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  1. Check game version, SKSE version and version of all the mods in question (not all of them really, but the ones mentioned in the first post under the bold orange notice at least. That would be a good start to see where the issue is.
  2. This would be an edit to a certain plugin (esm, esp, esl files). That change will be present in all profiles that have that same edited plugin enabled. If you want the change to be for a specific profile you'll need to make these edits in a new plugin and enable it only in the profiles you want.
  3. Instructions to deal with this are in the first post, in the spoiler after the bold orange paragraph. The TL;DR is if you don't want to wait for every mod to be updated for AE, you can downgrade the game version to the previous one, where every mod depicted in the guide and 95% of every other mods are compatible. During the step about installing MO I recommend to disable the form 43 checker. It's of no real use, users think it's a big issue when it's not. You can use the mods covered in this guide even if they're in form 43. Back to my initial response here, you can wait for mods to be updated or get the previous version and verifying you're downloading mods for that version only. Mixing an AE game version with some mods for the previous version and some for the latest one won't get you to a happy place. Ditto of the above. Either you have every single mod installed to be compatible with AE, or you downgrade and get every single mod for that version. And as I said instructions to do this are in the orange note/spoiler in the first post, as well as in step 14 which is all about identifying which mods are prone to incompatibilities and how to deal with a scenario such as a game update.
  4. Here. ps: this isn't new or strange, they know what they're doing by restricting access to previous iterations of the patch, even when that means causing a fuss in the middle of a game update. They're good at being a pain in the ass over controlling these things.
  5. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4200-ammo-unequip-on-sexlab-animations/ Alternatively, there are several mods to manage arrow/bolts so these unequip when the actor unequips their ranged weapons. But for SL alone that's the most simple and effective solution.
  6. If you're not ranting on a forum you're obviously not doing your part. That's the only way to stop them. And don't even think about silence the ranting smh
  7. Don't use Sexlab nude suits. By default Sexlab will use the bodies you have installed (ex. CBBE, SOS, UUNP, and so on) and strip actors of the items they're wearing. You can tweak exactly what is stripped in the Sexlab MCM (there are two places you can look into, "Timers & Stripping" and "Strip Item Editor").
  8. Right. So, the good thing is while I'm here being complacent you're being very vocal about it. So good for you and everyone else. Have a great life.
  9. I'm not. All I'm saying is you can ignore this issue entirely with a proper setup. And if you didn't had that before, you can keep playing your modded game after a simple rollback. Every update did that for most skse plugins between 2017 and 2019. I know the compiler changed now and major changes are needed. But we're seeing mods being updated constantly, and not just for AE but for the new Address Library which wasn't around 4-2 years ago. So I'm not sure what's your point. Bethesda has been doing this for years and every time a portion of players react in awe. You're free to kick and screams all you want. Good luck with that.
  10. Suit yourself. I think you're a bit late to this party tho. But as I said, you're free to check wikis, do your tests and have your own opinion on the matter. But what's your thought process here? You mention Archery being part of The Thief because the standing stone effect mentions or benefit it in leveling? Okay, so you'll find that Enchanting is a Mage skill. If you read a bit about that wiki, which must be wrong but you can check other sources and find similar information, you'll find out that Archery being affected by The Thief was considered a bug, since every other internal reference to Archery treats it as a combat skill. Or is your argument that in past games Archery was stealth, and Alchemy magic, so Enchanting must be a combat skill? No, that doesn't line up at all. Like I said, Bethesda has fucked skills from game to game because they keep reducing them. But Enchanting has always been a magic related skill and in Skyrim each archetype gets 6 skills and these are all over the internet.
  11. Of course, you can read all about it in the descriptory thing!
  12. Archery and alchemy are a bit of an issue due to how these skills were classified (and governed by certain attributes) in past games. But the division of 18 skills into the 3 archetypes with 6 skill each is a given.
  13. All the numbery things need to match.
  14. Test what?? You're free to open a wiki and see this yourself. You can have a different opinion if that makes you happy.
  15. ??? The files are still there: And the non-dll version is found as an attached file in a comment on the thread. This new version looks good, but by no means replaces the existing files (in fact you need SOS 1.1.4 installed to apply that patch on top of it).
  16. Interesting. Did that solve the bethesda login and keyboard input issues? Maybe something from the edited bsa files is conflicting with inputs... You're welcome. Go slow and keep an extra eye for mods mentioning specific game or SKSE versions. Good luck and enjoy.
  17. You can also downgrade your game and keep using the previous SKSE version and mod versions for it. Otherwise you'll be waiting for a while. There are multiple ways to get the previous game version, the downgrade patcher is my first recommendation atm.
  18. Skyrim SE 1.5.97 -> PapyrusUtil 3.9 (and Sexlab 163 beta 9) Skyrim SE 1.6.318 -> PapyrusUtil 4.0 (and Sexlab 164) Always verify these numbers, if a mod mentions these you'll have problem in case you pick the wrong one.
  19. Skyrimse.exe and binkw64.dll AE will change a lot of other files, but as long as you have the 1.5.97 executable and that dll (AE replaces it with a binkw2 or something like that) you'll be fine.
  20. Three less? What are you talking about? There are 18 skills, each archetype gets 6. I don't know what does the perk menu tells you, but Enchanting is placed besides the 5 schools of magic, just like Smithing is near the combat skills and so on. And again, you can argue about some of these classifications, like Alchemy or Archery. But I don't see how you're missing three skills for combat.
  21. Smithing-> Combat crafting skill Enchanting-> Magic crafting skill Alchemy-> Stealth crafting skill One could argue about Alchemy since in Oblivion it was a magic skill... but I don't think you can make the case for Smithing being a stealth or magic related skill. And Enchanting is literally imbuing magic into an object and is performed, by common knowledge and ingame dialogues, by the College of Winterhold.
  22. The Unofficial patch updated to support the latest version. For safe measure use this version instead. And don't update to the one you can download from the nexus or other sites. I'll have to go through the modlist and check if other mods need the same treatment. For example Sexlab itself updated to 1.64 supporting the latest game version, but it's not compatible with Skyrim SE 1.5.97 or SKSE 2.0.20 so we'll need to keep using the 1.63 beta 9 (which is now on the second post of the original Sexlab for SE thread in a spoiler...). Lot of things to do. Bad time to start into all of this. The non-working inputs is a mystery to me, as I've never had that... as well as the login thing. If you can skip it try to do that.
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