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  1. effrenatus

    SexLab Stories (2018-12-20)

    I would like to know... Is the ELLE-Questline complete now, or will it terminate somewhere in the middle of it? What is still missing there?
  2. effrenatus


    Hi there, I think I have reason to believe that Untamed somehow messes with Death Alternative. I was trying to find out why DA does not trigger, and it turns out that it works when I turn off everything Follower related and set DA Follower handling to None. Thing is, I have no follower, but a small pack. I have the impression that the pack uses a very follower-like mechanic. Could that be a possible reason? If yes, could that be fixed? Thanks for answers!
  3. effrenatus

    Milk Mod Economy

    Thank you, this is what I tried several times. I use the fancy milk pumps at Whiterun. My follower Sonja was a milk maid since the 2017-12-1 version and now after updating I went back to her and it did not work. Any ideas? Is it because of the update? Or maybe a bug with the pumps?
  4. effrenatus

    Deadly Traps and curses

    Hi! Was there supposed to be a spell visible in the current effects screen? Or how am i supposed to see if I am cursed and how it influences me? I mean what effect do the curses have actually?
  5. effrenatus

    Milk Mod Economy

    How can I make my follower use the milk pumps? I am using the current version 2019-01-26.
  6. How compatible is this mod with Shout Like A Virgin?
  7. effrenatus

    Egg Factory

    I just wanted to wrote that the Bird Egg seems okay, but I am not through 1 full cycle with it yet. But what you write reminds me of an experience with 3.0 although I thought I had messed up something. I basically uninstalled the mod by the uninstall option in the menu, which was supposed to end all pregnancies. But it didn’t. Another thing seems like a bug to me: The Remove Curse potions are all flagged as stealing. But according to the note, aren’t they supposed to be free for taking?
  8. effrenatus

    Egg Factory

    I am using 3.3 and when I pick up a Suspicious Dragon Egg, my character immediately bloats and delivers! Then again and again and again! What is wrong here?
  9. effrenatus

    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    Thank you! Please just a small follow up question: Does the loading order make a difference for that?
  10. effrenatus

    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    Hi, can someone please answer this? Thanks!
  11. effrenatus

    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    Hello. I am sorry if it has been answered before... What could be the reason if during the act it goes flaccid and up, back and forth between the stages? Did I overwrite something or is there something I should check? Thank you for help!
  12. effrenatus

    Egg Factory

    Hi! I just upgraded from 3.0 tp 3.3 At least I thought so, I am confused... Is it right that 3.3 still identifies as 3.0 in the MCM under „Information“?
  13. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    I see, maybe google can help, or you have a hint for me at which files to start. Anyway, thank you very much for this mod and your support!!
  14. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    Could the lantern light not be enhanced a bit? ? Or is there a way I can do it by myself?
  15. effrenatus

    Shout Like a Virgin

    Cannot check the torch, but the Horns and Halo work! They illuminate the area around me. (Small annotation here: Horns&Halo Light source seems to illuminate the ground and dont look like they are above the head.)