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Zaselim's Gaya Gei Body MOD Series [ZGGB-R2-U (Released 29-11-2013) and ZGGB-R (Released April 2013)] TBBP HDT Physics Enabled

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Note: The Topic is moved to New One, plz visit the new Topic from now on. But you can visit and ask question here and I will answer them but I will add the updates (for ZGGB-R2 & R) only in the new topic 





18th. One more Armor Conversion By Youngfool has been added for ZGGB-R2-U, February 15th, 2014.


17th. One Armor Conversion By Youngfool has been added for ZGGB-R2-U, February 14th, 2014.


16. 2 Armor conversions by Kyshan have been added for ZGGB-R2-U, Februaury 11th, 2014.


15. Conversion Reference for the Outfit Studio has been added for the Max weight body ZGGB-R2-U, 5th February 2014.


14. Tutorial to Convert Armors for ZGGB-R2-U has been added, 15th January 2014 - 11-45 AM.


13. Released ZGGB-R2-U with Armor Conversion Pack 1, 29th November 2013 - 10-15 PM.



12. Added ZGGB-R 11 Armor Pack Update, 23rd August 2013


11. Added ZGGB-R Complete Body Mod including Complete Race Mod, 31st July 2013

10. Added ZGGB-R Lingerie Pack, 15th July 2013

09. Added ZGGB-R Race Mod and Original/Official Awakened Version Tattoos Textures, XPMS New Skeletons 11th July 2013

08. Corrected the Textures path of all the 11 Armors +1 Heel Boots, 4th July 2013

07. Added Neo's Inpou Armor Conversion for ZGGB-R, 1st July 2013

06. Added Sweaty, Muscle and Tan Lines Textures [Converted by HongChina] For the ZGGB-R, 11th June 2013

05. Added My Textures Folder For the Female, it contains some Gloss DDS files 9th June 2013

04. Armor Update 2 [10=7 new+3 Previous] with TBBP Compatibility - 7th June 2013

03. Added Skeletons for TBBP Compatibility if someone's having issue, May 31th 2013

02.TBBP Meshes added, May 22nd 2013

01.Two armors updated, May 11th 2013



Apology Note:

A lot of people requested for my original mod ZGGB and ZGGB-T(1.5) and i told them that both of them are private and i also apologized for that many times, but still there are some people (specially Gandalf at gamevixenzone in this thread http://gamevixenzone.ryonani.com/naughty-vixens-13/hot-girls-game-screenshots-35/index15.html) who think that i wanted or want people to beg which is never my intention. i didn't think using the word private is wrong and upload the pictures of the private mod is teasing like Sir Gandalf thinks, But i really apologize if somehow i gave that kind of feeling to anyone of you guys here or anywhere. I though i'm just going to make a thread of the mod when i finished with it to release it but instead i made it today just to clear the air and clear everything from my side that i didn't want any begging or that kind of attention, i just wanted to share some pics with the rest of the gaming community.
So i apologize again if i cause any disrespect towards anyone or give any feeling i mentioned above, i hope this will clear some bad air if there's any.
I respect each and everyone here even the people who think my mod is SHIT because everyone has different taste and i respect that..

Now about the thread...


I always wanted a female character in games with big muscular thighs and big butt like some of the Brazil's models like Eve Canel, and american swim suit model Nicole Coco has, most of the African women have this type of body. So i tried in make that type of body in many games over the years with Character Creation these games had but i failed everytime. Didn't care for Skyrim when it launched as i've never played any Elder's Scroll Game before and Skyrim is my first. But by accident i came across Nexus site saw a spectacular mods made by people there, saw couple of body mods and i said to myself that now I really have to play Skyrim and Now Skyrim is one my fav games i've ever played.
First i used the body mod CHSBHC because it has the shape i wanted not entirely but some of it, but didn't satisfied me so i started to gather information of how to make a body and i came to understand that i need 3ds Max, nifskope, base body and some skill to make my own body mod. One of the guys on Nexus help me a lot to understand many things, unfortunately i don't remember his name and i'm banned on Nexus, i really wanted to thank him but i can't now. So i experimented on Chsbhc, unp, cbbe then Rebirth body mod, when i finished with rebirth body mod to me it was the perfect (prototype) body mod for me but it had some compatibility problems with armors i converted for it, so i started editing Maki's CBBEv3M body replacer mod and i made my Original ZGGB mod and sometime after (2 or 3 months back when i started to come here on loverslab) found the tbbp meshes and breasts and butt animations so i said to my self i want to have this on my mod so i started asking question about how to make it here on loverslab and that is how i showed my ZGGB mod here, and i found much help from here and i really thankful to those guys (not mentioning the names) to help me understand paint weights and tbbp, I'm still noob to 3ds max and specially to paint weights but i'm trying to understand it when i get the time.
Many people requested for my mod but i made it for personal use so i apologized for not sharing it and i said that i'm gonna make a new version specially for releasing purpose. So now i'm making ZGGB-R, i've ben working on it for a week now cause i only getting 10-15 mins of my free time to do this. I hope you'll like it and I'll try to make its as soon as possible for me.

Evolution Of Gaya Gei Mod and New ZGGB-R/R2 Versions

Name : Gaya Titania Gei (Queen of all Seven Worlds)
Age :Unknown - Immortal (The first being)
Height: Almost 6 Feet (5"11.5')
Hair Color: Sky Bluish (In skyrim i made her blond)
Eye Color : Whitish Blue ( I made her eyes sky blue in skyrim)
Skin Color: White (Vampirsh like but slightly redish - Original ZGGB skin color)
Figure: ZGGB but can transform into ZGGB-T(goddess/Queen mode) when in life threatening situation untill she awakens.

Gaya Gei is the main female character of my Novel "The Forbiiden Love"(Its a story of LIFE KING Zaselim, the True King Of 7 worlds) I started writing 5-6 years back but never finished due to various reasons.

Gaya is not created by the One and only God, but she was created by the LIFE Force (Mist like energy - Black, white and shinning blueish, the 2nd most power being after the GOD) created by the God when there was nothing, HE created the LIFE Force from which he wanted to create LIFE through the galaxies, The Life Force had the mind of its own so it created Gaya Gei to fill the gap of its loneliness despite GOD's disapproval, it fell in deep love with Gaya and started full filling her wishes one by one and one day what she asked to be around beings, worlds etc, it was too much for the LIFE Force, The GOD told it that it can create the worlds, life...But it will need every drop of its Life Force so GOD forbade it...But blind by love the Life Force full filled Gaya's wish...and then VANISHED (emptied/drained)
Seven worlds came to...and Gaya searched for her love everywhere but there was no sign of IT... As the GOD moved by the deep love and sacrifice promised/ Prophecied Gaya that it/HE will come from the 8th world (Earth) as the Life KING bearing the seal of the king on his right hand holding the KEY (Zeenamaya Dragos(2nd being created by Life Force after Gaya)/The King's Key/female featured materialized form, Z-Blade/ Black Katana like shape) that unlocks the doorway to the 8th World from the 8th world's side... But there's no 8th but only 7 Worlds filled with Immortals, Dragos', Mortals animals etc but no sign of Life King or the 8th world exists and the one who is holding the Key is HER(Gaya)... hence the search begins....(Origin Story ended, missed many details and actual Origin telling because there was no reason to mention)

The story begins in the real world (Earth/8th world)
Don't want to go into more details...


As i mentioned the first mod i tried was CHSBHC and it was the first mod i practiced 3ds Max on..Some pics



After Chsbhc i worked on Rebirth Body Mod, Some pics and some pics to show you why i abandoned it


[Link to Gallery - Removed because of complains ] [Private - No release - Please don't request]

After that i worked on Maki's Cbbev3m body replacer mod and after some tries i made my ZGGB mod. Some pics


ZGGB-T [Original (using 0.7 value for breasts slider) , Flat Chest and Pregnant Versions]
[Link to Gallery - Removed because of complains] [Private - No release - Please don't request and I will not respond to any request related to ZGGB-T]

(Some pics of all three version of ZGGB-T)









ZGGB Series The Website

In case you are having some issues with this page being a huge edited page with alot of PNG Images you can visit the site I am making for my Released and Private Body Mods. Can't say when will it be done but It will be sometime after the ZGGB-R2-U Release. But don't see the Site as a Primary and think LOVERSLAB page as a main/Primary page for my MODs until I say otherwise.




Gaya Face (Textures) Change from the Beginning to this poinT


Face 1 & 2 Chcbhc - Face 3 Customized(Prototype ZGGB / Pre-ZGGB) Rebirth Body - Face 4 & 5 ZGGB - Face 6 ZGGB-T - Face 7 ZGGB-R



Continuation of Gaya Face with original hair Style, Color, ZGGB-R's last Hairstyle, ZGGB-R2-U and ZGGB-T new Hairstyle selections.




My original inspiration for the ZGGB mod comes from 2 bikini models..

Eve Canela


Nicole Coco


Some more pics of models look like ZGGB - ZGGB-T - ZGGB-R



A Perfect ZGGB-R Look a Like Body - Eva Andressa











ZGGB-R2-U [ Zaselim's Gaya Gei Body Released Version 2 - UNPB Textures Compatible ]










Some Info and Body Settings, Requirements I use and recommend:


1. I use maximum weight.


2. Breasts Sliders from 1 to 1.1, mostly 1.1.


3. Breasts Curve Sliders from 1 to 1.1, mostly 1.1.


4. Butt Sliders I use are 1.24, well 1.25 actually but when you close race menu it shifts the slider to 1.24. I don't recommend to use the butt slider for more than that because I am not very good with paint weights and the shape starts to get bad after 1.25 because of the way i painted the weights and because of the shape I designed for the butt in 3ds max. The length of the butt is bigger compare to the width so it looks kind'a like long and slim.


5. I am going to post the Tattoo textures (You see on my Pics) Separately when I'll complete them, There're on Real Girl Textures and I can't promise but I may be add the Tattoos on SG and Mature Skin Textures or may be I'll post the PSD file so you can put the Tatts on your desired Body Textures.


6. There are no Belly weights because I am not very good with paint weights and I tried but it was a fail, may be someone kind enough to do that for me and for that I'll be very grateful.


7. I hope you like it as I have put a lot of work in it, Have FUN..




INSTRUCTIONS For the BODY Mod and Armor Conversions:


For ZGGB-R2-U Body MOD


1. ZGGB-R2-U is based on UNPB and uses all textures a UNPB body supports, TBBP and HDT Physics Enabled as well. I added the hdt.xml file with the meshes but if you have it already then backup yours first. Links for Some of the most usable  Body Textures are in the Download section.


2. You need to have TBBP and HDT compatible Skeletons like XP32 Skeletons, I am using xp32 Schlong compatible, i think its 1.8 version but I recommend you use the latest onesl.The link is in the download section if you don't have the skeletons already. 


For ZGGB-R2-U Armor Conversions


1. You need to have High Heel System installed for the armor conversion to work if you don;t then the game will crash before the Menu screen comes.
2. You also need Tera Armor esm file I provided in the download section in your data folder but you don't have to enable it, You only need it if you don't have it already or not using the original tera armor esm [Link to the Original Tera armor page so you can know for which tera armors I am talking about] file comes with the tera armors. If you already using these tera armors then you don't need it.
3. There are 3 armor files for Black Rose Outfit I've uploaded separately because I missed to add the correct texture path for them in the nifskope so download and replace the files with the one in the armor pack 1 to avoid no textures for black rose outfit. I will upload and replace the link for the armor pack 1 with the Complete armor pack 1 (including the update 2 for pack 1) in few days.
There are some more instructions in the Armor Download Sections for how to get the armors please read them
Links are in the download section..


Request Section:


1. Please do not post any of the content anywhere else specially on Nexus.


2. If anyone of you guys can then please help me out with the Armor Conversion for that I'll be very grateful and It'll take some load off. And do not post your armor conversions in the replies but PM me the links as I will add them in here, the main post with your name.




Gallery Link

Pictures [some picture to show you how the body looks like in both 0 and 1 weight]


Weight Class: Everything is set to Default except Height in these 2 Pictures to show you the how the body looks in Minimum to Maximum weight.









Gaya Titania Gei with ZGGB--R2-U Posing, Pictures







ZGGB-R2-U The Body MOD



To Download: [Click the spoiler to see the download links]



ZGGB-R2-U [These are only meshes, for the textures you can use any UNPB compatible Textures][The default paths are already set, just copy the folders in your data folder]


[29th November 2013 - 10-15 PM]

Download link

Mirror - Multiupload


Original Hands and Feet [if anyone you having any issue with hands and feet then download these ones and replace them, The ones with the mod are the ones I got from Nexus, I think the mod was called More feminine Hands and Feet or something like that and that was for UNP/B.

So below attachments are the original ones]








Note:  I'm using Ningheim Race by Seren4XX for my ZGGB-R2-U version of Main Character Gaya Titania Gei mostly But some of the armors' Addons may cause issue with the race. I tried but wasn't able solve the issue/s so in case if that happens use Other or Default Races as I am using Imperial Race for my Main Character Gaya Titania Gei and Body Mods ZGGB-T and ZGGB-R and with ZGGb-R2-U as well.


BodyChange Mod by EIPsyCongrooANK

[For those don't want to use ZGGB-R2-U as a main body mod, you can use upto 9 Body Mods other than your original. It has its own 9 meshes and textures folders. Works with Ningheim Race As well]


For the Face and Body Textures:

[some of the best UNPB Textures used for the Body Mods.]


1. Real Girls - Realistic Body Textures by ZONZAI  

2. SG Female Textures Renewal by HELLOSANTA

3. Mature Skin Textures by MAEVAN2

4. Human Argonian Khajiit by ANTIWOMAAGNOT


For Muscle and Sweat Body Textures


1. Sporty Sexy Sweat by XS2REALITY

2. Sporty Sexy maps by XS2REALITY

3. Fitness Body by SvarogNL

4. Intense Muscle Texture by Tigersan



XP32 Maximum Skeletons by XP32 

For the TBBP and HDT Physics animations, download and install the skeletons if you didn't have them already.




February 5th, 2014

Conversion Reference for Outfit Studio - Bodyslide 2

By blabba

[Paste/Overwrite the files in the archive in your bodyslide 2 folder, Open the Outfit Studio and you will see the options in the reference templates. Its only for the max weight body of ZGGB-R2-U. I don't know how to convert the armors from outfit studio so if you don't know how then see the tutorials on Bodyslide 2 mod pages.


Tutorial Link provided by blabba 










Please Read, It's Important.


1. The Archive is 441Mb and 1.50Gb when extracted.

2. As before, All the conversion are and will contain a single esp file so you will need every Armor update/Pack in release order for it to work properly, Also you are not going to see any textures (but blue texture) in your inventory for most of the armor because i didn't add the textures in GND files but all of them will work fine when you'll wear them.


3. The only way you can get the Armors is by console window by using [ help zggbr2u ] with the brackets and it will show the long list of armors lol..then you will need to use command [ player.additem armor id quantity ] with the brackets to get the Armors in your inventory. You will get the msg in the top left corner when you get the armor.


(e.g) open console window by (~) key,

help zggbr2u

player.additem f000d2f8 100


Its just and example not the actual armor id in the above command.


4. Four or Five are not working with weight slider properly, you will get the minimum and maximum weight but you will see some torn textures in between weights.

5. As usual there are color options for most of the armors and I also made some armors in Part style so you can use the combinations from different armors to get something unique. But some of them will not look proper on other armor's parts but it is still fun to use them that way.


6. I think there is one or two armors missing from the GIF Animation I added in armor pics because i converted them later.


7.  You need to have High Heel System installed other wise the game will crash.


8.  Please help me out with the armor conversion, and don't post your conversion in replies but PM me the link i will add them in the main post here with your name. And I will be very grateful for helping me out with the armor conversions.




Have FUN


To Download:   [Click the spoiler to see the download links]




1. ZGGB-R2-U Armor Conversion Pack 1










[29th November 2013 - 10-15 PM]

Download Link 

Mirror Link - Multiupload






Your game will crash if you don't install, necessary for armors conversions.




Heel Collection I USE

ANKUNPB heeled collection n other collections 2.0.7z


Overwrite this esp with the original file in the Heel Collection to get the heels by typing [ help zggbr2u ] in the console window.







If you are having a CTD with the Armors's esp enabled then you need Tera Armor.esm - You don't need to enable it just put it in your data folder if you don't have it already. Don't install it if you have it already as your game doesn't crash or your CTD cause is different.





For the Guys who don't know and didn't fix it already, With the Gauntlet_1. Top_0 and Belt & Thong_0 of Black Rose Armor I forgot to change the texture path in one entry and is set to original path the original Author added so Download these files and replace them.



Belt & Thong_0.nif








In this section I will add ZGGB-R2-U Armor conversion made by guys helping out the with conversions. I will also add them in my Armor Conversion updates(in a single esp file like i always do.

These files in this sections include in the esp file as well, means the conversion will be either the replacer for the original armors or made with entirely new esp file.



1. Hentai Mixed Armor Conversion by Kyshan

Has Clipping on couple of places and Kyshan will remove it and upload the new file soon



Shots coming soon




2. Skull Armor Conversion by Kyshan

Has Clipping on couple of places and Kyshan will remove it and upload the new file soon



Shots coming soon




3. Jamella Armor Conversion by YoungFool

Haven't checked it myself.



Coming Soon




4.Eisen Platte Armor Conversion by Yongfool

Haven't checked it myself.



Coming Soon











Armor Conversions




Some Instructions before you start


1. You need a 3ds max, you can either purchase it or get the free (student version) copy of the software from the official site. I have the paid version of 3ds Max 2012 so i use that one.

2. You need Nifskope tool and the nif file plugins for 3ds Max to import and export Nif files.

3. You need Creation Kit for Skyrim (The Version Creation kit and Skyrim hase to be the same, like for Skyrim 1.9 you need Creation Kit for skyrim 1.9).

4. You need 7-Zip to exrtact the 7z archive files.


LINKS to Applications - Install in the same manner -

1. 3ds Max Student Versions (Here's the page to apply for the student versions, you have to register to download).

2. Nifskope.

3. Nif file Plugin for 3ds Max.

4. 7-Zip



Tutorial Videos and Images


1. Main Video Tutorial - How to Convert default Armors for ZGGB-R2-U.

2. Main Video Tutorial Part 2 - Somethings I missed. - UPLOADING

3. Image for the 3ds Max Right Mouse Click Option Window, is not showing in the video.







Coming Soon

3. Main Video Tutorial 2 (3ds Max Part Only) -  How to convert armors for ZGGB-R2-U or for Any Body Mod.



Morpher Tool for 3ds Max

1. ZGGB-R2-U Morpher Tool for 3ds max











Zaselim's Gaya Gei Body Released Version



ZGGB-R is the released version of my mod ZGGB :
First i have to say thanks calyps on nexus for the original meshes i worked on and all credits goes to NUSKA for the textures.http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34213/ , I'm editing this body for my new verison of ZGGB mod because the default body looks gud and i think its perfect for my new mod because originaly i didn't want to have big boobed body to begin with as you can see on the last pic of ZGGB-T and on my signature as well that now ZGGB-T doesn't have bigger breasts that it had when i made it.
ZGGB-R is the released version of my mod ZGGB , Big butted and Thighs muscular body


I showed ZGGB on loverslab by accident, i was looking for some help and ended up uploading some of my pics and some guys liked it and asked for the link, it was and still is private mod (both ZGGB,ZGGB-T actually are still private) so i had to decline. After some time i saw a thread Beautiful women and how to make them and I uploaded some pics of my ZGGB and then ZGGB-T, i was really surprised that so many liked it and asked for the links but i declined, i was surprised because i didn't expect that some many guys here will like it because many people on Nexus laughed at it because of the thighs and butt. I declined the release request (some of the guys thought that I'm just showing off and teasing and want some begging but i wasn't the case and that is why i make a apology note at the top of the thread to those who had that misunderstanding of me) because i wanted both ZGGB and ZGGB-T to private but i promised some of the guys that i will be making and release the another ZGGB MOD just to release for the guys here who like my mod so much and i am very thankful and appreciated.
I want to make a SHEMALE version of ZGGB-R as well but i'm having some problem with it, the penis shows fine in nifskope and 3ds max but in game it doesn't appear on the body




Content [To Download the Mod and Armors] is in the Spoiler, click the SPOILER button.













1. I made this mod specially for the guys here on Loverslab, so please don't post the links on anywhere else, you can post the thread link if you want as i want everyone to download the mod from Loverslab.

2. I will appreciate every help for the armor conversions for the mod, please do not post your armor conversion in the reply but pm me the link and i will post the link in the main post so all the armor conversion will be in one place to find. If its not too much asking so please make your conversion in on esp and folder path (like mine will be ZGGB-R Armors.esp and path will be,
data/meshes/ZGGB-R Armors/ and data/textures/ZGGB-R Armors.. So your can be ZGGB-R Armors by Your Name and paths
data/meshes/ZGGB-R Armors by your name/ and data/textures/ZGGB-R Armors by your name
I will make a separate section for everyone's conversions,,, And I'll be very grateful for any HELP.

3. I don't know how to make textures so if any one can and have the time to help so please make the muscular textures for the mod like sporty textures on nexus like this
It doesn't matter if the textures are sweaty or not, without the muscle textures ZGGB-R is incomplete, I'll be very grateful for help..

4. The mod is not TBBP compatible for know, because the only way i know is by transferring the skin from one body to another with skin wrap and i did that and the animations for both breasts and butt were working fine but there were some black circles like things showing on the butt and breasts in the game so i didn't make it then. So, if any one wants to help to make it compatible with TBBp then i'll be very grateful..They skeleton on both body 0/1 is fine and the body needs only to add breasts and butt bones in skin modifier and apply the paint weights (I am not good with paint weights).

5. Please someone tell me how to make a custom race so i can make it as a race so everyone can use this mod as race mod and use their default body mod at the same time, i also want to use it as a race mod so i can use mt default mod (ZGGB-T) and ZGGB-R at the same time..I'll be really grateful for that help also.

6. I have a request for everyone, please do not ask about the zggb or zggb-t release in this thread because they are private mods and at this time i have no intension of releasing them. Still if you want to ask something about them then plz pm me do not post about zggb and zggb-t here as it draws some negative feelings. I will really appreciate it..

Hmmmm... I think that is it for now, can't think of another request and i think i already asked too much lolz...

So here's the links..


Download Link - Re-Uploaded

[31st July 2013]
ZGGB-R Complete Body Mod Pack (Includes Race Mod as well)
I don't remember but by mistake i may have added the non-TBBP Meshes, If there is no tbbp animation then plz download and install the TBBP Meshes from the link below

ZGGB-R TBBP (Its only femalebody_0 and 1.nif)

11th July 2013 Update: [Do not download from these links, instead download the Complete Body Mod Pack and install the race mod from that archive]
ZGGB-R Body/Race Type Mod (You will have to download the textures separately (recommended " ZGGB-R My Textures Folder " plz read me file in the archive)
Mirror Link - Multiupload

Raw ZGGB-R Body/Race files (only use these files if you have some issue with hairs and eyes with the race mod)

ZGGB-R Compatible Female Skeletons For TBBP (For those having difficulty with tbbp meshes or having CTD after installing TBBP meshes - Copy the files into "Character assests female" folder)

11th July 2013 Update:
My Female Character Assets (It includes all the skeletons, it is to correct the height and issue with poses. Don't use the Jan 2013 folder its not for TBBP and use the main files if still issue won't go away then use the "New xpms skeleton downloaded 6 july 2013" folder.
Mirror Link - Multiupload

1. The default(not in the folder but in the main female character assets folder) files are the combination of new xpms and my pervious files, i am using these and no issue.
2. New XPMS Skeletons downloaded 6 july 2013 folder has original new xpmx skeletons.
3. Backup 6 july 2013 folder has the original skeletons i uploaded "ZGGB-R Compatible Female Skeletons for TBBP" having poses and height issue with these.
4. Jan 2013 Folder, don't use it, it was for when the body wasn't tbbp so i will not work for tbbp body. Don't use these, added by mistake.







ZGGB-R My Textures Folder (I'm sorry i didn't check it properly before, I has some gloss.dds files for the body by using gloss tech, I think for some reason i installed mt ZGGB/ZGGB-T textures may be to check something, and them instead of deleting the files i replaced the dds files ZGGB-R textures files so some of the files(ZGGB, ZGGB-T) are still in the folder. May be this will solve the problem(Skin Shining / Gloss) you guys are having with the textures)

ZGGB-R Sweaty and Muscle Textures (Converted by HongChina)
If you want to use the wet texture I am using for my Character Gaya then you just have to install "My Textures Folder" then only install the femalebody_msn file from this archive)

ZGGB-R - Tan lines Textures (by HongChina)

11th July 2013 Update:
ZGGB-R Official/Original Awakened Version Tattoo Textures
Mirror link - Multiupload

In case some of you don't know,

Femalehead.dds is for face tattoo
Femalebody_1.dds is for Body Tattoo
Femalehands_1.dds is for Right Hand Tattoo





Armor Conversions

By Zaselim

To get the armors, type help zggbr in console window and you will get all the armors and in case if someone doesn't know, type
player.additem armor id quantity
(e.g) player.additem f000d185 100
You will the the ids when you type help zggbr in the console window

Right Install Order - 15th July, 2013

1. Install Main Armor Update.
2. Install Inpor Armor.
3. Correct Meshes Path.
4. Lingerie Pack


Pictures and Videos

Not every color of the armor(s) posted in pictures



Video for Custom Armor 1


Pictures (Separate and Mix Wear) from New Update all 10 Armors (7 new + old 3) TBBP

From 2 to 10









Please Read:

There may be no new update in JUNE because I will be spending my gaming time on The Last Of us - PS3 and Remeber Me - Xbox360.
Butt I'll be visiting the Loverslab and my thread time to time like i usually do, from the office or home (from pc or mobile)

1. Overwrite all existing files (or delete ZGGB-R Armors folder from both meshes and textures)
2. From now own I'm not gonna add previous converted armors in the update and will only post new conversion and updated esp file, so you will be needing all the updates from this point.
3. please do not post it anywhere else.
4. Thanks for liking my mod, I am grateful.

5. All the stuff [esp file and meshes-texture folder] goes in your [ skyrim\data ] folder
6. Thanks to all the original Armor creators which i converted for ZGGBR.
I really hope you like it

Download Link
ZGGB-R Armor Main Update (Update 2) - TBBP Compatible - All new 7 and previous 3 - 7th June 2013

Mirror link - Multiupload

Download Link - 4th July 2013 [The Inpou (11th) Armor Meshes are also included]
All Armor' Meshes - Corrected Textures Path

Mirror Link - Multiupload

What to expect in the Future Update:
I just download both 1 and 2 Pack of BBP armors, it has some of the armors I've been looking for some time now but i found dead links untill yesterday. My thanks to the uploader. So I may be converting armors from BBP Armors Pack 1 and 2


Neo's Inpou Armor Conversion (added 1st July 2013)
I am posting this single conversion because a request, it will also be in the next armor update.



It's a updated esp file from main Armor update (Update 2), For the boots you will still need the above main armor update.
In console window you will see Bras and Panties i am working on, there are a couple of it in this esp but missing the meshes and textures so do not add them yet. Only add the Inpou Armor conversion. (Black, Blue, Red, Golden(original color))

Download Link
Inpou Armor Conversion For ZGGB-R - Mega link
Inpou Armor Conversion For ZGGB-R - Mirror

ZGGB-R Lingerie Pack [Update 15th July, 2013]

1. Aradia Lace [black, Blue,Gold, Red, White]


2. Bras and Bikinis [ 10-11 colors]


3. Neo's scourset [blue, red, white, yellow]


Now the sexy combination


Plz check the lnstall order at the start of armors' section with every update

Download Link
Mirror Link - Multiupload




[update: 23rd August 2013]

11 Armor Pack Update








1 to 7 Conversions for the upcoming update then the 8th..








First 2 Armor conversion from upcoming Armor update..




Hey Guys,  I started working on the next update, There will be atleast 5 to 10 armors in the update. Just converted 2.


1. Mavari Armor (Gaya's looking too fat in this outfit, specially the butt...don't understand it why lolz and the Yellow color looks amazing)








2. Thuderbird Armor (just noticed that i missed to move some meshes on the top of the boots, gonna fixed that tonight)









Converted the 3rd Armor/Outfit, some pics


3. Witch Outfit and Clock








Converted the 4th one


4. The Dragon Princess n Trielek Armor Mix









5th Armor Converted, [can't use the muscle maps with this outfit because the feet's textures go wrong if you do. Only the original Tex.]


5. The Witch Robes n Clock








The Enb I use added to the main post at the end, before using it back up yours..



6th Conversion - custom edit one of the Blade and Soul outfits









7th : Arshes Nei Conversion.


First I want to apologize, this is the most poor armor/outfit conversion I have made and i can't do anything about it. So excuse me in advance because i think many of you will think it was a waste of time for me converting and for you for using it. I re-converted it 3 times from the beginning and gave up for further tries..may be I lack skills and outfit itself has no issue to begin with.

1. Gloves were missing from the Original Conversion I worked on.

2. Buttons which link the upper part of outfit were also missing.

3. The belt on the lower part of the boots won't show in the game, no matter what i do (Shows in nifskope and ofcourse in 3ds max)

4. Had some issue with the upper part of the outfit in under-shoulder areas and the bracelet like thing on the upper arms isn't hollow but like a plate/disc, it messes with the outfit.

5. Can't think of anything else, may be you guys will when you'll have your hands on it.


After all this, i still want to add it in the update because i worked about 3 and half to 4 hours on it and it was requested so you will have to bear with it.


Now Some pics











8th Conversion - The Witch Elf Armour








9th Conversion - Tera Xenocite Armor (Full, SkirtLess, Top Only - Original, Blue, Pink)









10th Conversion - Tera Conspirator Armor (Full, SkirtLess, Top Only - Original, Blue, Pink)









Finally the last one, now i only need to fix the skull thing i mentioned in Witch Elf Armor and now i know how to, then I will upload the 11 Armor pack, Hopefully you will have it by tonight or tomorrow (my time line - now its 3:13 PM Thursday).

And I may have a surprise and a bad news (no relation to Armor Update), MAY BE (lol)..

11th Conversion - Lady Bat - Black, BlackBlue, BlackRed, White with Black and white Boots with and without Stocking like thing[You will need High Heel System or the game will crash on the main menu or may be when you'll wear it]











Plz Read..

00 - Important - Sorry but I mistakenly added the textures folder for the armors in [ skyrim\data\texture\ ] But they have to be in [ skyrim\data\textures\ZGGB-R\ ] without it you will have no textures when you wear the armor. I was half asleep when made the folder, was really tired. I apologize for the trouble.

So, copy/move all the folders in [ ZGGB-R 11 Armor Update\textures\ ] and paste it in your [ skyrim\data\textures\ZGGB-R\ ], You have it if you installed the main [necessary] Armor update or any previous ones for that matter.


01. You will need the Main update (for every update above) atleast because the 1stperson nif used for the armors in the Main update archive, without it your game will crash.

02. You will need High Heel System or your game may crash on the menu screen or when you wear the High Heel Boots in the update.

03. Fixed the nipple issue with the Castanic Bra and added the meshes, when i ask overwrite them.

04. Fixed the Demon Hunter Armor No texture for the Gauntlets in the first person view.

05. I didn't added the correct Texture paths for the GND files so you will see the texture less (blue) image in the inventory but all of them have textures when you wear any of the outfit/armor/boots/gauntlets.

06. There's a slight change in Witch Elf Armor from the pics I posted, there was the issue and to solve it i had to do this..

07. The boots other than the black one with the Bat Lady are not getting height settings from the High Heel System so set the custom height from MCM menu to 15.

08. Credits to all the original Authors of the Armors.

09. O yeah and the surprise and the bad news thing i told earlier, Looks like it will have to wait a little.

10. Happy Playing..


Download Link

[Mirror Link] Multiupload

5th August 2013
The ENB I, Zaselim, USE.

Note: All the files will go in your skyrim folder not the data folder. Backup your files before installing it. Its an old ENB.

I will be very grateful for you guys helping out by converting some Armors..

Armor Pages For Conversion.

and please convert the IVY's armor from soul calibur if you can find it, that is one fine armor lolz

If there's no problem then convert only the ones that shows more of the skin lolzz like in 2nd (megalovs) and third (Xinavros) link

No Conversion at the moment..








1. Calyps on nexus for the Meshes i wotked on and NUSKA for textures [For ZGGB-R].
2. All the Original MODDERS of the Armors which I converted and going to convert, Thanks for you awesome work. [For ZGGB-R2-U and ZGGB-R]
3. All of YOU GUYS for liking my MOD, Thanks.
4. HongChina For converting the Sweaty, Muscle and Tan lines textures for ZGGB-R

5. Youngfool and Kyshan for helping out with the armor conversions for ZGGB-R2-U.




Let me know if i miss something










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You know what I'd like to do to them?


Bury my face inbetween their buttcheeks, then "fus-roh-dah"

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I made Batman's face when I saw the third and fourth screenshot sets.

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I never thought so in the slightest, I can see the appeal with having a body or a face for your character that you know will be difficult to replicate. Makes the character special to you.


Problem is that a lot of people will pester you for it, how you did it and so forth. And now that you'll be making ZGGB-R, which may not be the same, but close, I'll sit back and wait, good luck to you ;)

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Great Work zaselim, looks like a valkyrie now, really cool, congrats man

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Zaselim if you will need help in armor conversions to your body when you will release it  just say to me

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Zaselim if you will need help in armor conversions to your body when you will release it just say to me

I will, that will be a great help..thanks bro..


I had to make a shape from the start because of the removed meshes i told in ZGGB-R (the last pic of 3ds max).. i think i need to make thighs more heavy then it is at the moment. I took some pics of the current state and will upload it, i will be going home.in 3-4 hrs to pic some documents then i 'll pick my flash drive as well whicj i forgot to bring with me at my office..it has the pics... i know i said that when i update my thread it ll have links but i think the thighs need more shape and there the big problem with textures , the original creator of the textures didnt make any muscular body textures and muscule textures are main part of the zggb body shape. I just hope i ll get the compatible muscle textures and also hoping everyone will like the zggb-r..cheers

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i just start learning 3dsmax like 1 week ago, i fell sorry cant help yet, but going try soon i can.

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Wow, it was really nice being able to see your journey up until now. Thanks for sharing all of your progress with us.



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Can someone say if its best i take 3ds max 2010,2011,2012 or 2013? because the nif plug in just have to 2011 and i guess its just support 32bits, im getting that with my student license.

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Thread updated


Awesome! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


And remember, take your time, even if we have to wait a while for it that will still be fine. I think your health is far more important to us than a mod.  :cool:

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Looking good Zaselim. :)


Sorry that Gandalf gave you so much grief over this. Tried to defend you over there before he started power abusing and then deleted the thread.


But it's nice to see that you found a better place here with a more welcoming community. Can't wait to see how it turns out when you are finished. :)

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Looking good Zaselim. :)


Sorry that Gandalf gave you so much grief over this. Tried to defend you over there before he started power abusing and then deleted the thread.


But it's nice to see that you found a better place here with a more welcoming community. Can't wait to see how it turns out when you are finished. :)

"I'm not crazy. My reality is just different from yours." Genial ahahha loved that

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Any chance of using this as a resource? Perhaps say........ in a race mod? ;)



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Zaselim will you release all variants of your body likeon screenshots or only one?


No sir just going to release ZGGB-R, I making it solely for this reason and i added letter R for that reason as well...

But i will be making one more mod when neighem race mod will be released..i will be making a ZGGB style body for that mod, waiting so eagerly for that mod, its just beautiful...

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Any chance of using this as a resource? Perhaps say........ in a race mod? ;)



I will be making a race mod in the future with the mod myself, if not then i will tell you so you can use it as resource of the race mod..

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Any chance of using this as a resource? Perhaps say........ in a race mod? ;)



I will be making a race mod in the future with the mod myself, if not then i will tell you so you can use it as resource of the race mod..


Fair enough.... thanks :)



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    bare with me, I only read the first part (apology note) of the original post of this thread and this reply is the result of that reading...


  - I feel that you shouldn't be apologizing for anything, and pardon me if I'm being blunt with you, you need to goddamn revoke that apology and tell mr. i have nothing better to do than to stir up elementary school-like drama on the intrawebz Gandalf-what's-his-virgin! The Only thing I ask from modders who like to keep their modifications or custom works private or shared only with select friends is that they don't jump on some of us who regress back to a toyz-R-Us kid (oldschool style...) when we see some of these awesome looking mods that've been made is that if we get a bit overzealous or leechy on you is that you understand and take it for what it is.....a compliment....no matter what is said, how it was asked of you or even if theyr'e damn right rude or expecting of you that you ignore the selfish immature nature that has taken us/we/them over and try to just let any of it pass by if it's rude in nature. Hopefully I stayed on topic with this post....sometimes I jump points i'm trying to make....basically what i'm trying to say is you have nothing to be sorry for and don't let an absess like that prick even get any satisfaction of a reply. he's probably a version of a bag ho but for the internet. any drug dealers will get that reference....ok. I'm out....




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The ZGGB-T looks fantastic, I'm anxious to see the final ZGGB-R version.


I wonder if there is any chance for the body textures from CBBE or CHSBHC to be compatible with ZGGB-R.



yura322 too did a great work converting armors to Megalov's Body, if he keeps the same pace converting for your body soon there will be a lot of armors avaible.

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