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  1. Now you making me feel like a big meanie :(. You don't have to delete anything. Post it again. I will subscribe. I just think that since this is vtaw mod collection thread and if everyone is spam their video then this thread will be fill with youtube video and make it hard to track content. If you post multiple video at once maybe use spoiler tag or something. But since the moderator is fine with it then just do whatever the hell you want.
  2. Yeah, but he is posting multiple youtube video to advertising his channel. I don't know that is allowed here. Chill out. No need to be rude.
  3. Please stop spaming video. Merge it into one post if you can.
  4. Yes, you are the first one to do this. I hasn't try it yet but judging by the picture it have higher resolution than the public hair included in various CBBE texture on Nexus.
  5. Anyone have this texture pack? Can you upload it. I follow the link on nexus to gumroad site and follow the instruction but never receive the download link in my email inbox. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32214
  6. Thank you for the update. My arachnophobia say no but my pp said yes😝
  7. Thanks but they 're not exactly the same. You can only change the color in armor workbench
  8. If you only looking for jiggle female body and outfit I recommend CBBE since its highly compatible with all the outfit mod out there. But if you want to use sex mod like AAF the I recommended Fusion Girl since it have proper modeled vagina and collision. The CBP Physics in FO4 is actually very good. Once you install it, it will enable physics for all the outfit without needing any additional conversation like HDT Physics in Skyrim.
  9. Anyone know what mod this one leg ripped stocking is from?
  10. Do you know if there any mod that allow you to romance Tali when playing female character?
  11. I have a problem when during SL non consensual animation some time when I advance stage it automatically go back to previous stage. I'm trying to find out what mod cause this but can't remember which one. I check all SL related mod but there is nothing in MCM menu indicated this. Anyone know which mod is it?
  12. My mermaid sims is wearing a random top clothes piece when bathing or skinny dipping. Does anyone know what cause this?
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