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LST BravilUnderground LDD's Addon #1

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LST BravilUnderground LDD's Addon #1

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This script evolved from the notion of fixing a few grammatical issues and logical errors that may have appeared within LSTBravilUnderground.  Some were minor nuisances in verb tenses, others were instances were paragraphs of dialog were completely out of order.  After that,  more extensive work was performed, all while keeping the main content of the storyline intact.


But along with that, some new graphics have been added, new conditions have been added,  and some of the underlying scripts have been altered in order to prevent unexpected errors or enhance gameplay.



  • Grammatical corrections for asking for in-game jobs from NPCs
  • Customized book jackets and revised book scripts
  • Updated and fixed in-game items, item descriptions and NPC names
  • Repaired a crucial script that was to allow a specific quest to complete


Bonus features were added too.  However, the spirit of BravilUnderground is that of exploration and discovery. So clues as to what these features and changes are is being withheld.


The package includes only two files;  LSTBru-Addon1.esp & LSTBru-Addon1.bsa


The LSTBru-Addon1.esp merely needs to be below LSTBravilUnderground your mod order.  And it does not interfere with Fejeena's LST Addons.



This patch was initially designed for Bravil Underground v0.96 v2.  However, it does work with the No-MBP version.


This mod  was designed with the original MBP (Modular Beautiful People) version, yet does work well with the No-MBP edition that has been ported. Edits to existing NPCs were minor and mostly  performed to references and not the NPCs directly.  Only one NPC was directly altered, using a custom race with no dependencies.  What MBP resources are used within this mod were copied over and made as separate resources within the accompanying/required BSA file.

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    Lover with PK, LoversSlaveTrader, LSTBravilUnderground


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to Version 1.1


3 hours ago, toynbeeidea said:

It can't work with the non MBP verison in its current form, because it has MBP as a dependency.



In response to this, I had to perform an extensive examination to find why the methods to remove the MBP dependency did not take. Odd though it sounds, it was related to a final character who appears.  I performed an alteration of the character and used what is typically stock resources.  However, the installation of the MBP package actively 'edits' the editorID of one of the default Hair resources (the one in use for the race by default), and kept the dependency upon the mod in play.  This was quite a surprise.


For new characters, I did create new races to ensure no dependencies would occur.  And for said new characters, extra steps were just put in place to make sure they did not appear in-game until it was time for them to show.


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  • 4 weeks later...


to Version 1.2


Within Bravil's Underground city, you may come across some information where two characters had originated. Technically, only one was discussed but reasoning prevailed for the second.  For this, these two characters had been altered to reflect another character race. The facial model for the two were based upon the MBP version as the no-MBP version of the two did not come even close to looking the characters' assumed ages.


Oddly, this patch still takes into account some characteristics of the original. For an example, there is a clearly visible height difference between the two when playing the MBP version of BravilUnderground. And though this patch makes both characters the same race, the original height difference is still present. I have no problem with that as it distinguishes their ages moreso. I am not certain what effect it will have with the No-MBP version, but the change should be damn sight prettier.


I found that certain characters could be broken during sex.  While this may be normal, it should not be if the character is a slave trainer that you hire to break a slave.  As such, I added code so four primary trainers do not succumb.  However, this feature only works with the newer versions of LoversSlaveTrader that has the special token which prevents breaking. It should even work if using the older WappyOne edition.


And I made it so one character cannot be enslaved during most of the game. At the end, this slave-prevention is released and the character can be enslaved. This feature was added in order to prevent quest breaing, though a typical way to fix that would be to release the slave.  Still, there is something special about the character that should prevent enslavement... until... ****

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:wacko: STUPIDITY FIX :wacko:

to Version 1.3


To create the look for the two characters previously discussed in version 1.2, I created a 'clone' of a vanilla race, changing some of the facial characteristics and supplying a head mesh that one of the two MBP characters had used.The result was a success, moreso for the younger of the two characters.  However, this duplicate race was accidentally left as a playable race.  This was unintended.


Version 1.3 corrects this and forbids this custom race from being used... though prettier in my humble opinion.  At the same time, it certainly prevents one from wondering what race was altered and thus the same for the characters so altered.

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Don't know if he is one of the NPCs that you made it so they cannot be broken, but the NPC named Umlimpt got broken while I was traing the knight Mia with him.


Another issue which might be something on my end, is that Sir Penwoods animation with Lady Drad, just has her standing there while he goes through the motions. Ogres and other NPCs seem to work fine. Will do more investigating on my end.

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Nope, nope, nope and nope.


Of the four you mentioned, I did abso-freakin-luely nothing to them.


Umlimpt?  *CHECKS*  Ah, the enslaved trainers.  I always felt that they were under lock and key and not full trainers, if you catch my meaning.  It's Onan and company I blocked.

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to Version 1.4


One of the first things you do is to enter the Underground City of Bravil. However, a particular somebody with the key says that the trapdoor is at his feet.  This, rather odd when he is sitting down at dinner or whatnot. Yes, it was a minor thing, but it ruined the feeling since he was so far away from the trap door.


Meanwhile, one of the quest-based characters was altered. Visually, she looks not unlike her MBP counterpart except her actual complexion. So now she matches the race of her protective brother. And for the No-MBP version, using the mesh that comes with the add-on's bsa file, she looks much younger and prettier than the original.  If only the rest of her race looked as cute....


Meanwhile, an older sister that was altered in previous versions now appears more as she does within the MBP version... except the requisite elf ears and complexion of her younger sister.


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to Version 1.5


In one of the quests, you encounter... someone. Regardless of conditions, this character would issue  the same 'challenge' to you no matter what. And it interfered with the slavery system, requiring that you used LoversSlaveTrader's built-in 100 Priority option.  It interfered, but no longer.


A minor fix, it makes the use of the 100 Priority option within LoversSlaveTrader unnecessary.  Well, insofar as this character is concerned.

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to Version 1.6


Admittedly, one of the upgrades BROKE a quest, particularly the one noted above. The priority was restored back to normal, and the conditions to have the NPC issue a deadly challenge was restored.  Meanwhile, a revised character... particularly the recently upgraded character... had no greetings of her own.  A mod-designed race that has no assigned greetings, a new set of default greets were added that only work if not enslaved.


I performed a full playthrough this time. :neutral:

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to Version 1.7


Two of the NPCs in Bravil Underground just... whined too much. Each for different reasons.  One, if a relation was killed and another ... just because.  And if the first one's relation was... resurrected per-say, she'd STILL whine.  So I performed a few cosmetic changes to their greets which would shut them up under certain conditions.


Meanwhile, the lovely blonde Colin's reply if she had a job available replied in a very odd manner. Instead of saying what the job was, she inquired 'Before you take the job..." suggesting you had to do ONE before another.


Yeah, looks hotter than the no-MBP version if you ask me.


So... I changed the first statement in her dialog to make it clear that THIS was the job she wanted the player to perform.



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  • 2 months later...

U made another addon before this & seems U delete it, May I ask Why ?? ... reason for my question that I'll merge everything related to LST AND BU  in one esp for my personal use ( very annoying to me to have 6 esp to just one mod ) .. so if there was bugs in deleted mod I pass it and not add to my merge ...


Also in this one there is a missing item [0303F8CD] in the 3 brElite npcs & Tes4edit 4.0.4 autoclean remove few stuff ( didn't look closely what's remove I was just prepare files before merge ) I think U need to check yourself, THX

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Curious.  I labeled this my Addon #1 as this is the first add-on I made for Bravil Underground, though I have upgraded this particular mod as you can see.  This is version 1.7 of my Addon.  I have not deleted any title from the download manager, so I do not know what mod you are suggesting,


The only thing LST I can think about is my kinda discontinuing LoversHiyokoShooter/LST patch support as ... it's MEH.  Mostly taken care of in LHS now.


As to the [0303F8CD] item in question... heheh... It is actually added (or ensured to be added) to the three on game load.  I found that the method I am using to ensure certain conditions work better that way when establishing special conditions with characters, already established or otherwise.


However...  I may be updating this mod in the near future.  While I did manage to make the sisters appear more as they should as they were said to be from Valenwood, I may try to make them appear even more youthful, especially one.  This to keep at least the characters lore-friendly to the actual story/dialog of this mod.  There is some early dialog I may wish to basically correct. 


Meanwhile, the three Elites did acquire new positions within the city, but there are a couple positions that are vacant at story end.  This may need... some consideration sometime later.

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4 hours ago, LongDukDong said:

Curious.  I labeled this my Addon #1 as this is the first add-on I made for Bravil Underground

Sorry Duk, its my mistake I was confused about other addon to BU and thought its something U made ...  ( have a little crises here try to sort Oblivion files, mods , backups & my personal files ... specially after what happen to nexus, I have some hundreds of mod files I don't try before & don't know what they Do )

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