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  1. @fejeenathanks ill update the main topic tomorrow with those
  2. it does its my old work i added all the new links + a fix by beta000 since i wont be working on it anymore i literally deleted all my files since mbp++ deconstructing and rebuilding is A too frustrating B too time consuming C im working on a fo4 modguide atm
  3. thanks for the reupload @Rockat i removed all my files since ive been superbussy with fo4 so its unlikely ill ever fix missing things people are however free to use this as a base and fix missing things thanks to @beta000 for the chanpon fix main topic updated with both links
  4. yeah i got it working on a custom version of sexy sweat however the issue remains on male npcs grmbl going to try and see if swapping from sam to sos fixes the last issue cause this is driving me nuts lol
  5. fresh install with unp b body generated in body slide racemenu and alternative start with demoniac textures (least amount to figure out this problem) so i dont know whats going on why some things dont seem to apply to the hands at all its the most noticable with wet body applied. if anyone can figure this out i would be really happy this happens on all characters male or female :/
  6. obmm has been updated use that there's no hair on my head that thinks of even fixing stuff for nmm that pos just screws up too many things (and that's being nice) as for body mesh ehm it's been ages since i worked on this so i'll have to check what works again a windows crash erased alot of the work i did for the next patch which kinda put the project on the backburner due to being extremely bussy lately
  7. yep definatly doesn't hurt to have a gold rated well constructed psu be sure to check reviews tho usually the ones made by seasonic (alot of psu crafters use em) are pretty damn good and for most builds unless you plan to go sli or crossfire in the future there's no real need for anything above 750w even taking into account that the psu degrades to lower standards by long usage (tho this is barely noticable unless your really close to the treshold, or the psu is around 10y of age)
  8. Too bussy with work GRRRR

  9. yeh some of the filehosters have gone to the crapper sadly i don't have the version i uploaded anymore since i replaced it by the next alpha stage of the pack i was working on. but seeying as some of the addons in the pack have been updated that means i'll need to rebuild Mbp++ from scratch, sadly i'm not kidding mbp++ aint known for being flexible atm i'm mostly running into lack of time projects at work are keeping me from doing anything massivly in oblivion atm nor do i currently have the energy for a rebuild since i'm just exhausted due to work. I'm expecting my workload to drop somewhere along next month granted that the programmers at work can keep their deadline i'm dependant on them so if they go in overtime i'm stuck aswell so i'm not gonna place an eta on the next fix. Do know that i'm not abandoning the project at all i'm just postponing
  10. eh i never had issues with the eyes.... only some minor fixing needed in regard to certain pink bodies for which i'm trying to track down the textures but i've been retardly bussy with work so when the next update is : unknown
  11. the torrent is an older version i haven't released the new version to the public due to real life constraints that took more time than they should (that and the misses wasn't too happy on me spending the little time i had without her working on this big project) i still got all the files but it might be a while before i dive into updating the pack the biggest issue is rebuilding the pack everytime for bugfixes thanks to the shite way Mbp++ is setup edit : grega and uriel many thanks for filling in as technicall support while i was gone ^^ edit 2: do not use nexus mod manager i am not supporting it so be in for a nightmare when trying to use it ^^ (i personally hate that pos), when i do update the modpack it's going to be a wrye only file since obmm is outdated and well activating a 1.1gb mod over obmm allways had it issues. Edit 3: i know bout the pink bodies, i was trying to track down the missing / broken textures but with so many changes that ate up time which i didn't had for a long while so that's still a work in progress, i don't know when i'll be able to fully update the pack and if i can find some textures (chanpon and co been having issues that i've tried to rectify)
  12. sorry for been so long since the last update reallife kinda took over (gf moving over and stuff so ) currently reinstalling and should be working on the next update soon ^^
  13. icemoore did you install this before the l world? they should be compatible but unsure i've never used the l world and never will (bit too artificial to my liking i like the concept tho) and that fix is exactly what's posted on page 1 XD the issue with the omod is that the textures are missing so i used the ones given by sizu i'll probably add most of em in the next release (granted i can get his permission to use em ^^)
  14. nice work pt (ps loving the new page ) just a question did ya try the omod i made (since i didn't get back to ya bout it )
  15. could you link the fix monica? i'll look into that for now i'm using sizu's textures as a base (i'll include em permanently into the next release since most users seem to want that (note if i can get permission from sizu he worked hard on making the textures ppyfied (ie better loading less resource hogg)) next release is on track with minor fixes but going slow due to irl being a bitch still (having a gf abroad and having to do paperwork to get her to you is a bitch grrrrrr)
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