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  1. I like this, the screens look really good. Thanks for the hard work
  2. Hey man good stuff, I noticed the model is missing the normals. Did the original ripped model not have the "_nrm" or "_n" texture files? Just thought I'd mention this because I use to miss out on setting up the normals and lost on a sweet amount of detail from the textures.
  3. Oh you have no idea hehe, I may be moving to a new place with lots of room soon so FO4 will be interesting. I've never tinkered with the Fallout mod kit, I'm expecting a lot of goodness. I feel goosebumps just thinking about it. I can think more loosely about the game lore as well
  4. Amongst all the better animation, better gameplay systems, the thing I want the most is this for my stealth playthroughs.
  5. You should be able to craft it from the ebony section. ^That, or just use the console commands, R0R0N0 runned to the trouble of creating this awesome armor, and he even put codes for that, and all of these out of his good heart. Thanks R0R0N0! Dude you make it sound like I created the console commands lol thanks for the gratitude
  6. Well I'm active'ish, I just recently updated a DS Armor conversion other than that haven't had much time to do stuff. I helped a dude here with converting a Doflamingo playermodel as well. Wish I had more time to mod again. Maybe I should try to get more days off work...
  7. Okay here's my next update: https://www.sendspace.com/file/qfejm5 https://www.mediafire.com/?7p4zrp2dnr1rijd https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzj8ZEkOh_L0NDdTLVZPRVlKOVk/view?usp=sharing THE NIF FILES HAVE BEEN RENAMED SO THE EXTRACTED ZIP WON'T REPLACE THE PREVIOUS "NIF" FILES 4K Textures have been packed and used in this version, the 4K textures are from the DS nexus user EvilDeadAsh34 http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls2/mods/554/? I've refitted the armor, I can't say for certain if it's better but I guess I'll be counting on you guys to tell me. I reassigned the incorrect textures around the waist and the hood. I split the cuirass into metal and leather/fabric via the use of bsdismemberskin instance, assigned a cubemap to the metallic parts and kept the spec low on the leather parts. I have both a separated cuirass.nif/greaves.nif and a combined together .nif file because of the "bsdismemberskin" technique I used, so you will not be able to use/equip the separated nifs together, instead you will equip the combined nif file. I bothered to create a ground model for once, nothing special though. The stats of course may not be to your liking as I was worried more about getting the armor to work properly. Most users here know how to use CK but if you don't and you want me to change the stats, do tell me There is a weird glitch around the underarm I can't seem to figure out how to fix, do tell me if you have come across it before.
  8. Oh I trimmed the part off the helmet alright, that's not very time consuming heh. I just gave up on separating the metallic parts from the cuirass, I can't wrap my head around doing weightslider support when you've got two separate meshes around the same area. I don't know why but I feel like time drain right out of me at the thought of that. So there is of course a much better solution, I'd much rather just create two specularity maps and blend them to my liking and in this case, I don't want the leather bits to look spec'd the to the max. *Pat on my back for learning photoshop when I did
  9. ^Yeah that didn't sound right at all, did it. Back to the case with the faraam set: I've given up on separating the different spec parts, instead I'm going to refit it in its readjusted state because otherwise I start to over think things and end up delaying the fixes people are waiting for. Would have loved to convert something fully polished for once but I think this will be enough this time round.
  10. I've already fixed it. I just need to refit the armor and do the weightslider support. I'm currently covering for a colleague's holiday at work so I don't get much time to myself or I can't seem to summon the same determination when I didn't have the extra responsibilities I have now. Oh and the problem with the back is a material I've assigned incorrectly :/
  11. I'm using his retexture too for dks2 and your port. It's so good that even the 2k version is a massive improvements over the original. Yeah, He's that good. The specular effects is a small steps, but you're on the right track on giving this cool armor the quality it deserves. You'll definitely planing on removing the specular effect inside the helm right? Also, is there any environment maps? If not, are you planning on giving it some environment maps? Yeah I'm thinking I'll just separate the part inside the helmet and remove the spec from it. The original files I downloaded here included the environment mask map for each part of the armor, I just don't know which cubemap to use with it, I've never really made use of a cubemap before. If I perhaps test out the cubemaps within skyrim and see how they look, I may just understand it more, I'll be aiming for XiNAVRO's version you posted previously
  12. Okay so I've been playing around with the materials. I used the 4k textures from the DS2 Nexus User EvilDeadAsh34 (http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls2/mods/554/?) and tried to get more detail in there. Here are some screens I took of it http://steamcommunity.com/id/generalbollocks/screenshots/?appid=72850 I haven't done any refitting yet but I sorted out the part of the mesh with the wrong material assigned to it.
  13. Damn, XiNAVRO really puts me to shame. My mind is currently set on some other things, but I'll try to revisit it soon.
  14. Thanks for testing it out man, it was a rough port if I'm being completely honest. Everyone has a life to attend to so I wouldn't be surprised if they just can't find the time, I barely made it with this one.
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