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  1. Taking some inspiration from Maria Eden, I have a few suggestions for City Bondage and Inn Events which could be toggleable options. For City Bondage, after the slave is stripped naked before being led to the bondage spot, she also has her wrists bound as well. For the Inn Events when resting and the slave has to sleep on the floor, after being stripped naked she is bound and perhaps blindfolded as well. The owner can give the explanation that they do not want their slave getting any ideas while the owner is sleeping like running away.
  2. I believe there is an English translation of the latest version 2.5.1 a few pages back. A few pages before that is a translation of 2.5.0. The later, which I have tried, is not a complete translation but enough to get one started.
  3. In the downloads tab, look at the very top. There is a download button with a blank file name. Clicking the download button will take one to a Mega downloads folder which has the Maria Eden 2.5 files. The 2.5.1 ones are the two files Maria Base and Maria Prostitution that were modified on 9/21/2019.
  4. There are two different versions of Maria Eden 2.1 and 2.5. The newest one that the thread is talking about only has one megadownload. When you click download this file on the LL Maria Eden file page you want the blank/No title file at the very top. That provides a link to the mega downloads page where the Maria Eden 2.5 files are.
  5. It's like (but not quite the same) as the last one. Do not use Live Another Life.
  6. Just as an experiment. I turned off all mods except for MASA and started a new game with the Tentacle Symbiosis ethic pick. I still got the start pop up (where it says BEGIN! at the bottom) with only "START_SCREEN_TENTACLED_SYMBIOSIS" displayed.
  7. Hi darkspleen, thank you for the update. I started a new game with the tentacle civic and noticed that the popup screens for the tentacles don't have any content. At the start of the game it just say tentacle start event or something like that. Then later on there was popup with a girl with some consentacle tentacles with no text in the box.
  8. So what does Added compatibility with the "School of Sappho" mod mean? Does it mean you can be a part of the School of Sappho and the House of O at the same time?
  9. Possible Bug: Posture Collar has no icon when created.
  10. I've run into a similar issue. When Foxclub is installed I cannot start a new game. It crashes right to desktop.
  11. There is a setting for display subtitles in the Skyrim game configuration menu. As long as you selected the English version of Maria Eden the subtitles will be in English.
  12. For the New Pleasure district. For an existing game I have, I have industrialized prostitution policy in place but can't build the district. I have tried on planets with planetary admins and capitals.
  13. If you use the School of Saphro mod and are a part of the Secret Society, then you can marry Athena as a female.
  14. That is because they don't have the "s" in minerals in their entries in the mod. If you want to correct it yourself go to the mod folder, usually under \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod. Then look for the building file in \bnb\common\buildings and open it in notepad or notepad+. Then look for the set of entries for buildings that give minerals and put in an 's' at the end of mineral for each entry.
  15. Chosen trait is from the Sexy Xenos mod.
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