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  1. Is it possible to create nude mod for this game? It just released a few days ago but it have been in early access for a few year. The game is running on CryEngine. There is nude mod for kingdom come deliverance so I guess its possible?
  2. Wow, thank you so much. It worked. I can't believe its just that simple. I google searching everywhere about this but no one have an actual answer. How do you figure that out?
  3. Thank you all very much. My fps stay at 60 most of the time except in city area like downdown Boston fps can drop to 40 so I don't think its performance problem. But I did noticed my vram usage can go up to 3.8GB/4GB can ram usage go to 7.5GB/8GB and I don't have chrome or anything open in the background. Like I said I removed Lots More Settlers mod and the stutter is mosly gone so the only problem now is random CTD Anyway, I make some change last night. I don't know if it fix the issue but I have been playing for 2h so far and no random CTD yet. What I did is: - Disable weapons debris in FO4 launcher - Turn off nvidia geforce experience overlay -Update some of my mod like Homemaker and AWKCR to latest version - Dismiss several companion, before then I have like 7 companion included dog meat. 6 other is female companion included modded one like Heather, Ellen. All of them is equipped with modded armor and weapons. These outfit and weapons mod have high quality 2k-4k texture so I think it probably overload my vram
  4. I want to edit my character but the camera keep going crazy after I exit lookmenu. I don't want to use surgery chair because you can't edit body and tattoo. Beside surgery NPC have a super annoying repeat dialogue bug make me can't concentrate on making my character. They keep saying thing like just sit on the chair and I will do the rest over and over.
  5. I know this is a common issue and its very hard to troubleshoot because it randomness but loverlslab have a very talent community and I hope someone can help me narrow down the cause. I have been having random CTD with no error after 10-15 mins playing. When I first start a new game the CTD happen less frequenly, like only one CTD after few hours but now it happen every 15 mins. I can't even finised one quest without CTD. I check all my mod and most of them is just outfit and weapons along some of the popular one like Lookmenu, Scrap Everything, AWKCR....nothing that can cause CTD as far I'm aware of. I'm on a fresh save. Usually the fps will start droping like from 60 fps to 10-20 fps for a few seconds before the game crash. There is no specific location or action, crash will happen random at any place and anytime. Its worth to mention I also have stutter issue, especially in downtown Boston. After searching it appear mod that edit NPC can cause suttering so I uninstall Lots More Settlers and Enemies and the sutter is almost gone. You can read more about that here. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5864763-npc´s-cause-stutterstutter-spikes-might-be-interesting-for-authors/ My specs: i3 9100f, 8GB ram, gtx 1050ti Load order Papyrus log (warning, very long list)
  6. I'm getting heavy stuttering when LMSE mod is installed. The fps will drop from 60 to 1fps in few secs then go back up to 60. It happed more frequently around dense area like boston city. Rarely happen in interior cell. I don't really want give up this mod. Anyone else able to use LMSE without stutter? my specs: i3 9100f, 8GB ram, gtx 1050ti. The game is installed on SSD
  7. I actually use a lot of bestiality mod in Skyrim. I even have to de register some of the animation because I'm reaching 500/500 Sexlab creature animation limit. The reason I don't use them in Fallout is because it feel so lackluster compared to Skyrim. There is not much animation variety and since I use CBBE body there is no collison. Beside its a pain to setup.
  8. I want to wear this top with pants from other mod but every time I equip pants the op get unequip. I hear it have something to do with the outfit slot. Anyone know how to change it so I can equip the top with other piece? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34894?tab=description
  9. Thanks. So nexus have no bestiality rule? Fuck them I will use "To Bang" anyway just because
  10. You must run the bodyslide through vortex. Not from the .exe file in game folder. If you make the change inside the game folder like replace, edit the file....next time you deploy mod with Vortex it will inform you to save the change or revert back to before state.
  11. So If I only use Immersive Lovers and Atomic Lust. No "kinky" mod. Should I install to Rule or to Bang?
  12. Sorry, I'm new to FO4 adult mod but what different between this and AAF - The One Patch to Rule Them All?
  13. I guess those are the one you download from Nexus? You're missing everything in this thread
  14. Apparently RaceMenu Overlay Compilation is included in this mod for SE but it required the orignal LE mod for assets. I have it installed in SE long time ago but I didn't read the sticky post and never install the original RaceMenu Overlay Compilation so its not showing up in game. lol https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19162?tab=description
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