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When I was playing Fallout 4 I had a mod for the MCM that showed all the active hotkeys that were in use from all my installed mods. Is there any such mod that does a similar thing for Skyrim SE?


Trying to keep track and manage all the different hotkeys from all the different mods is doing my head in a little and the only hotkey mods I can find are just about adding more rather than managing existing

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I am just AGAIN wondering why a button does what it does and cannot find the menu in all the MCM where it must have been set by default, because i am using it for something different.

Let me necro this question because I really need something like this!

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3 hours ago, effrenatus said:

Let me necro this question because I really need something like this!

It's very unlikely for something like this to ever exist. I wouldn't say impossible because there's always a surprise in the modding community. But given how things are, with several ways to implement and change hotkeys across mods, it would be very hard to come around a unified standard to do so. 11+ years after a game release isn't a very promising timing for such task.

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4 hours ago, effrenatus said:

Damn. I guess this is tue to the differences between Skyrim and Fallout 4 then.

Right, FO4 has a hotkey manager integrated into the MCM. That was a relatively quick implementation (MCM=2017, FO4=2015). There was no such thing for Skyrim (in any PC version AFAIK) in the early days and things haven't changed in that regards.

I trust any user would do fine after reading the mod info and keeping track of any relevant hotkey. If you can't keep track of a few hotkeys across your different mods then I'd say there are bigger problems in that setup than some hotkeys conflicting.

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