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  1. Anyone have working nude mod for STAR WARS Battlefront II? I try this mod on nexus but its not working . Installed and launch the game from Frosty manager. https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/2931
  2. Thank you. I reinstall the new HC saving/loading and it worked.
  3. I just did that. Still not working. empty hentai creature menu😢 I end up use older version of HentaiCreatures (HentaiCreatures_MNCv12SE2) and it work but is there any bad consequence happen when use new MNC with old Hentai Creature. I also have problem with ABC collision not working although I'm not sure if it have something to do with this or its something else.
  4. I created similar topic a while ago. You can check the list of games I play and in the comment.
  5. I agreed. People talking about Judy and Panam but female V is great too
  6. The setting menu is there but when I click on hentai creature, nothing load. This happen when I upgrade from MNC 12.1/HentaiCreatures_MNCv12SE2 to MNC 12.5/HentaiCreatures_MNCv12_1
  7. I'm use MoreNastyCritters_v12_5 and CC 2.0.2 from LE page. CFv2.0.2 MCM menu working fine but hentai creature MCM menu is empty..
  8. I can confirm there is Boar collision in my LE game. I use ABC 1.91
  9. What is this new cum meshes people are talking about? I didn't notice anything different
  10. Its a bug. The breast size always change to default size when you put on a top. Regardless of what size you choose in character creation. Not to mention that weird blue texture glitch near the shoulder when you put on a top. Yeah, this game have lot of bugs and since those are just minor visual bug and on low priority fix list. I doubt they're going to fix it anytime soon.
  11. My second character. I end up created a very similar character to the first one minus the longer hair.
  12. I just start playing again. Can confirm there is still NPC nudity on patch 1.06. Just meet this girl outside No Tell Motel. They are still there but those kind of NPC is rare and only appeared in some certain location. I only saw a few of those in my 160h with the game. I don't know what version of the game you're playing but I'm play on day one and V definitely still have her panty on outside inventory screen. If you can see V bottomless day one its probably a bug. You can recreate this bug by switch pants really fast. You will be nude in FPP but still have panty on in ph
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