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How to Optimize Skyrim to my PC?

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I am sure that this is DUMB :(...but can you Please tell me, "Step By Step" on how to do all that? (I mean...Do what You have done, to have Skyrim play at it's most optimal level with all the cool and sexy mods that make it look and feel better) Basically, I want to make Skyrim look AWESOME with some HOT looking toons to view, but I was not only having issues with mods slowing me down but seams in the skin textures too (really at the wrists). I just about cr**med my panties with a NERDGASM reading your posts. However, I overloaded my system with too many mods, to the point I just started over again. Now I am fresh and so clean and ready to it right. I learned from that debacle that this mistake has been made many many times and I could just ask the experts here.

PC WISE, I am running:


Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

AMD Phenom™ II X4 945 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz

Memory: 12 Gb

Card name:XFX Radeon HD 7750


I recently updgraded and want to make Skyrim look the best I can with this Gear! So, find it in your heart to help me. Thanks!!!!




PS: Be Gentle, I'm still learning... ;-)

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@Bootaka, Thanks! I'll check it out.


As for the rest of you. This community sucks. I asked for help and got 1 actual response and another dude telling me I'm a spammer because I posted this in one other thread which was only because I wasn't sure which would be best. I even put up my Specs to make it easy for anyone to help me with more experience doing this. Again I say this again, what a shitty sense of community!

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Let me guess, because I said you sucked, your going to delete this thread too. figures. instead of actually giving me a hand.


 And saying somebody sucks and that everybody is shitty is supposed to be a good sense of community?


Acting like you are doesn't make people eager to help you. People will respond when they have time or a good answer to give you, you can't expect everybody to flock to your thread in droves to serve and answer your question. Especially not when your question is easily answered by a quick and simple Google search for "Skyrim Optimization Guide"


Not reposting the same thread in multiple places is simple forum etiquette 101. 95% of of forum communities out there would've deleted your extra threads, and probably even given you infractions or restricted posting on top of it.



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