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  1. Will this only work on default settlements? or is there any way I can get it to work with a workbench I've put down with the console?
  2. When I was playing Fallout 4 I had a mod for the MCM that showed all the active hotkeys that were in use from all my installed mods. Is there any such mod that does a similar thing for Skyrim SE? Trying to keep track and manage all the different hotkeys from all the different mods is doing my head in a little and the only hotkey mods I can find are just about adding more rather than managing existing
  3. I've got an animation that I don't really like that just keeps playing constantly, I've blocked it in the animation control in MCM but it still keeps playing for some reason. Is there anyway to just straight up delete that particular animation? because I'm sick of seeing it. Where are the animations actually stored in these Sexout mods?
  4. Looking at the game versions, this is the one I need (1.63.134 - I think that's right?) but the guy only has the latest version available on his patreon and his "legacy versions" only go up to 1.15... Does anyone have a copy of this version (or whichever one works with game version 1.63.134) they could share please?
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