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The positive thought thread.

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This thread idea is simple guys. Post something positive that happened to you today. No matter if it is big or small, as long as it was nice!


So, lets start with something simple! I finally bought a t-shirt online that wasn't either too small or too big <3.




And I got a sword!





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Well i put off reinstalling oblivion for sooo long(like years.), but I think it's time to clean up my data folder. 40gb in there, and most of it left over junk from all kinds of mods I've tried and hated. My game somehow has run with all that pretty well...


Anyways, this is positive because I'm pretty sure my game is about to run a sh!t ton better with only the mods I intend to use this go around. Here's to a clean and painless install/mod setup night ! :o

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This afternoon (or is that yesterday afternoon?  ???  It gets complicated at around midnight.  :P ) I found out that I have a day off tomorrow/today (the midnight thing again. :P ).


Probably going to sleep in. I really needed that day off, by the way.

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I went looking through my old stack of "Guitar One" mags from the 90's and found the missing bit of information I needed to complete my "Hendrix Style" studies. I now completely understand his rhythm/lead embellishments and can replicate them when I play.




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Anticipation: Installing VMWare Workstation so I can see if I can get AG3 running again (Got a late model nVidia card' date=' AG3 make crashes)


AG3 in workstation? Even with Vmware Tools installed, you have to possess a powerful machine to make it run smoothly, I think...

Maybe you can try a double boot  ;)

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Well' date=' I have a Phenom II X4 955 Processor with 6 Gigs Ram, I'm hoping that will work Ofinfin. This is just and experiment, besides dual booting won't work as it would still have the same video card, nVidia GTX 460.


Maybe a driver issue? Or a tweak?


Well, try it then  ;)

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Guest flingingfeces

Big one!


I became my own boss


Small one!


I found 4 bucks in one of my jackets. I can almost afford the XL nacho platter at Taco Bell. XD

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Hitman69, I totally got your joke without having to look it up. In fact, it's been one of my all time favorites since high school.


As for positive posts, I got one: Statistically speaking, assuming you leave the house, at least one person a day looks at you and says to themselves, "Yeah, I'd tap that."

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