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  1. @osmelmc Would that new system be compatible with mods like Conditional Expressions or Random Emotions? I've been avoiding these mods because I think they might overwrite SL expressions during scenes, even though they add a lot of life to the characters.
  2. @Cicro72 if you have crash fixes and are on LE, make sure to set AlignHeapAllocate=1 in CrashFixPlugin.ini. Else changing morphs will crash the game.
  3. @reveng367 what mods did you use to set up all the scenes at the same time like this? good work
  4. Thanks for the LE version, I really like the idea of the stripping mechanics. I'll be giving this mod a try!
  5. Thanks for your answer and for the update!
  6. As someone else said, it's possible to generate FNIS animations and keep only creature animations while Nemesis handles the rest, assuring compatibility with Nemesis-dependant mods. That said, I'm impressed you don't use a mod manager, do you do everything through manual install?
  7. So, since this is a great mod I feel like asking - are there any required updates for it to work properly with DD5?
  8. Here are some skin textures to use on a custom race or with slavetats Sex Bot Textures - Twitter.7z
  9. To be fair, there are already toggles in SL Parasites's MCM to remove them as you please
  10. In the style of what you're asking for I know of Other than that, succubus mods like or include a different set of powers and abilities, though they include many more features
  11. Small question by the way - will executions be toggleable in the next versions?
  12. I've been following this mod's development from time to time, glad you managed to make it! I'll test it out and give feedback
  13. @osmelmc Just want to ask if you'd have an interest in improving Blush when Aroused ? It's a great mod, but it happens to have important issues (changes exposure / can create tons of script lag when used alongside SLSO for some reason). Thanks for reading!
  14. I second Masculinized Level Lists that was linked already. It will make every non unique npc male if possible. It won't affect a few scripted enocounters where some female characters are supposed to appear but that's about it.
  15. Do you have any tutorial on how to use this mod? I tried enabling it and setting some basic options, but I don't see anything happen (poll every 5s, only 1 arousal required). Or maybe a simple mod in the MCM could be welcome, it's a bit overwhelming as is. thanks for your work though
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