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Mods for a Hellraiser themed playthrough

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Cross-Posted from a post I made on Reddit:


Essentially I'm looking to make a Cenobite character, and was wondering if there was anything sort of BDSM themed mods that could fit the category.


I guess for starters, what outfits would you recommend? I'm thinking of making a sort of female Pinhead inspired look (minus the pins obviously), so anything with leather, buckles, and skimpiness is preferred. If it's at all possible to have the sort of badass robe while still being sexy, that'd be perfect.


As for sex mods themselves, what should I go with? I know about Sanguine's Debauchery, but last time I tried installing that on SE it was a bitch and a half and I couldn't get it to work right.

I'd also prefer mods that have my character being the domme rather than the submissive. Not that she'd be against it from time to time, but I figure dominant is what she'd prefer most of the time (unless it isn't possible depending on the mod, such as for some bestiality stuff if I use that).


Maybe anything Molag Bal themed? Given Molag Bal being the Lord of Domination, as well as definitely being into the whole "pain" aspect, something along those lines could be useful. Maybe something that lets your character become a Vampire Lord via getting violated by the King of Rape?


Barring sex mods though, I am open to other suggestions too, such as mods for magic, weapons, quests, followers, you name it. I plan to use the full EnaiRim loadout for the most part though.


I'm open to ideas and suggestions of any kind!

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