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  1. Still trying to figure out whats causing the Arcanaeum, No where else in Winterhold, Just the Arcanaeum, to CTD if I even so much as look at it.
  2. Its not the college itself, its ONLY the Arcanaeum, thats where it CTDs.
  3. Without fail, the Arcanaeum crashes to desktop if I look in its direction. It seems nothing I do fixes it, and no one would help me on discords.
  4. I tried to use nifskope once before, I literally am apparently incapable of wrapping my head around it. So I might just have to go without the meshes unfortunately.
  5. Yeah. I noticed people are just ignoring it, sadface....
  6. Does no one know how to help Mouymob? or are we doomed to have invisible magicka dildos for all eternity with Anubs ANimation Pack for SE?
  7. They are invisible for me too. So I don't know.
  8. could someone convert this To CBBE SE with Physics? At least the outfit in the image specifically, cause my mage in Skyrim LE wore it very often, and I love that outfit. It comes from
  9. The Red Mage outfit from Bless armor pack Could you please convert that? Just that outfit, I used it heavily in Skyrim LE, It was HDT Bodyslide at the time, well, I'd love it for CBBE bodyslide with physics enabled (CBP), could you please do that?
  10. Could someone convert this to CBBE SSE? I love this mod, and would love it in the special edition. Mainly I like the skimpy red mage outfit,
  11. Dark World reborn has the best succubus stuff i've seen, I'd hate to lose it. ...Could keep it updated and if he decides against it, you can take it down after? Its just a thought.
  12. Does Dewguru even work on this anymore? The other starts have so much potential, and he's actually really awesome. I guess i'm only concerned cause the new expansion coming out and it'd have to be updated for it and stuff.
  13. I still want an actual catgirl, akin to the Dagi-Raht race from Skyrim nexus. Their cute, or Ohmes-Raht, either way, Fallout Catgirls FTW.
  14. I used to use that, I can't find it anymore, ..unless it had its name changed.
  15. I'm sorry for getting all bent out of shape, I felt like no matter how hard I tried to explain it, I couldn't get my point across, so I used steam broadcast to show a friend whats going on, someone who's much better at explaining. I feel pretty bad now for getting all upset...
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