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  1. Is there a way to disable the "green cum" effect from certain creatures? Dogs used to use normal colors but since I installed this one its all been bright green 😬 If I go into the XML and just change the "mutant overlays" from "Breast_1M" to "Breast_1" will it get rid of it or will it just fuck up my game? or is there another config file somewhere in AAF where I can change it? also on a slimier note, if I reduce the the alpha a bit, will it make cum less "fluorescent" in general or does it need to stay at 100 to work?
  2. Is there a mod that makes NPCs react more to you when you're walking around naked/shackled? like laughing or mumbling comments about you If nothing exists already, would such a thing even be possible? obviously I'm not talking "fully voiced" just some some flavour subtitles or something but could it be done?
  3. couldn't get this to work sadly, but will read up on FNVedit when I'm less tired because it seems like it would be very usful if i can get my head round it YES! this worked, thank you so much! its been driving me nuts lol
  4. doesn't seem to help unfortunately is FormID the same as ObjectID? if not where do I find the objectID in TesEdit? all that I can see are the FormID's and non of them work
  5. is there an item code for the powder gang slave outfit and collar to use outside of being enslaved? the code I got from clicking on them while in the console (ff00159) didn't seem to work, it just added blank items to the misc section in the inventory. I can't "deliver" Sunny to Eddie because my pc is male so I guess thats all of limits to me, but I still want to put her in that outfit (as well as a few other people in goodsprings) is such a thing possible?
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