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  1. There is a slider in MCM setup section that you can adjust for as much or as little crowd interaction..
  2. Use the restart mod command in MCM. Sometimes a sex event has happened and did not close proper.
  3. 139 is a problem for some. I can handle 133, but 139 does not work for me. Same mods, same load order as always..
  4. I do not use Leitos so I would like to remove One Patch but One Patch gives me my strapons for Lesbian sex. I have tried Vioxis Strapon mod without One Patch but the strapons are not being applied. One Patch seems to be the only mod making them work..
  5. I like Indarello's patch for the squirting animations and it also opens up many more Lesbian animation choices for my female character. I tried not using the One Patch, but I cannot get Viox strapons to be applied without it. AAF 139 will load for me but menu will not appear in game..BP70 has never failed me as long as I do not try to apply any patch over it...
  6. I am using BP70 2.5 with AAF 133 and 185 other mods. Works fine as long as BP70 is loaded after all other AAF related mods, except Indarello's Squirt mod. If you want all of BP70 animations (Indarello picks and chooses), then load it after every AAF related mod. AAF 139 does not work for me no matter what I do......
  7. There is a good chance your save/game might now have the bug baked in and you could try to go back any number of past saves to get before where the bug originally bit you, but that is dicey at best. Might need a new game, not what we like to hear..
  8. Since I do not use the old animation packs, I tried removing the One Patch and the game loads up fine. I did not realize strapons are in the One Patch and though I am using an old Vios Strap on , my strapons do not appear in sex. What are you folks using for strapons if you do not use the One Patch..?
  9. I could not get Indarello's current version to work with AAF 139, but everything works great with AAF 133. I do not know what is different between the 2 AAF versions, but it is the changes to AAF and not Indarello.
  10. I have to say that you are letting your beef with Indarello affect your opinion of the worth of his mod. As much as your guide helped me get past AAF version 133 getting stuck at 30%, my AAF version 133 is working perfectly fine with Indarello's patch. no glitches, no crashes, no end of the world event. My males morph, squirt, deflate on command. AAF created all the new game issues by not leaving AAF alone and tinkering with stuff that no one actually sees as an ingame improvement. Now AAF 139 does not work for me using all the same parameters that are working now as we speak with AAF 133. Why, because he tinkered again. Why is that our fault, Indarello's fault, One Patch's fault? Modders picking winners and losers is not working well for us, the average gamer.
  11. I have no such problems using this mod. My guys are limp till arroused and limp after.. I am using Creature Assets after this mod which may sort it all out. I understand Ulfie is using your stuff imbedded into his..?
  12. Indarello, on those animations that your mod supports, does that mean each of them should have a particle squirt added to it? Or just a promise of a cum stain? Most of the reason I use your mod is because of the particle squrting..Thanks
  13. Will this disable Leitos aggressive animations and just leave his staged stuff? I hope it does. Would prefer less animations than more.........Thanks
  14. AAF 133 loads for me and I play with Indarello's Patch, but 139 was a total bust using the same mods. There is a great thread setting up your AAF with the latest mods. Also lists mods that no longer work. Fixed my stop at 30% problem but not so for version 139..
  15. You can add it back yourself. It is not hard once you find the animation in his mod..
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