatch)


Mirabelle Monet/Signy Home-Wrecker/Faustina Cartia/Captain Baszone Patneim/Pirate

Hasathil(*1)/Pinarus Inventius/Astia Inventius/Maelona(*1)/Gogan

Azzan/Fighters Guild Porter/Carahil/



[imperial City All]

Emperor Uriel Septim/Captain Renault/Baurus/

High Chancellor Ocato/Imperial Watch(33)/Adamus Phillida/Hieronymus Lex/Audens Avidius/Palace Guard(5)

Viator Accius/Hamlof Red-Tooth/Jensine/Palonirya/Claudette Perrick/Maro Rufus/Varnado

Irene Metrick/Ida Vlinorman/Elisa Pierrane/Simplicia the Slow/Seridur/

Hastrel Ottus/Alessia Ottus/Ida Ottus/Caula Allectus/Praxedes Afranius/Rochelle Bantien

Iniel Sintav/Cyronin Sintav/Carmana Sintav/Kastus Sintav/Beran Sintav/Vontan Sintav/Jastia Sintav/Jena Sintav

Ulen Athram/Dralora Athram/Astinia Atius/Umbacano/Matthias Draconis/Augusta Calidia/

Owyn/Ysabel Andronicus/Yellow Team Champion/Blue Team Gladiator/Branwen

Hannibal Traven/Raminus Polus/Martina Floria/Mage Scholar(5)/Mage Apprentice(7)/Imperial Legion Battlemage(4)

Selene/Lynch/Minx/Wrath/Agarmir/First Mate Malvulis/Pirate(2)

The Gray Fox/Armand Christophe/Methredhel/Carwen/Dynari Amnis/Fathis Ules/Marana Rian/




Savlian Matius/Jesan Rilian/Tierra/Merandil/Berich Inian/Ilend Vonius/

Brother Martin/Sigrid/Oleta/




Countess Arriana Valga/Laythe Wavrick/Chanel/

Bittneld the Curse-Bringer/Countess' Bodyguard/Chorrol Guard(17)/Chorrol Jailor(2)

Rallus Odiil/Antus Odiil/Valus Odiil/Reynald Jemane/

Ariela Doran/Rena Bruiant/Earana/Honditar/Otius Loran/Estelle Renoit

Jauffre/Brother Piner/Emfrid/

Vilena Donton/Viranus Donton/Modryn Oreyn/Fighters Guild Porter




Janus Hassildor/Rona Hassildor/Dion/Danus Artellian/Skingrad Guard(20)/Skingrad Jailor(2)

Falanu Hlaalu/Marie Palielle/Tamika/Eyja/Sinderion

Neville/Primo Antonius/Fafnir

Fadus Calidius/Parwen/Adrienne Berene/Fighters Guild Porter




Count Andel Indarys/Farwil Indarys/Bremman Senyan/Garrus Darelliun/Jhared Strongblade

Ulrich Leland/Count's Bodyguard/Cheydinhal Guard(17)/Cheydinhal Guard(MS10CheydinhalHouseGuard01)

Shelley/Ohtesse /Gruiand Garrana/Ulene Hlervu

Keld of the Isles/Ohtimbar/Fighters Guild Porter


Tivela Lythandas/Dulfish gro-Orum/Guilbert Jemane

Antoinetta Marie/Vicente Valtieri/Telaendril/Arquen/Dark Brotherhood Murderer(2)




Countess Narina Carvain/Burd/Countess's Bodyguard

Gerich Senarel/Carius Runellius/Bruma Guard(18)/Bruma Guard(MQ10,2npc)/MQ11Soldiers(6)

Jeanne Frasoric/Selena Orania/Camilla Lollia/Fighters Guild Porter

Olav/Petrine/Skjorta/Olfand/Isa Raman/Alga/Lyra Rosentia/Arnora Auria/Edla Dark-Heart




Count Regulus Terentius/Gellius Terentius/Fathis Aren/

Viera Lerus/Bravil Guard(9)/Count's Bodyguared/

Ranaline/Varon Vamori/Ardaline/Ungolim/

Tadrose Helas/Fighters Guild Porter




Count Marius Caro/Countess Alessia Caro/Hlidara Mothril/Janonia Aurunceia/BrittaInvel/Adamus Phillida's Bodyguard

Caelia Draconis/Leyawiin Guard(4)/Leyawiin City Watch(12)/Leyawiin Jailor(2)/Count's Bodyguard/Countess' Bodyguard

Rellian/Dagail/Agata/Silana Blandia

Brodras/Sherina/Antus Flonius/Fighters Guild Porter



[World Space&\Town,INN&Other]

Lucien Lachance /Mathieu Bellamont/Roderick/Sibylla Draconis/Andreas Draconis/Perennia Draconis

Raven Camoran/Ruma Camoran/Mankar Camoran/Eldamil/Ascended Immortal(3)/Prisoner


Elidor/Rienna/Brag gro-Bharg/Elante of Alinor/Biene Amelion/Marcel Amelion/Azani Blackheart

Umbra/Angalsama/Casta Flavus

Nerussa/S'jirra/Roland Jenseric/Minerva/Arielle Jurard/Malene/Pranal/Alawen/Bralsa Andaren/Torbern/Alix Lencolia

Maeva the Buxom/Lord Drad/Lady Drad/Goblin Jim/Mirisa/Callia Bincal/

Diram Serethi/Adosi Serethi/Urnsi Serethi

Hrol Ulfgar/Beirir/Ulrika Ulfgar/Kirsten/

Captain Steffan/Belisarius/Roliand/Cyrus/Caroline/Jena/Fortis/Arcturus/Pelagius/Ferrum/Achille/Baragon

Imperial Legion Forester(2)/mperial Legion Soldier(3)/MS49LegionSoldiers(5)

Black Brugo/Roxy Aric/Alonzo/Blind Moth Prelate

Sister Angrond/Sister Phebe Jeanard



[Enemy Actor]

Necromancer(9)/Mythic Dawn Agent(3)/Mage(MG16NecromancerMale1)/Marauder Archer(3)/Marauder Battlemage(5)/Marauder Warlord(3)

Bandit(6)/Bandit Bowman(10)/Bandit Ringleader(7)/Bandit Hedge Wizard(5)/Marauder(7)/Conjurer(10)/Conjurer Adept(4)/Necromancer Adept(4)

Black Bow Bandit(8)/Black Bow Ringleader(6)














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Anyone got any screenshots they want to upload or maybe does the file come with screens inside? Im still persisting with Xeo(wth Xeo RC 4) cause I like the way they made Orc and Argonian npcs, overly stylized and not lore friendly but I like it too much to give it up now. If this does it better and with less install headaches then I might be willing to use this instead.

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Anyone got any screenshots they want to upload or maybe does the file come with screens inside? Im still persisting with Xeo(wth Xeo RC 4) cause I like the way they made Orc and Argonian npcs' date=' overly stylized and not lore friendly but I like it too much to give it up now. If this does it better and with less install headaches then I might be willing to use this instead.

[/quote']It doesn't change any of the Orc, Argonian or Kajiit NPCs. You can use Ahtata's replacers for those.

The teaser screen from version 1b






The teaser screen from version 4b






It now includes an optional English esp. The last version I tried was Japanese only.


It of course requires MBP++ 0.9.4a

Also requires the latest "test" version of MBP++. 0.9.7



If you are moving from XEO, you'll want to turn face gen texturing back on in your Oblivion.ini.


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Holy shit.. thank you for this. I been wanting something like this for such a long long long long loooooong time ... wow. Thank you a million.


This combined with the Orc, Argonian and Kajiit NPC replacers is AMAZING. Wow.. going Back to play Oblivion now wont be such an eye sore... and this is just the initial mod.. can't wait for more updates.


(and I can't wait until Desuchan does her Kawaii-Kajiit replacer .. er ... if ever .___.)

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Hey this mod has not covered all the vanilla npcs right? Tried it and saw some changes' date=' yet also saw some normal looking npcs.....



No, it's a WIP (Work in Progress). The current version is 0.5b, apparently.


This is seriously up my alley, as I hate how XEO messes up a lot of stuff, and how their non-BBB lower-resolution textures look like crap compared to the 4096*4096 ones on Nexus.

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I just tried running this, I have it EURN.esp loaded all the way at the bottom, and am running the latest version (0.5b + update).


This is really odd, but some of my NPCs don't have faces (only a mouth), and when I try to talk to them, it zooms in way too far, into odd blue terrain (kind of like using tfc below the ground).


Opening it up in TES4Edit, I see that this happens to the "ImperialSmart" race, which should be installed by ES74. (E.g. Countess Narina Carvain).


Any ideas to what could be causing this? Corrupted downloaded head meshes?

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I'd like to install this, i know i have MBP++ but how do i tell which version i have? OBMM only shows MBP1.4a

i got mine from narulivion around a year ago.

Also 4shared's wait counter stays at 20 seconds for me so if someone could upload MBP097Sub_test1.7z onto another service that would be awesome.

disregard that, had to use...ugh...IE.

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