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"Is there a mod that..." & Requests

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Simple enough, this is a thread for inquiring as to whether or not a certain type of mod exist.


You might want to specify whether you are looking for a mod for New Vegas or Fallout 3.


I'll start, Is there a mod for New Vegas that removes the burst fire in vats for automatic weapons, and lets you fire each individual bullet?

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Is there a mod for FNV that: Makes all explosive ammo (Like mini-nukes and grenades & mines) explode when it is uninitiated? (Like...if it's sitting on the shelf before you pick it up)


There was a mod like this for FO3 and it made the game soooooo awesome!

EDIT: Found it! http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1580 "Explosive Explosives"


If you threw a grenade in a room, there was a chance you would blow up everything if a mini-nuke was sitting on a shelf or in a ammo-crate.


You could also put a mini-nuke down next to a frag-mine and it would go nuclear when the frag-mine went off. It was the only way I could take out large groups of zombies properly.



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Soooooooo is there a mod that:


Adds some nicer idle animations to the game? Seriously if i could just have my char standing with hands on her hips i'd be happy :P


Yes indeedy!

I just loaded up ALL of these last night and my companions are all much more lively!



Player Char Idles - Adds idle action key to your character without having to wait for the in-game Screensaver/Idle to kick in.

Just hold down the "Walk" key.


Candora's box - Adds more idle markers for your companions and other NPCs to utilize.


Companion Idles 1 - Adds more idles to Boone' date=' Cass, Veronica and Raul companions. When they're following you and you stop...instead of your follower just standing there staring ahead like a dummy, an idle animation will be played. Mostly it's subtle movements (Like swatting bugs, scratching themselves or waving) but enough to keep them looking alive. They'll fidget, scratch themselves or whatever.


Followers Idles 1 - Adds more idle animations to Boone, Cass and Veronica.

NOTE: This one is a work in progress, it only adds a few animations right now.


Animated food and Drinks - This mod displays an animation when you drink or eat something. Being in an animation prevents you from doing anything else, so the animations will not display in combat.


Hope I helped!

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Wow thats far more than i was thinking of, thanks! I was just thinking of a simple standing pose my character could use, just something feminine.


The pose in the Type 6 body replacer is such an improvement for me, just standing up straight :P I was just hoping for something in the same vein, but a tad more feminine. Theres so many good pose packs, but i have no idea if its even possible to grab one of those and make it an idle animation

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Is There A Mod That Allows You To Either Cross Repair Armors' date='Clothes Or

Armor,Clothes Repair Kit,s , I Ask Because I Have Clothes & Armors

I Cant Repair .



Well, if you had 90 Repair and Jury Rigging you wouldn't need a mod. Jury Rigging allows you to repair any armor in the same class with another armor of the same class, I believe.


Unless you're asking if you can repair Power Armor with Leather Armor or a Vault Suit...

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Is there a mod that actually adds some civilization to the game? I haven't spent near as much time in NV as I have in F3, but it just seems so... empty.

Megaton? Easily 50-80 people live there. Rivet City? 100-200 I would think.

With NV, good springs was understandably small, and then I embarked on the main quest to my first town! And all of the people are in one building. Even after I kill the bandits in town. Great. I move on to the next town! Burned, dead bodies, ghost town. Next! Some shitty junkyard with a few buildings and a motel. There would be what, 15 people living there? Vegas baby yeah! Finally there! Okay on the outside, it seems to be quite the large place, definitely getting a feel of a large, bustling city. *Goes to the inside of the city* ... It still just feels empty. Factions bases? Cool idea, boomers, rangers, brotherhood of steel; all of their bases seem to just feel like they have about 20 or so people. I just want towns. Places where it feels like a large group of people live out there lives, going to the restaurant, the shop, the bar, their homes, etc.


Am I the only one who has experienced this?

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I don't think you're remembering Megaton and Rivet City accurately. Both those places combined had 40 NPCs tops.


Curses' date=' I had hoped I had worded it to properly convey what I meant.


40 npcs? Sure. But to me, it [i']felt[/i] like there was more, it felt like there were all those people living there, and the same in rivet city. However, in new vegas, there isn't that feeling anywhere. Everything feels extremely small.

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