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  1. That's all there is, ATM. As far as we know, ThomThom is still developing this further.
  2. Warning in the HUD? That's usually normal. The mod needs a few frames to re-adjust itself.
  3. I know what your problem is. Here's the solution. 1: Disable bot TamagoPlayerHud.esp and LoversAphrodisia.esp 2: Move the Pluggy_hud .dll, or remove the _hud suffix. 3: load up your save. The game will tell you it's dependent on missing plugins. Ignore and continue. 4: The bars are gone... 5: Save, then re-enable both plugins, and re-instate pluggy_hud by reversing steps 1 and 2. 6: ??? 7: PROFIT!!!
  4. First of all, please use spoiler-tags, like this: [spoiler]*loadorder*[/spoiler] Secondly, I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem. Hope it gets fixed soon. (shouldn't be too much of a hassle, right?) Anyway, love the edits you (c_harlock) have made so far.
  5. I can confirm (at least in my case) that it doesn't' date=' as one of my steps while troubleshooting was to start fresh and open CS with obse. Derp, I can't believe I didn't check the dependencies after editing... so thanks for that. [/quote'] Actually, it's not just OBSE. It's the OBSE Construction Set Extender. It will require you to open the CS with OBSE, however.
  6. Those bars are probably from HUD Status-bars over at the Nexus. However, I don't see any icons that are out of the ordinary...
  7. I think the kid's a boy, right? You've probably got female-only armor in your inventory, which he's equipping. Try giving him some standard armor/clothes with MadCompanionShip Spells, to see if I'm right. Make sure to remove any female-only armor, though.
  8. I'm looking for something very specific. Basically, I've taken some resources from Midas Magic (specifically, the tiger-meshes and skeleton), and made a standalone tiger-mount. Now, everything works, although I'm not too happy 'bout the riding-animations, but alas. What I am looking for is some armor for my mount. Preferably something light, as, well, tigers aren't used to carrying heavy loads, and I don't thing iron/daedric/whatnot armor would suit them. Glass or elven style armor would be fine, though. tl;dr: Looking for cat-armor (as in: armor meshes (rigged, as I fail at doing that) f
  9. Actually, could you share it publicly? I kind-of want it, too. As do others, I presume...
  10. It's fully compatible. However, your race might not be recognised by the mod, meaning it will either default to the khajiit-spawn (tabaxi, ahmini (spelling?), etc.), or you get lucky, and have the kid be the race of his/her father.
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