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  1. I mean tbf you're in a specific part of the internet that centers around a specific niche, its expected you're gonna run into people that take things to an extreme(ly idiotic) angle Like seeing some spout the words "neo-puritan orthodoxy" with a straight face lmao
  2. The OP is a whole bunch of nonsense to justify crying about being denied the use of some titty mod. You can be against paid mod but also understand why some people might want to see their time and effort repaid in some small way. Doing the chicken little thing of blowing up every little infraction and going "see, see....this is what happens when you have paid mods" is just playing to emotions rather then seeing the problem for what it is. Truth is modding is now almost akin to actual game dev time if you want to put out something even remotely of quality. Some people might pick it up as a hobby and do it for free but when you suddenly start getting interest and demand it suddenly can become like a job you're not being paid for. And you're fooling yourself if you think your favorite modder who puts out free stuff has not at least entertained the thought of doing some kind of payment option. I mean its scary, I get it, thinking about having to pay for mods. If I had to pay for modding I'd be a hundred or two hundred bucks down the hole every time I flirted with the idea of doing another modded Skyrim/Fallout playthrough. But at the same time I can't deny that someone had to put actual time and effort into making this thing, this thing that is better at doing something specific that I want to be done vs all the ones that other people have also made to do this very specific thing. Bringing up the Eula as defense is just people trying to be guilt free about exploiting free work.....like you ever game a shit about any of these companies in the first place, fuck off. This is not to shit on people that have a genuine interest in seeing modding be hobbyist and free and move away from the troubles that a paid system might bring. I think I'd count myself as in that group as well, if Im being honest. This is to the people that feel entitled to someones hard work when the only equal work they put in is how much grip strength they can put in their dominant hand and move it up and down. And if you think you're here saving modding by shouting down and chasing away any modder that even dares to whisper about fair compensation you're fooling yourself. All you're doing is chasing away people with experience and expertise to fix problems, problems in your favorite game that Todd Howard and his merry band of elves could not even be bothered to address despite doing this shit for almost 20 years. In the mean time just do what I do, be appreciative of the modders that put of good stuff for free and give them their thanks and just ignore the ones that need to be paid for without throwing a fit about it. Or you can consider supporting those that have active patreons to allow them to continue to make your naked 3D dolls. Patreon is the perfect middle ground of throwing a few bucks a month as thanks and support without ushering in the apocalyptic end game of paid mods that some seem to think is inevitable.
  3. If anyone still want RE6 nude mods you can go here and search for them. https://www.playground.ru/files/resident_evil_6/?p=1 Use google translate from Russian. As always, download at your own risk.
  4. Does hits mod have any know conflict with OBIS? I try to put bandits in sacks but when I do the bandit disappears but I have no sack. If I reload the game it sometimes comes back or the game will tell me what I want to do with victim in sack when I press the action button. I swear it used to work before but now the put in sack option gives me all kinds of problems.
  5. I would love a mod that tells NPCs to fuck off when the PC is in a sex animation. Its so dumb seeing people mingle around you doing nothing while you're having sexy time. Worse is when you close doors to get some privacy and some doof barges in mid orgasm. "Bro....wtf!?"
  6. Does this mod have Male player on Female Draugr animations? I've been trying to test out the animations but Sexlab tells me there is no valid animation for match making. I tested Flame Atronach and Spriggan and they work but cant seem to get it working for Draugrs. I am coming back to Skyrim so I kinda forgot what Anim loader pack has what animations but if this mod does not then I can continue finding where is the one that has. I remember there being those kind of animations before so Im trying to figure which anim pack I need to get.
  7. Any way to give non-humans/creatures the same functionality as human followers for knock down assault? I wanna make my creature summons to assault NPCs I knock down but idk if its possible, shift+mark just marks the summon in red and not blue.
  8. I have the same problem as well. Im playing around with load order to test if something is wrong there. It must be a specific problem cause not many people seem to have it in which case there would be more reports if it was.
  9. Does anyone else have issues with creatures assaulting male NPCs despite unchecking the option in Defeat? Wondering is something is wrong on my end or what.
  10. Thanks for the tips. Im still trying to find an ENB to settle on so I have not crossed that hurdle yet. Settling on SnapDragon for now because I like the way it makes skin look in some of the profiles. Lighting is definitely the most important factor for me so being able to manipulate light source will be useful for sure.
  11. I have not had a chance to test this yet due to my current issues with Defeat but so far from the MCM menu I can see its uses. My only problem is that it needs more options; more buffs and more time options would be welcomed. Its just too basic on those atm but I'll keep using it cause it does do what I want despite it lack of options. Ahh, I see. Sorry, I just thought it was some random mod from a Russian place so I was not to keen on sticking with it as soon as I ran into issues, I hope you understand. I'll try it again on my new character when I get around to it, my current issues make me feel like I may have fucked up the install process and thats why your mod ran into too many errors. Nvm, I just ran FNIS again with Defeat installed and it seemed to have worked. Thought it might have to be an animation issue since everything ran fine but just getting stuck in a spot.
  12. Im now having a problem where my PC stays on the ground in sitting position at the end of event. Only scene transition seems to work ok but if after assault I stay seated even though I managed to win the minigame. Thinking of doing a clean save but how do you do it properly? Even after I follow the steps the Defeat mod is present in the MCM menu. I wonder if thats just a bug or me not doing a proper cleaning
  13. So Im looking to maybe dabble in some screenshot and maybe video taking in Skyrim and Im wondering if anyone has some tips to get me started. Im currently not really set up for anything yet so I need mods or tools that might be useful to look into. 1. Currently using Rudy enb, if there is a better enb for taking pics and videos let me know. 2. Im using Customize camera mod which comes with a handy freecam button. Let me know if there is something better or has more option I could look into. Prefer to keep it to 3rd person view most of the time. 3. Pose mods are not something I have any experience with but so far I know the Halo pose mod is the most popular but it seems cumbersome to use. Hoping there is a better alternative. And any other things that might be useful to get or know about. Cheers.
  14. Yes sorry. I did not want to clog up the place with my problems when I could just easily go back to using the old mod. Besides who do I even talk to? Idk even know who made the mod so there would not be much point in posting a log file in the off chance the person who made it was reading LL. Oh wow that mod is exactly what I have been looking for. Something that will give me buffs after sex. Thanks.
  15. Ahh so its not an issue on my end...shame. I like some of the additions in the fixed version but its just too unstable for me to play with. Thanks.
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