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  1. I think you downloaded a version that I accidentally broke, downloading the latest one should fix it, probably.
  2. It's from this mod For which tattoos does this happen? Could you send a screenshot?
  3. It's been a while but I think it's Aurelin. The breasts stretch out a looot, it would be hard to make something look good there probably, haven't tried.
  4. Yeahhh they need to be that size to be the quality I want unfortunately. Hm, in the slavetats menu the main pack doesn't show? Can you try reinstalling it? Sounds like you just installed it incorrectly.
  5. Are you saving it in the correct dimensions though? If you are, I'm not sure what's wrong.
  6. Wouldn't hurt. What dimensions are they? You're overlaying them on a UV map right?
  7. There are a few in the main pack: Daddy's Slut, Daddy's Pussy, Daddy's Cunt, Daddy's Bitch, Daddy's Whore and Daddy Issues Maybe, but I haven't made a tattoo or opened skyrim in quite a while now, I might get back to it at some point but right now I'm enjoying writing erotica (plus I can get paid for that through commissions) If I do make some at some point, do you have any ideas for what they'd say?
  8. What do you mean? Why isn't it recognised by the mod? If you use gimp and save it as .dds it should work just fine. Maybe look at this guide https://www.loverslab.com/topic/138380-tramp-stamps-a-collection-of-slavetats-packs/?do=findComment&comment=2925381
  9. It's in the mod page inside spoilers.
  10. Thank you Oh I must have selected the wrong format when exporting in gimp, my bad. But I'm not aware of any making the skin blue in the default mod, did you download the now removed compressed version?
  11. You can increase the max amount of tattoos in skee64.ini by changing the number under iNumOverlays
  12. If you're asking if that specific tattoo pack will work for SE, then yes it will. There's no porting needed from LE to SE. According to the author, it's a pain to set up https://www.loverslab.com/topic/25398-slavetats/?do=findComment&comment=2970904 You can try Slavetats Magic Manager for more than 12 though.
  13. Just get the pose hotkeys mod, it's way better than using rings.
  14. Damn I didn't know that, I thought other people had gotten cathedral assets optimizer to work just fine? I'll remove it from the page then.
  15. Wait a lot of the compressed pack doesn't work? Shit. I didn't know that. Can other people who have used it comment on this? What kind of symbols?
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