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  1. Banned because of my return... And yes, I am aware that that has nothing to do with you.
  2. Banned for not realizing he's a punctuation-Nazi.
  3. Loving the images. Being in college myself, I can relate to your situation. Just work on whatever you feel like working on, and we'll see. And remember, RL first, interwebs second. (Good rule of thumb anyways)
  4. Granted. Now they're stomach-cramps. I wish the catgirl wasn't overly fat.
  5. Granted. However, they kept the Microsoft fan-boys at bay. I wish for the catgirl to be of legal age.
  6. Granted. However, seeing you be a lesbian, makes every girl straight. Good luck getting laid. I wish to know what age you had in mind... Seeing as under-age has two distinct meanings in my country.
  7. Granted. You can slow some guy named Time. (Guess his parents wanted to call him Tim, and made a spelling-error) I wish the girls were pretty.
  8. Granted. You remembered it three weeks ago, and subsequently forgot it. I wish the catgirls wouldn't be so damn ugly.
  9. Granted. However, it's earwax-flavored. Oh, did I mention it has (tasteless) addictive components? I wish I had my trusty cat-to-catgirl-ray back... And it works as it is supposed to do.
  10. Close encounters of the fiery kind... I would think A woman would be dying about the time she gets penetrated. A man would be... squished? Yeah.... Depends... Is it a female dragon? Then he'd probably be unbirthed. (God' date=' that is a freaky fetish... ) If it's a male dragon, he's probably just toast. Off topic: Guess what my favorite smiley is... [spoiler=Hint, it's not one of these']:dodgy::rolleyes:
  11. You need to go up the stairs, not down in the basement.
  12. That's all there is, ATM. As far as we know, ThomThom is still developing this further.
  13. Banned for caring about postcounts
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