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[Request] Alternative Slavetats and Rapetats mod?

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I've been making my own textures for other mods throughout my time modding just for fun, and when I saw Adeladen Tramp Stamps mod I made some modifications based on Adeladens work.

The idea was just using thin lines as the tattoo, because immersion, and the other thought was that empty space is empty canvas. Attached a GIF for preview.


But because of how Slavetats work, and all it's other mods, there's no way to have all 300-ish tattoos on at the same time.

So my thought would be instead of slavetats choosing multiple texture files, it or a new mod, could apply one texture at a time and instead have a range of layers depending on how many tattoos is applied.

e.g. I get one tattoo ingame, mod applies "1.dds". Then I get another tattoo, mod changes "1.dds" to "2.dds" and there's two tattoos baked into the same texture file.

Third tattoo, mod changes "2.dds" to "3.dds". And so on.


It wouldn't be random, but at least other mods that use Racemenus overlay could finally work together. 


I have very little knowledge on how to make mods so this idea might die here, but wanted to hear if there's a possibility!


Skyrim Loop.gif

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First off. Like the textures. Good job. Too many tats use Times New Roman ;)


I suppose you have two options:

1. Break the textures into areas and add them to rapetats and apply them in chunks. This is probably the easiest option but kind of defeats the work you've done. 

2. Create your own rapetats style mod. Much harder I'd imagine. 


1 hour ago, tissemann said:

e.g. I get one tattoo ingame, mod applies "1.dds". Then I get another tattoo, mod changes "1.dds" to "2.dds" and there's two tattoos baked into the same texture file.

Third tattoo, mod changes "2.dds" to "3.dds". And so on.

There are intricate little.... complications with this kind of approach. How are tats being removed? Are they fading out or just blinking out of existence after x amount of time. Or are they just permanent. If they're fading out then lets say you get one tat. Then a week later after the first tat has faded 50% you get another tat in the same group. Then either you need to apply the new tat at 50% fade to match the older one or you bump the old one up to 100% to match the new one. Either approach is going to be a bit... jarring. 


As for slot usage. Yep it's a real problem these days (for me at least). It's a real shame we can't combine textures on the fly in game. It would really help with this kind of thing. 

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I tried chunks, but didn't really work that well.


I think the best approach is for every 10th-ish tattoo that's applied I set the opacity of the first tattoo down, how much and how often will be trial and error.

And maybe use a second set that will apply on the end of the first set, so two slots on overlay. 

If it takes too long until the next tattoo, set two comes in while first set fades away. When/if the second set completes, first set will be applied.

Still won't be random which tattoo applies, but it could be seamless. And the sets don't have to be identical either.


Still, very little knowledge with Creation Kit, but I am one to learn! Would this approach be possible at all tho?


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