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Guide on how to create attractive female character on Oblivion?

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Hi. I just start playing Oblivion recently.I try several race mod on nexus. Rens Beauty Pack, Cute Elves race, DK High Imperials. While they're indeed better than vanilla race in Oblivion they still not meet my satifaction. I'm not a fan of animeish character so I'm trying to create a character look like this (screenshot from DK High Imperials mod from nexus). Can anyone help me?



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the fast and easy way to use a save game file, for DK high imperial there is some saves still alive  in nexus 








there was a save File with the exact pic in your post but it's hidden in Nexus, U can try pm DK  for it, but the CM Partner still alive Isabelle


the other way is use Face Exchange lite OR Wrye Bash  Utility  to create Face save then use it in save file, but I never use any before & have NO Idea how that work. 

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