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  1. Nope. That's just unnecessary work for you. And my patch with the combined navmesh works flawlessly. The vanilla NPCs, my mod's followers, and creatures all path through the entire area without any issue at all. I've even seen Forsworn run into the Hagraven den. Not sure if they're vanilla or not, but most seem to avoid it more than they enter it. If I get the chance, I'll follow one if I see them go in to see what they're doing. I'll have a look at Stories as well, and create a secondary patch for that as well if necessary. I did rework the navmesh inside the tower, but
  2. Last night was pretty productive. I managed to finish up the upper level of the cave home, and it is now VERY follower friendly, with room for up to six (6) followers. I tested this by bringing all 5 of the mod's built-in followers human there, and set them up using MHIYH. I have EFF in my load order as well, and seems to be functioning normally. The only workbenches in the home are alchemy, armor, and a cookpot. I didn't want to put the full compliment in there, because the outside area already has all of the essentials. Followers plug away on the mining nodes and benches if yo
  3. Sounds good. I did a quickie conversion of the 0.4 version today, and then set both of our mods as master files in SSEEdit to rework the area around the Hagraven Coven entrance in Lost Valley. I deleted both of our navmesh edits to the area, so the two mods now share a single navmesh on a new patch plugin for that area. I had to slightly move the entrance and rework the landscape, as well as the stuff around the cave entrance, because the entrance lip (the grassy part) was above the landscape. It was also not pushed back quite far enough, and left a hole between it and the mount
  4. Don't wait on me. You keep going at your own pace. In just over two weeks I'm moving back to Florida, so will be out of the modding scene for a few weeks until I get settled back in at work and home. I went a bit more into detail about in this post. But I'll install the new version and do a quick conversion workup to let you know what (if anything) I find. Trykz
  5. I think you're confusing this with AFS. Which has nothing to do with this mod. I will however, be working on converting the new AFS LE version when it releases. Trykz
  6. So three things to report today: First, I'm doing away with the creature followers. They're simply too inconsistent. Even with MHIYH and EFF, it's too much of a mixed bag as to whether they'll work consistently or not. I suspect this may just be something in my load order conflicting, or they just can't be depended upon to function properly. I could probably sort it out with time, but for the moment, they're just too problematic to contend with right now. I may add them back at some point down the road, but for now I don't want them causing undue delay in releas
  7. It would be cool, but I think it would require Slavetats to handle the application. I don't know anything about how that works. Though I would not be against someone proficient with that stuff making a plugin after I release the mod. On another note, I made a few changes and additions to the Shaman progression system: First, I added the ability for your Shaman to skill up their magic skills on the target dummies that the mod adds to the game. Then, in the interest of maintaining balance, I've changed the players base magickarate to 0.10 to promote learning bet
  8. Cool, I'll stay on plan then. Your idea for modifying the small world seemed much better anyhow to be honest. Though if I might make a suggestion: Hand craft your navmesh. Don't auto-generate it. Auto generation in the CK is atrocious, and causes more problems than it's worth, because it creates navmesh "islands" all over the place, which NPCs will warp to, for no other reason than simply "because it's there". As I noted in an earlier post here, I resolved the issue that was causing the need to use the wait function to advance the clock for the NPCs to arrive by reworking
  9. I'd say the odds are pretty good. While the other children mods are all great in their own ways, TKAA's children look the least creepy, or like the vanilla potato heads 🤣 Trykz
  10. Cool. Compatibility between the two mods is important to me. As of right now, I'm running AFS 2.2SE with my mod loading after it (with my mod handling the navmesh changes), and the two mods blend together seamlessly. I'll stick with the original plan then, and hold off continuing to update 2.2SE, and prepare to convert your next release. Thank you for the heads up. It was kind of odd, but ultimately no big deal. Thank you for the clarification. Trykz
  11. I don't know or have I ever corresponded with either of them personally. Nor was the point of my post to learn their actual sexes. I know trip's reputation from the original TKAA mod, and SE followers. And the author of the tweaks and fixes mod should have researched the subject matter of what she claimed, BEFORE bagging on another modders work with ignorant falsehoods.. My knowledge of their given sexes is irrelevant. But now I know so..... let's stop cluttering up the topic with irrelevance, shall we? Thanks... Trykz
  12. It's not about "obligation". It's about openly saying "I'm open to suggestions", and then rather than just politely declining a given request, going into an ignorant rant about the request being denied for some bullshit reason he knows little to nothing about, and accusing a well known and respected modder of releasing a poorly crafted mod. He notably had no reply to triptherift calling his ignorance out. If you want to trust your game to him, that's cool. I just made note that his latest update blew up my saves to the point it was just easier to toss his mod out of my load order and st
  13. If there ever is, it will likely be from a modder here. The guy who made the Fixes and Tweaks for FM made a patch for RS Children, but when asked to make one for TKAA, told the person who asked that he wouldn't, claiming triptherift did something wrong when creating the plugin. Which he didn't. Guy seems like a dick to be honest, and his "fixes and tweaks" break more shit than they actually fix. At least for me. My character got pregnant, gave birth, and then all hell broke loose. It broke MME's milk production after the baby started auto-feeding. Worked for a few feedings, then I go
  14. Edited and fixed. I think @Ashal may have been updating the forum while I was creating the post? I suspect this, because I notice that the editor bar looks completely different now, than it did when I started creating the post. No big deal. It's all fixed now 😉 As noted, the KS Hairs patch will be completely optional for those who prefer to use the vanilla hairs for NPCs. Also, The main mod makes a couple of significant changes. Especially to the Forsworn Shaman NPCs. Vanilla Shaman are now displayed as "Forsworn Shaman Initiate". That said, they ALL wear the same outfit
  15. There's no pic there. I'm not quite sure what it even is. The forum added it on it's own for some reason. All of the pics I posted are displayed. None of which are gifs. Also, I forgot to mention that I created an optional patch last night to give KS Hairs to every Forsworn in the game 😉 Trykz
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