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  1. Thank you so much @EgoBallistic for discovering this. I'll be sure to never replicate it in my mods. I asked for a specific reason this was happening. You delivered in spades. Trykz
  2. Thanks to @EgoBallistic for rooting out the source of the fusion core issue. I'm calling it 5% modder error, and 95% game engine error because it makes me feel better ๐Ÿ˜ Seriously though, A setting I used for the fusion core, when combined with AAF trying to equip the part on the doppleganger used in animations was too much for the game engine to handle. This unfortunate combination was causing the game to CTD during AAF's fade to black (the gathering phase). But nevertheless, I sent him the files to have a look so we could rest easy that it wasn't a major issue for either my mod, OR AAF. My mod would be a MUCH easier fix than AAF. So now it's a known issue. And soon enough, every mod creator will know what NOT to do in their mod. Kinda sucks that it had to be MY mod to discover it, but whatever..... it's just another little part of what modding is all about. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm repackaging patch plugin V1.0.1f to re-upload so we can all move on. Keep in mind that I STILL need feedback here and there from your play sessions to evaluate how the mod is performing. I'm eager to get started putting some of this laundry list of concepts in my notepad into playable form. I don't want any issues carrying over into the later content, and I'm sure none of you do either. So until Monday, I'm going to spend some time actually playing this thing rather than just endlessly testing. Monday night I'll be posting the finalized .esl flagged version of this patch. And then it's game on with starting on some new stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ Trykz
  3. Same here. And my script fragment equips and unequips the slot without any issue. It only happens when AAF hits it's gathering phase. I posted in more detail in the other thread. Trykz
  4. That's just it. I don't know for sure. My mod equips and un-equips the part silently, and while in a menu for both actions. I only know that with the part in slot 59, any attempt to run any kind of animation in AAF causes the the game to CTD during the actor gathering phase. I can't definitively say whether AAF is crashing the game because it's attempting to strip the slot or if it's some other reason. But I *can* definitively say that it only happens with AAF, and only when the part is in slot 59. I moved the part to slot 58, and then to slot 48 and the CTD no longer occurs, the gathering phase continues normally, and animations can be chosen and used normally. The mod is my new Droids of the Commonwealth race mod. And the part in question is the custom fusion core part that the players gets access to at level 25. The part is in the file with each of the individual body type downloads. I can send you the patch (V1.0.1f) which uses the part via PM if you want to take a look. I don't want to post it on the open forum and have a bunch of people potentially causing damage to their setups since I don't really know what is causing the issue. Let me know, Trykz
  5. But is there a reason AAF CTDs when a mod uses slot 59 (shield)? If this is some kind of known issue, I couldn't find it. I did look at the Wiki which leaves it off the slot list. But other than that I couldn't find a specific reason why. Thanks for any clarification I can get. I don't want to report a non-bug. Trykz
  6. @EgoBallistic, I have one last question. Mostly because I figured out the issue with the part I'm trying to get working with AAF. Is there any particular reason why AAF doesn't work with slot 59 (shield)? I found this when on a hunch, I tried switching the slot assignment on the armor addon and the armo forms. I mean, my script fragment doesn't CTD the game when it equips OR removes the part, yet AAF does. So why should AAF be having this issue? Or maybe I missed something about this being a known issue? TIA, Trykz
  7. Okay..... so apparently AAF does NOT like dealing with parts that utilize slot 59 (shield). Which is REALLY odd. I'm going to report it as a bug, because it's my belief that it is. It's a valid slot, which is why I can utilize it for the fusion core, and it functions as it should with the script fragment equipping and un-equipping it just like other script fragments equip and un-equip the subsystem dock and synth chip. I'd simply just utilize a different slot, except that doesn't *resolve* the bug in AAF. Therefore, ANY modder who utilizes that slot will crash AAF through their mod. Not to mention that slot 58 is used by a vast number of popular armor, clothing, and jewelry mods. And jetpacks apparently as that's what was removed when I equipped the core. If there's a legit reason why AAF can't simply function properly with slot 59, or why AAF can't simply ignore it completely, then I'll try to utilize whatever slot is least likely to conflict with other mods so you don't end up choosing whether to display the fusion core or an armor/clothing/jewelry piece. In any event, it looks promising that patch V1.0.1f might actually be back on relatively quick. Trykz
  8. Okay, so this truly sucks major ASS..... from the download page: So yeah, the problem is with the mesh. I tried to determine why AAF throws a hissy-fit with it with NO success. I only know that it REFUSES to work with AAF. This is a non-starter for me. If it doesn't work with AAF, I'll come up with an alternative. But what's an even bigger non-starter for me, is that you all have to deal with either a busted mod, OR you have to avoid AAF to continue using it. So I figured the best thing to do until I sort it, is to revert the ENTIRE thing back to patch 1.0.1d. I'm sorry guys. I'll get it sorted as quick as I can. Trykz
  9. Yep. Typo. I'm notorious for them. And thanks again for the help. I stripped my character of the item in question using the console, and re-equipped a new one just in case. Before I equipped a new part, I tested AAF with a TH Pose and it worked fine. So the part is *definitely* the issue. I just can't put a finger on why. The script fragment has no issue equipping or un-equipping it at all. I'm thinking it might be the fact that it's a two part mesh. It's built from two individual meshes, so maybe that's why AAF is throwing a fit with it. Anyway, I've taken up enough of your time with this. So again, thank you for all the help. I'd have never gotten this far on my own ๐Ÿ˜‚ Trykz
  10. By form ID you mean the ID of the keyword as displayed in the CK? Because I did that and it still CTDs. The form ID in the CK is "070B90B3". So I used "0B90B3* and it still CTDs. I'm starting to suspect it's going to come down to an issue with the mesh. Which is odd, because the script fragment equips and un-equips it just fine. Though it does it while in a menu ๐Ÿ™ Thank you though. I appreciate all the help. And I got to learn something new ๐Ÿ‘ Trykz
  11. I have NO idea what you just explained ๐Ÿ˜ The keyword part I get. The xml stuff is lost on me. Is it just a simple text file that I give the .xml extension? Or do I need something else to do it? TIA, Trykz
  12. I took a look, and that preset changes NONE of the sliders. They're ALL zero'ed out. Moving ANY of the sliders changes nothing. I tried the preset that @Oldwolf58 posted, and it works fine. I can move EVERY slider, and every change I make shows in the preview window. The problem is a version mismatch. The preset contains slider information from a different version of the body. That's why it doesn't work. This is exactly the same problem I have with the CBBE body in the main file. Apparently, TWB received an update at some point after you created that preset. There's simply no other explanation. Sorry, but I know of no way to fix that other than to recreate the preset as closely as you can using the latest version of TWB. Then re-BodySlide everything to that new preset. I posted earlier in the thread a method you *could* use to make it work with your current TWB version with a body you make using that preset. You'll need Nifskope to do it, but it's a pretty easy and straight forward process. I do it in about 5 minutes. Trykz
  13. I think I figured this out. It's most definitely the new fusion core causing the CTD with AAF. Now I just need to figure out why. I suspect it might be the way it's armor part is set up in the plugin. It doesn't use a partition, but neither does the spine mesh, yet AAF works just fine with that. So I'm loading the plugin to see if I can spot the difference. I'll post my findings with a fix (*hopefully*) shortly. Trykz
  14. This is an issue with AAF. I was using the previous version and never experienced this issue. But since updating to the latest AAF, CTD all over the place ๐Ÿคจ I asked why in the AAF tech support thread hoping for an answer. I'll post whatever info I get when I get it. Trykz
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