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Skyrim: Special Edition Sexlab/LoversLab starter mods, 2021 Edition?

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Greetings to anyone reading this, I am a reinvigorated Skyrim SE player who picked up said version of Skyrim over a week ago. Since then, I modded the game some with both SFW and NSFW mods, some from this site and some from Nexus Mods. I am having some confusion with SexLab, where I have most if not all necessary mods installed, but I feel there needs to be some fine tuning. Perhaps mods I was unable to find. There are other guides giving starter packs, but the ones I have found are somewhat outdated or old. Guides that either reference mods that either don't line up with Skyrim SE since they are for old Skyrim or because the mods themselves are swamped in with other mods with similar features that have been created since then. A good example relates to Horny Creatures of Skyrim, the initial version for 2011 Skyrim by MadMansGun, and then the Skyrim SE port by Pfiffy. I have the latter mod installed, but I am interested in the recommended mods for MadMansGun's version such as SexLab Werewolves. Then there was some confusion of finding a SE port for it, alongside me finding other mods like HDT Werewolves by dusellx that have similarities to Sexlab Werewolves in question. Stuff like this has made my modding ventures laborious, more than it probably should be. As someone who joined the LoversLab community only recently, I am swamped in mods of various natures that often also have similar counterparts that may or may not mesh together well. So, to not only educate myself in a efficient manner but also others that are confused on where to begin, I ask anyone with knowledge of the modding community and mods themselves to post some guidance on modding LoversLab/SexLab into Skyrim SE and the fine tuning that goes with it. I am welcome to some lengthy discussion and I will respond as soon as I can. 


Side note: If anyone can suggest appropriate tags for this topic to point more attention to it, that would be appreciated.

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Posting in the SE portion of the site would prolly be best or having this moved


Since I installed SE this thread is pretty much the bible of what is on offer/has been made to work with SE



So is worth a look for what is available

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