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  1. effrenatus

    SexLab Inflation Framework

    From my experience, with all these mods together, you need to go through each's MCM and look whoch mods do the same! For example I turned off most (maybe all) of PSQ's morphs. It quickly goes out of control or smth. if they do the same size changes for different reasoins and is is extremely hard to find out which one it does what and maybe is scaling too much. I also noticed that PSQ's morphs might malfunction (belly inflation).
  2. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    Hmm, I can't remember this quest name, so is it from the mod too? I assume this quest is still to come... Okay then I will Ignore this wall for now, thank you very much for your quick reply!!
  3. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    Hi htere, I have to request for help: I am using Version 6.3 and the quests sent me to Kagrenzel now. After Nocturne appearing and telling me what to do, I touched the orb and found a word wall. It seems that this mod adds this word wall, does it? The problem is: it does not trigger, it just glows at me but no word and no animation happens... I tried several things that are said to solve the common word wall bug but nothing works. Is there more behind this error?
  4. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    I have read the description and the faq, but one answer I could not find: I am at the point in the main quest where I can go back to Nocturnal to be reborn, but Dibella‘s voice has told me not to do anything that Nocturnal sais. How can I live a life as a non-virgin, for example under Dibella‘s reign? I am afraid I will not be able to go on without having to report in and getting punished all the time. You wrote about a choice - HOW do I choose Dibella? Or can I not choose before I went through all the quests? Thank you for helping me to understand!
  5. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    And the body armor will fall off, no matter which item melted, right? Thank you for your time!
  6. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    Can anyone explain me what the melting is supposed to do? I am a bit uncertain whether it works as intended here... I see the curiass (being in training) go transparent. But something should be disappearing or getting unequipped, right?
  7. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    Hi! Maybe this has been answered before, but this thread is soo looong... ^^ In animations wirh postures on pillars, cages and so on, they change really fast. Is there a way to extend the posture times, or an option to see only one randomly chosen one? If not, then this is a feature request. Thanks!
  8. effrenatus

    SkyUI - show armor slots

    I am using Auto Sell Junk mod, will this work together?
  9. effrenatus

    Milk Mod Economy

    Do you have an Idea what i can do?
  10. effrenatus

    Milk Mod Economy

    I have a problem: I can not milk my follower anymore. In the "Hey there!" dialogue there is no option to do that... I had to reinstall my follower while she was a milk maid. Could that have an influence?
  11. Great! Can I just install this and continue my savegame woth the quests Sanguine's Desire and The Truth already running? Or better go back to before sleeping and meeting Sanguine the first time?
  12. Eagerly looking forward to this weekend‘s release!
  13. Hi there, it is me again.... Now I lived through slave life under Sanguine until he offered me to join his faction. I chose join and free, and now I am free. BUT the quests "Sanguine's Desire" and "The Truth" are still running, telling me to serve my master until he lets me go. Did I break the quests? EDIT: The "Sanguine's Desire" quest description mentiones some Lord I gave my trust. But there was nothing before I went to sleep and ended up in the Dreamworld! I did not even meet Sanguine in a tavern before! Why does it happen? EDIT2: And maybe that clarifies something for me: What is the difference between the "Let me Go! Please!" and the "Can I go now?" dialogue option? I have both...
  14. Will the whip marks disappear after some time?
  15. effrenatus

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Hm I understand... Can you give me a start on how to edit the mesh? In which tool? Thanks!