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  1. Status Update: I've moved into play testing the final full version Thermal Edition ESM, and everything seems to be working as intended, with no discernible issues. Of particular note is *The Aqueduct*. It's a small custom interior loaded to the gills with Mirelurks and Mirelurk Kings. This little cell is TOUGH. And cramped. And irradiated. Bring LOTS of ammo. You've been warned. Then there's *The Calm*. As bad as The Aqueduct may be, this place is relatively comparable. Maybe slightly easier. The first few rooms of the sub are LOADED with feral ghouls. I didn't want to fill the entire sub, because you need to find the final FOUR cooling modules, and trying to fight off dozens of ghouls would likely get them kicked all over the place. There's no markers, so you're in for one helluva scavenger hunt. But once you have all four modules, any chem bench will create the holotape management system. Be warned..... the management system is NOT AVAILABLE (including the ability to recycle cooling items) without the holotape. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (This next update will be totally optional) So here's what's I'm working on when I'm not play testing: I shouldn't need to explain this: It's obviously an idling Sentry Bot. So why am I showing you this? Here's why: This optional update is quite small. But DO NOT be deceived. It makes the race A LOT more challenging to play. Look closely at the screenshot. Most importantly, entries 1, 2, and 5. This update REMOVES the systems to recycle items for power and cooling on the fly, and adds them to ANY robot that you can hack. It also takes away your fusion core slots. You still have the same power cap, but now you must rely SOLELY on the recycling system. Same goes for your cooling system. Injectors remain, but your cooling modules go away. In the vanilla game, you need the perk that enables bot hacking. You still do, but I lowered the requirement of the perk to 4 intelligence. The fifth option in the menu will drain ALL of the bot's power to your core (100.00 total) with NO heat penalty. I HIGHLY recommend shutting them down first, and then QUICKLY moving away though 😉 More to come..... Trykz
  2. Not gonna give it away...... but: your power *soft* cap is 300.00 A single fusion core gives you 100.00 Exceed the soft cap by too much, and *BOOM* 😈 Trykz
  3. Status update: So I changed things up a bit. I didn't really feel like building 8 new locations to find the equip-able cooling modules, so I consolidated a little. I used 3 vanilla locations, and 2 custom interior cells. So you'll be hunting for 3 of them in vanilla cells all over the place, one in a relatively small interior cell (loaded with baddies for you to kill), and the last 4 in a final custom cell that's an absolute hell. I'm currently in the midst of nav-meshing the small cell so the baddies can move around. I'm also adding a new terminal to guide you to them in a specific and sensible order. This terminal will be found in the refrigerated trailer found on the elevated highway near the Mass Pike Interchange (gunner camp). And yes. You WILL need to return to the terminal after each location to get the next. Aside from that, here's what else to expect: I've devised 2 new management systems for power and temperature. The power management system gives you options for *recycling* other sources of power. Things like fusion cell ammo. And makeshift batteries. Even grenades, mines, and mini-nukes. However, these items will INCREASE you temperature by a modest amount. The amount of power increase is largely dependent on size and type. No hints here. You'll have to figure out on your own which (and how many) to use based on your *current* power level. You can also recycle fusion cores rather than insert them. The temperature management system is basically a mirror of the power management system, but it affords you options to coolant injectors by recycling things like cryo cells, cryo grenades, and cryo mines to reduce your core temperature. Using these items has NO effect on your power level. More to come..... Trykz
  4. I started a new test character to see if I could reproduce this, and I suspect DroidStatWidgets is still somehow interfering. The problem is that it is somehow blocking the Temperature actor value from updating to the preset 210.00 I set it to on the race form. However, I DID manage to devise a workaround by adding the function to set, and then reduce the value when you use the terminal. So just ignore the temp stuff for now. It's fixed for the full version of the Thermal Edition. Trykz
  5. Again, this is likely a version mismatch between your preset and the AB body I used for the mod. I explained in an earlier post how to remake your preset using two instances of BodySlide. Trykz
  6. Which is why I recommend NOT playing this mod on ANY difficulty lower than *Very Hard*. Very Hard mode speeds things up a bit, but is at least more manageable. Trykz
  7. 1) tested this and stimpaks don't work on ANY of my test characters. You may have another mod that changes them loading AFTER droids. You'll need to remove said mod. 2) Some are on elevated highways, others are at ground level. 3) It should have started at 215.00, and once you use the terminal outside, it should drop to 175.00. If you have the Unofficial Fallout 4 patch, I've gotten reports that it interferes with that terminal in some way. I don't use the UFO4 patch, so I can't say for sure. But you may need to roll back the character to an earlier save without the thermal add-on, and then try again with the UFO4 patch disabled. 4) the SPU and Firewall are both capped at 100.00. You can use the factory's reactor to fix the SPU by going into it, and starting it from the holotape. You MUST be inside the reactor when it's running. Also, when you hit low power mode, your firewall starts taking damage. Then when your firewall is weakened enough, your SPU starts taking damage. When you're SPU hits 1.00, you get recalled to the factory and rebuilt. You can stop the SPU damage by repairing the firewall above 10.00 using the power transfer subroutine on the holotape, IF you have enough power to run it (above 10.00). Any necklace item (or some other collar) will hide the collar. The collar is actually a part of the body and can't be removed, though I may look into an alternative to the collar in the future. Trykz
  8. Removing Active Effects didn't do anything. Because Active Effects is not tied to the notification in any way. Don't spread bullshit to try and make yourself look less foolish for tampering with something you know nothing about. Thanks, Trykz
  9. The bodies were actually the easiest thing. All I did was re-save and re-name the original body, re-path the output, rename the mesh, and re-path the working directory in Outfit Studio. From there, I just re-assigned my material files to the bodies for the textures. The included armor parts were a bit more complicated. Especially for the Atomic Beauty body. Keep practicing though. 2pac's stuff should be easy to retool for the FG body. Speaking of the FG body, I HAVE successfully converted the latest version (v1.75). However, it's included armor/clothing conversion STILL has the raider/combat armor CTD issue. So that's on hold until this long-standing issue finally gets resolved. Trykz
  10. Understand that adding functions like this calls for a LOT of scripting. When you start adding more script functions, you start adding script *lag*, and many times the script will simply fail to run, crash the game, or simply refuse to run the required function. Now add to that a bunch of script heavy adult and quest mods. So not gonna happen. Sorry. Are you going to make the armor conversions for everything under the sun as people start complaining that their armor/clothing mods don't work right with the race's multi-part body? I tried it once. It was my A.S.I.A. race mod. You'd be surprised how many folks were quick to ask me to convert things they couldn't or wouldn't convert themselves. I converted some of the EasyGirl stuff for it's custom bodies myself, but no one else converted shit. So no. No more multi-part bodies. See the Ikaros android mod and it's limited armor/clothing selection for another prime example of why building a custom multi-part body is a bad idea. My way works with nearly everything just as it is. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the comments and suggestions. But they need to be within the realm of my vision of a lightly scripted mod. With the exception of the actor value controllers (which are extremely lightweight), EVERY script in this mod is a "run-time" script. Meaning that they ONLY run when a function is called, and lie dormant otherwise. I plan to continue updating, expanding, and adding to this mod for quite some time. But if I start adding a lot of scripted stuff, it will likely mean cutting a lot of content later. And for me, that's simply not acceptable. Trykz
  11. This was my initial thought when I developed the droid power system. And it seemed like a good idea at first, but was really just the *other extreme* of a similar issue. Instead of finding too few fusion cores, you only ever need to find two. Once you find 2-4 cores, that's it. You don't ever need any more because you can just keep recharging them. But now that you mention *scrap items*, I think I'll have a look at some other potential rad sources to use as boosts to the power core. Like nuclear material and other things. Hmm...... maybe I'll build in a new *power management system* with functions to drain any relative radiation source into your power core. With such a system, I could do away with the mod's fusion core armor items (keeping them mostly for aesthetic purposes though). This would make power management a more *active* aspect of the mod. I'm a little disappointed with the *plug in and forget about power for while* feeling of the current system to be honest. So here's what I'm thinking: Fusion core = 100.00 drain-able power (with a single drain function) Nuclear material = 25.00 drain-able power (with two drain functions for 1 or 2 at a time) Fusion cell ammo x10 = 1.00 drain-able power (with 3 drain functions for 10, 100, or 500 at a time) Dirty water already adds to power (but is also required for the biomass injectors), but you run the risk of disease (parasites in survival mode) by drinking it. I'm looking through the Creation Kit for other suitable items now. I'll post more info as things develop. Trykz
  12. Well, given that @Halstrom has some other stuff to get to first, I'm sure you'll have the droid side of it pretty well mastered by then 😉 On another note, I added a new function for draining fusion cell ammo into your power core. It's currently set up at a 8 to 1.00 ratio for my testing purposes. At release it will be 10 or 16 to 1.00 for a more balanced effect. My reasoning is that fusion cell ammo is laying all over the place (thanks to the minuteman/synth laser rifles). And because at my test character's current level of 58, fusion cores are getting a bit more scarce. I can usually get 2 per from sentry bot kills, but in a lightly modded/vanilla game, it's not likely you'd encounter nearly as many sentry bots as I do. You can still push power up over 300.00 at your peril, even without ANY fusion cores inserted. It's arguably *easier* to do with fusion cells, but takes a LOT longer. The fusion cells CAN be used WITH cores inserted as well, acting as a pseudo-charging mechanism if you're low on cores. I'll likely limit them at a suitable charge level as well to prohibit abuse. Also, water now pushes power up as well (it's irradiated after all). However, both water AND rain will cool your core. Your rad shield will NOT work for cooling purposes while IN water. If you're trying to cool down, you'll have to drop the shield. Normal rain will reduce heat, but has no effect on power. More info to come..... Trykz
  13. Yes. It's why I released a *preliminary* version of the add-on early. The only things in the preliminary version are the actor value, it's controller effects and timer, the coolant injectors, and the meshes for the skeletal chassis, breather, and breather head. The breather isn't functional in the released version, but it's already fixed and working in the version I'm building now. Also, latest version will directly replace the preliminary version. The ESM, the meshes, and the effects will be unchanged so as not to cause a need to roll a new character. Just drop it in, accept the overwrites, and carry on. The controller scripts will auto-update when you load into the game with the new version. As for Synth Player, that's up to @Halstrom. At some point I'll be creating a bridge patch for this so droids can use and benefit from A.S.I.A.'s Nanite Overclock drug. Trykz
  14. That's really odd. I had MCG in my load order about a week ago testing some other stuff, but didn't notice any issues. I'll have a look when I get a chance to see if I get the same result. I suspect it's not *solely* MCG, but rather some combination of mods. Are you running the latest versions of everything in your load order? Perhaps an older F4SE or something? Trykz
  15. Okay..... so I guess I need to stomp this shit out right now, BEFORE I start getting inundated with PMs about the chassis/body swap not working or other self-induced broken shit due to impatience. DO NOT make this mistake. Why? Because the notifications are only ONE part of the value controllers. The notifications are housed within the SAME SCRIPT that the controller functions are written to. Removing the script just to get rid of the notifications BREAKS the functions of the controller. The notifications need to be edited out of the scripts, and the scripts recompiled, so ONLY the timers and functions remain. When I release the FULL Thermal Edition addon, ALL of the notifications will be removed from all of the actor value controllers. With the release of Ophelia's widgets mod, the notifications are pretty redundant now. I'll also be adding Ophelia's widgets mod as a recommendation to the main post. Keep the Active Effects mod if you like, but with Ophelia's mod it is no longer necessary for value tracking. Trykz
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