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What is your typical playthrough?

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To further elaborate, I mean what is your 'aesthetic' when you set up your game? Is it almost vanilla, totally off the rails insanity? When I play I kind of have a few different approaches. First being that all weapons, armor, items, etc. are canonical or lore friendly( with heavy variation). Another favorite would be a 'Tacticool' type of vibe. 


I'm rather interested to see how other people personalize there game. Hell, it may give me some inspiration.

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Must have mods for me include:


Modern Firearms

VTAW Clothing collections - Utility, pack 4/5/6/7

Unlocked Ballistic Weave and Brotherhood of Steel Paint

West-Tek Tactical Optics


for added sluttiness:


AAF Violate

Devious Devices


Sexual Harassment

Sex Attributes

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In Fallout or skyrim, Both the same, Vanilla like and kinda lore friendly

I just install a bunch of mod to enchance and/or correct vanilla game + To make the game mode "dark", more hard(bethesda game always way too easy) And more adult


Once it's done i always have 3 type of playthough :

Male - Big berserker with big Melee weapon/shotgun who abuse potion&drugs

Female - Sneaky thief/assasin

Female - Mage

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Survival. Western themed weapon mods. Revolvers, Lever action rifles, pumps and double barrels. As close to a vanilla experience as possible with a lot of asthetic changes and a small amount of QoL mods. Start out at vault 111 or sanctuary, go to concord and rescue Preston, get the T-45 suit and kill the deathclaw, head to drumlin to persuassion check wolfgang, head to Lexington, there is a motel to sleep there. Clear out super duper mart and get the fusion core(s) in there. Clear out Corvega using the T-45 suit. From here I head to diamond city with a few stops along the way. Head to Cambridge Police Station to help out Danse. Clear out the raiders on the boat by the bridge then help out the DC guards against the super mutants. Get Piper, clear out Hangman's Alley because it is a very convenient settlement to have. And from here I do what I feel like. As soon as automatron unlocks I go and get it so I can romp around the commonwealth with my psycho Assaultron gf.

I also have Grim. I've tried out the curse for a few days. It's really freaky. I think a fresh Grim playthrough is something I may do later on.

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1 hour ago, IBAGadget said:

Tactical Slut.

Niceee lol. 


@IBAGadget ngl, looks quite similar to my load order sometimes. There are some amazing clothing packs, but I'm a sucker for any of the VTAW ones. I also see you have good taste in LL mods lol. Now the only one said that I'm not familiar with is SEU.



@kurioboy Interesting, I normally play a pretty hardcore survival so melee normally is never on the table, but I think I may need to do melee raider build sometime. Now regarding Skyrim, that's honestly how it normally goes for me too. Sneaky thief or a mage when I'm playing a female character.


@almond93 Sounds just like how almost all of my playthroughs go if I don't use and alternate start location. Grim however, is just absolutely amazing. I played that along with Whispering Hills awhile back and it was a trip. I used Modern Firearms along with other modern armor packs and it was like some weird RE Fallout hybrid. I highly suggest using the Grim ENB along with your own personal tweaks. 

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@chuBBies1 Sex Em Up. Allows you to freely have sex, including threesomes, with pretty much anyone, or you can whore out yourself or your companion for caps. As an alternative to Violate, you can surrender to raiders voluntarily, but only if you have no companions with you. You can surrender to the same raiders repeatedly, with the dialog changing, your character expressing that they liked it, and they want more.


I actually rarely get to use this option, as I pretty much have Ivy with me from right after I get out of the vault, and Sexual Harassment pretty much guarantees that I'm going to wind up getting turned into a slut just from random civilians in short order.


Also unlike Violate, surrendering to Raiders for gangbangs won't traumatize you.

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20 hours ago, chuBBies1 said:

@kurioboy Interesting, I normally play a pretty hardcore survival so melee normally is never on the table, but I think I may need to do melee raider build sometime. Now regarding Skyrim, that's honestly how it normally goes for me too. Sneaky thief or a mage when I'm playing a female character.



I was never into melee gameplay too, but once i tried it for "challenge" it's so fun & challenging that i always have at least one quick run with that type of build, especially on fallout game with all those drugs


For real, being totally overbuffed on drugs with a big ass Hammer  and cleaning a nuka factory full of raider&robot is quit an experience,

I also love go a bit on explosion build with my melee chara


Honestly, you should try it !

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I like to move around a lot and live a nomadic existence in Skyrim or Fallout.


I really dislike that the games always try to make you the centre of attention and give you so much importance. I wish you were just a small part of a much wider world and treated as such.



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On 7/23/2021 at 8:30 PM, Carabosse said:

I like to move around a lot and live a nomadic existence in Skyrim or Fallout.


I really dislike that the games always try to make you the centre of attention and give you so much importance. I wish you were just a small part of a much wider world and treated as such.




I find having a house or settlement where I can just run back to and resupply just makes the game trivial. It's one the reasons why I value FO4 survival and the SL Survival mod. There is a great sense of importance placed on your decisions. Especially if what I have on my character is ALL that I have.   


I know some people are not the biggest fans of FO3, but I feel like it was the best attempt at making an unforgiving wasteland in any of the 3d Fallout games. Disregarding the main storyline, it was just you and the ambient soundtrack. You may see the occasional mutated beast, violent raider, or roaming traveler, but at the end of the day it was only you. I always try recapturing that feeling in Fo4 with varying levels of success. 

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From vengeful Vault dweller, to broken camp prostitute via Hardship mod/Raider pet and Nuka Ride, going from base to base trying to stay alive. Shaun is just one of her 4 kids now, and paying for them is costing everything, although she still tries to find out what happened to her first kid. The settings I have means most areas are deadly and harsh, rad storms are death and she is hunted outside of camps, and she is considered ugly in Hardship, with camp costs eating most of her money, and her guns might as well be pea shooters.



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57 minutes ago, Heinz01 said:

How do you achieve that? I looked for a mod that does something like that, but didnt find any.



I buy all food and water from the camps bars and settlements. No drinking from free sources, no free food from openworld (I use no food for you mod). I also run less loot, less caps mods, etc. I am also trying to write a mod that makes settlements charge you caps for beds, but really busy irl at mo. Hardship also takes caps off me through a pimp.

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On 7/23/2021 at 8:44 PM, kurioboy said:


I was never into melee gameplay too, but once i tried it for "challenge" it's so fun & challenging that i always have at least one quick run with that type of build, especially on fallout game with all those drugs


For real, being totally overbuffed on drugs with a big ass Hammer  and cleaning a nuka factory full of raider&robot is quit an experience,

I also love go a bit on explosion build with my melee chara


Honestly, you should try it !

I play melee only with only crossbows for range weapons. You might like this if you do not have it. Anear gunless Commonwelth. Only Institute Lasers seem functional. Everyone else has melee weapons and/or crossbows (crossbow mod)

NGA no guns allowed v2.1 no dlc-20191201T050601Z-001.zip

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After done one full play of FO4 and Skyrim, I totally cheat in combat unless I play a defeat scenario (don't think I have anything nice to say of combat system in FO4 and Skyrim ?).

I usually only play mods now, since they are usually better/more entertaining than the base game.


FO4: My base is SIM Settlement 2 (hope next chapter is released soon) with added mods like M.C.G. (since I am to lazy to get all this mod gives with other mods ?), Boston Breeder (with AAF Family Planning Enhanced Redux) and Barbarous Continent to get some more kink into the game.  So this is rebuilding of civilization with a sexed up play, I guess.


Skyrim: Alternate start (have not played as the dragonborn for quite some time), Sexlab stories, Sexlab solutions, Sexlab Confabulation, Beastlial Essence, Bardal's Company and Troubles of heroine. Tried out a number of other short  mods as well. Jup, definitely putting some kink into this one as well. ?


In general, I mod my game until it crashes and then reinstall it again with new mods. ?

Kind of working on getting my FO4 build to be as good-looking as my Skyrim build, but that is a work in progress since FO4 do not have all that Skyrim have yet.

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My usual approach was the way Beth intended. Start as Vaultdweller, go to sanctuary, meet codsworth, go to concord, help the minutemen, build settlements, expand them, build supply lines and advance regularly. Using survival and Damn Apocalypse and some LL Mods. 


Inspired by @Carabosse and @Nuka Cherry posts i tried something to catch their approaches with my personal adjustments. Still using most of the same mods like damn apocalypse, added some clothing mods like Vtaw and Don clothes to levelled lists of suitcases (i prefer to find things randomly instead of just crafting them for free at the chemstation), reducing caps in levelled lists, no food for you mod (the harsh version for in- and outdoor), crime and punishment and also important the Mental Health Mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/52522), because i want to roleplay a person with the moral of the 21st century. Nora was a lawyer, not a soldier. Also important was to use Hardship with B/W Mod always on (not for whoring in the first place. I want to utilize the mods behaviour for raiders). My Nora should not engage with human combatants at all. She is not a whore but it might be necessary to survive later.


First Approach was mostly perfect at the beginning. Started in Vault 111, going to sanctuary, picking up useful things (not much due to Damn Apocalypse Mod), going to concord (and ignoring the red rocket, so no dogmeat, because i wanted to avoid free companions this time). Arriving in concord and hearing gunshots fired. Avoided to get any closer to that situation, because my character dont want to participate in any gunfights with humans. Travelled further and arrived in covenant. The first place that looks like civilisized. Stayed there and although the settings were harsh, i was till able to pay for food etc without whoring. Later i took over the Taffington Boathouse and made a safe place and storage out of that only for my character. I was able to travel to DC and Goodneighbour. But on my journeys i was caught by some raiders. Luckily most of them had a heart for my character and let her go unharmed. Only one was goint to beat her to death. This one had to be killed with a headshot. The one and only human killed by her. That Approach was really fun to play but one point disturbed me at the end. When i was in Goodneighbour i met the Vault Tec Salesman and told him he could live in Sanctuary and i will meet him there some time later. A few days later, when i was in the north of Boston, i decided to travel back to sanctuary and see if the Salesman made it there. It was really sad to arrive and see Sanctuary is still like after leaving vault 111. Only that Vaulttec Guy and Codsworth were there. No Water or Beds were provided. Everything still looking like a junkyard. It felt so wrong to see this.


So i started again this time with almost the same rules but two exceptions: i made sanctuary to a liveable place and helped preston at the musuem. I had to regain mental health after killing all that raiders in concord (see above linked mod). But i will not fulfill the tenpines quest (clearing corvega plant). So I will never become Minutemen General and will kill humans only if i really have to (CAP provides a solution which lets a enemy surrender and if that happens i will let them go). I play like i am just one survivor (with high moral) and just help to maintain sanctuary and maybe another empty settlement later. But for the rest of the game, i am on my own. If i need a companion i just hire a gunner (with hardship, preferredly with paying the fee instead of whoring, but i dont know were this game will lead me eventually). I also dont use crafting, except for downgrading good weapons to combine their better mods.


The good thing about the survival setting, survival becomes its own quest. I dont need a quest line to play the game. I go out and explore, looking for food and useful things. Going back when its going to be dangerous. Sneak around and hope to not attarct any unwanted attention. I really liked that. Some day i will try the FROST mod but for now i am really happy with my setup.


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I hate Preston and the Minutemen, especially when he calls me "General". I had a whole diary entry in a mod journal, where I described him as a patronising hypocrite who uses other people to get what he wants and not to believe him - and that the title was a mockery. In my games the minutemen are extremely dangerous as they are basically fanatical originalists wanting to recreate the US - pre 13th ammendment where slaves and womens rights were awful.


I am also tryng to find a way to prevent settlers saying nice things - but we do not have the mods that Skyrim has for player comments (well, some - raider pet/nuka world/sexist guards adds some). My character in skyrim bumps into someone and I get called stupid so and so (and voiced!) - I wish I could get something similar for Fallout - I want to be a lowlife visitor to settlements, not their god and manager.


One option I used to use was Sim Settlements 1, Conqueror mod and prebuild almost all settlements (scripted ones are best left alone like red rocket/sanct and a few others). This is extremely demanding of hardware and is probably a bit unstable now, YMMV.  This also gives you the option to kill (or help) Preston. It is no longer supported and is being updated for Sim Settlements 2, hopefully this year. Nice turning up to starlight drive in and the whole town exists. I left some settlements blank as it is a fun part of the game though (sanct, red rocket, Oberland station as they usually turn up when I get the settlement itch).


I also set up sanctuary as a normal camp, and Red Rocket is a brothel via Human Resources, if I am playing as a raider (post raider pet/nuka ride/conqueror) I usually send Lucy and Connie to Red Rocket to work for their caps...


Mods - no food for you, reduced loot/ammo mods, hardship (menacing always on), start me up (scav start), advanced needs 2 (for toilet needs more than anything - mod is now dead from nexus), survival options, SKK hunters/patrols (no warnings of spawned patrols), SKK feral nights.


Things missing: settler comments, proper slavery kidnapping mod (RSE is a car wreck with 1 functioning bit) - oh for simple slavery with devious followers.




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3 hours ago, Nuka Cherry said:

...I am also tryng to find a way to prevent settlers saying nice things...



It seems Crime and Punishment does that, kind of. When you have negative karma sometimes Settlers say not so nice lines like "why dont you do us a favor and scram?" or "i dont want to have anything to do with you". 


Sim Settlements + Conqueror is really nice, though i am a bit worried of the large savegame files.


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Here goes. My attempt at a perfect FO4 game is melee combat (95%), no guns in Commonwealth (95%), minimal crap, boosted requirements to craft anything, my choice not to scrap trees or legit furniture. minimal clothes, no shoes, reduced inventory for vendors. Survival like without the near impossible restrictions of survival mode. No fast travel, use driveable cars and vertibird to transport around. My biggest problem to all this ,is I am anal about trying new mods and usually cannot get past a few weeks of gameplay till I find someting else new and shiny. So I might restart my game a couple times every day( at maybe 500 restarts guesstimate by now) I need an intervention, cause Preston is starting to look real "purty" by now!

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7 hours ago, Heinz01 said:


It seems Crime and Punishment does that, kind of. When you have negative karma sometimes Settlers say not so nice lines like "why dont you do us a favor and scram?" or "i dont want to have anything to do with you". 


Sim Settlements + Conqueror is really nice, though i am a bit worried of the large savegame files.



Ahh, I have C&P installed - and usually have it set to raider, but rarely push the rep. Thanks for the tip. The mod author has removed them from the nexus, glad I snagged a copy. Conqueror will be updated for Sim Settlements 2, so I would wait, although that will be later this year. I use a mod by SKK where you can kill preston and the settlers with the minutemen locked workshops unlockable afterwards.


I also added: "Even less loot and ammo add on" and "Ammo Weight Ver 0.2" (old mod to add ammo weight to very-hard as I prefer modded very-hard to survival). Was pleased to find that ammo is almost gone.


I also have Combat strip lite set to always strip (unlucky hits+heal+strip chance at 100%), with a 20% armor destroyed chance on strip, 6 lives then naked, Violate surrender when naked at 30% health. I also use Scavvers Closet, so after a battle I am often trying to find bits of armor that fits me to replace what has been lost. With sexual harassment settings - going naked to a settlement is asking for a bad time.....



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  • 2 months later...

Hi there,


i thought i like to share my current setup with you for inspiration. It took a long way to get this seup to what it now is. As some posts above, i really like the combination of survival, loot reduction and aaf hardship. Although this already has an impact to the games compared to vanilla survival, it still is to "easy" for me. 


I want to achieve playing a noname female scavenger with no special skills and less educated. I imagine a world of horror, brutality, depletion, lack of food and ammo and overall poverty. As humans being humans, many will try to take advantage of others and make their lives worse to make their own situation a little bit better. In this world the female protagonist, starting as a newbie, is weaker than all possible enemys, except for radroaches or similar low threats.


I use a buch of mods and made some own patches to finetune things:

1. Damn Apocalypse This mod greatly reduces loot. It also dramatically reduces the availability of power armor. If you happen to find one or even only some parts, then your happy. Even the free PA in concord will be removed from the game after you killed the enemies in concord. This mod also addresses the problem with bullet sponge enemies. Although with a big level difference between player and enemy it still happens, that one needs multiple headshots. But i am fine with that. Many may prefer Horizon instead, but Damn Apocalypse fits my playthrough better.

I made an patch to greatly reduce the amount of caps in loot. Finding more than 2 caps in a container is extremely rare. Most times its nothing. 

2. True Storms This is not only providing a more dramatic weather, it also makes radstorms more dangerous (you can adjust the rads when installing). You can also enable Feral Ghoul Hordes at Radstorms (very adjustable)

3. Darker Nights It does, what it says. Also comes with detection addon to avoid being nearly invisible for enemies, when your out at the dark.

4. Flashys Crime and Punishment (no link, because he removed it from nexus. He wrote he would upload it somewhere else, but i dont know where). This really adds a lot to the game. You can gain positive and negative karma. This has influence to many things, like prices, persuade chances etc. It also adds consequneces like revenge from enemies after clearing a raider outpost. Also many roleplay additions like robbing (you can threat any other npc with your drawn weapon and rob them). It also has a basic prostitution feature. Everything is voiced.

5. Flashys Gun for Hire (same reason for no link) Not really necessary. But it feels nice to earn reputation and get some interesting bounty jobs. I start with 0 Reputation Points, so this is for later game.

6. Reverb and Ambience Overhaul This is a must have. It makes the Sound of explosions, gunfire etc so much better and enjoyable. 

7. Survival Options I use this only to reduce my outgoing damage. Standard on Survival is 2x incoming damage and 1,5x outgoing damage. I use 0,75 outgoing damage and will compensate that with investing in perks. See my original premise. I want to start as a less skilled character. Guns would realistically do the same amount of damage, regardless who is using the same Gun. But i consider it of being more able to land more damaging shots. 

8. You are NOT Special This is very intimidating as it removes all perks from your skillchart except for the basic special perks (strength etc). You have to find books. If you pick them up, you learn the skill and can then put a perk point on it (if you meet the minimum requirements like charisma 6 for local leader). It changes the tree a little bit and removes level requirement. 

The books are originally handplaced in fix locations. I didnt like that and removed most of them from the cells. Instead i made a leveledlist in which every book is stored and added the leveled list to steamer trunks and some safes. So i need to go to unsafe places to be able to find them randomly. Funny thing is, many trunks and safes have advanced locks or more dfficult. And at the start you dont have access to the lockpicking perk. This creates a sitiuation where the skillbook for lockpicking is locked in a safe you cannot open without that skill. Thats where another mod (sex attributes, see more below) helps and this adds very much value. 

9. AAF and requirements (you dont need a link :) )

10. Hardship  This is in my Opinion the most well thought Mod i ever saw. It really adds a lot of roleplaying possibilities. 

11. Usable Cigarettes and Less Cigarettes in Loot Great for saving without sleeping. But they must be rare. You can use HArdship to get more, if you need.

12. Violate  Dont attack, what you cant kill. Otherwise its going to be bad. I only let human enemies use this though. 

13. Sex Attributes  This adds wear and tear for sexual activities tec. It also has some psychlogical mechanics. It also provides the use of Willpower to achieve different things. Like opening locks, which you cant due to lack of skill. Set the Willpower use very high, so it doesnt feel like a cheat. This helps with the created problem on the skillbooks. And this makes it important to maintain a good amount of willpower. Your Willpower will be gone fast when you are playing a prostitute with Hardship and get unwanted attention of DC guards for example.

14. All in one - Realisting Constraction Recipes This raises the amount of junks and other items needed to create things like a generator, cooking station, turrets etc. 

15. Start me up I dont want to play Nate or Nora. I like to start with only clothes and the small frame perk (more likely to being crippled) at the boylston club.

16. Combat Strip Lite After being hit, it may unequip an armor item. And then a timer must go by before you can requip it. Sounds a bit weird, but imagine thats the time it needs to be fixed after being hit. You can also add a chance that the item is destroyed.

17. Sexual Harassment I use it only in conjuction with Combat Strip Lite. And maybe also the Blackmail feature. Fan Approaches, Hypno, Devoius and Flirts are disabled.

18. No food for You  Removes "handplaced" food items. You still may find some, especially in locations with broken respawn (some are respawning even within minutes, its a FO4 bug). Should be at the bottom of the Load order.


Further adjustments in an own patch: 

    a) less perk Points. Originally you have 28 special points at level 1 (7 are already spent to have 1 in any base special stat and 21 can be spent by yourself). I reduced it to 14. So i have 7 points at level 1. Feels a lot weaker and more plausible of being unskilled and uneducated

    b) reduced carry weight: Originally you have 90 lbs with strenght 1 and gain 10 for every additional point in strength. I have 60 and only get 5 for additional strength. More tough decisions when collecting loot.

    c) Reduced sell prices. Originally you sell with a facter of 0,8. I reduced it to 0,2. Less money for selling junk


It is really recommended to load the complete Load order in FO 4 to check any conflicts and make a patch if necessary.


When I start at the Boylston Club i try to go either to Goodneighbour, Bunker Hill or DC. If i find one, i carry only 1 handgun and a few rounds ammo. This is just for self defense againt menacing raiders, who are going to use violence against me. I try to not attract any attention just some looting here and there. If necessary i earn caps at an Inn. I can also use Hardship to gain access to raider camps. Just dont rush in, you will find yourself crowded by raiders and if one wants to be viiolent against you, you dont have many options. I instead wait at the entrance for the first raider to run at me. Offer him to be a whore. If he accepts, then he is safe for futere visits. If he wants violence then i shoot him in the head, thats why i carry a good small gun (like a .44) and then run away and come back later. This way you can access the bossroom eventually. Maybe you are up to the bounty on the boss head. Or just want to look in the streamer trunk, if it has a nice skillbook. 


Recently i gave the Nuka Ride Mod a try. It fits perfectly to what i have in mind. So i start near Vault 111, go to the protectron and do the Nukaride Questline. At the end i get an apartment there but there is nothing left to do as a low level character, so i take my posessions, go to DC and access the Gun for Hire office (its like i exchanged the Nuka Apartment for that office). Then i remove all free junk from the workbench in that office and try to move on (with still low level, almost no skills etc). The story should be: 

Origin at NukaRide Quest.

Taking advantage of what i ahve learned and done there to survive in the commenwealth if necessary via Hardship

Becoming more skilled, stronger and a long time later maybe a professional bounty hunter

Then going for the FO4 mainquest a lot later.


If you are interested in some of my personal changes, i made some clean versions (my original ones have more dependencies):


SurvivalEdits (reduced carry weight, less skill points, lower sell prices) Survival Options is required




RandomSkillloot (handplaced skillbooks from You are NOT Special are removed from indoorcells and all of them can be found randomly at steamer trunks) Requires "You are NOT Special" Mod




If you want to change them, you can easily do it with FO4Edit. These are very simple edits and almost self explanatory

Edited by Heinz01
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On 7/23/2021 at 6:30 PM, Carabosse said:

I like to move around a lot and live a nomadic existence in Skyrim or Fallout.


I really dislike that the games always try to make you the centre of attention and give you so much importance. I wish you were just a small part of a much wider world and treated as such.



Man, i really wished you could be PC but live as an NPC with no quests whatsoever.

Every time i start a game, and i mainly play freaking RaidersPet. So i wonder around to reach my Raiders that capture me. But before and after i am always confronted with quests. This is really an annoyances. I do not want to save anyone or care. I want to be just like a no one, a zero, in the Fallout universe.

I have never found a mod that can do that. This would be so great.

For my gameplay i found out that the mod that changes all females to males is actually here. I was looking for that for years.
So at least i have something i can be happy about it.

I do not play a vigilante of sorts, but i am getting more in thieving now as money runs low. Especially if you are a slave. Who wants a petty job if you can steal.

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@Heinz01 Most of the mods you are listing, i am actually using. But you had one i did not search for. You not special. So i will in-cooperate it in my play.

I always wanted to play as an NPC as a PC. Of course i think that is not possible. But not a the special person that saves the world. Just a nobody in the wasteland.

One can dream.



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Is actually a RP Diary of one of my typical play thru's. I've been on a Synth spree, my last 3 play throughs have been RPing as a Synth. Got glowing eyes, dermal tattoos (or armor) to appear more synthetic, and using the voice changer from Ikaros race. I use the live another life mod and typically choose escaped Synth and then pick a location to start, one was Boylston House in downtown, another was on a Boat near the sea, this ones by Egret Marina.


I mostly play was a half naked wanderer, have joined the Railroad or Minutemen, might go Brotherhood of Steel this route but maybe not. I do typically try to RP out an idea tho. This one is turning out to be wasteland vigilante. Rescues kidnapped settlers and brings them to a safe house.


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